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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie



“What!!….Sera!!!……you want me to be that Witch’s manager!!!”. Lucian exclaims.

“Witch”. Matteo asked.

And Lucian looks at him and takes in his lips.

“Did you just call the face of Australia a witch”. Matteo asked again.

“Am sorry Mr Matteo, I was taken by surprise, that why”. Lucian said looking elsewhere.

“You must have your reason right”.


“What exactly did Seraphina do to you”. Matteo asked.

“Well…she… she almost ran me over one time, but she wasn’t remorseful for what she did, instead of saying sorry, she called me a poor foes and an homeless Creature”.

“Seraphina isn’t all that Lucian, after what she has gone through, she is bound to be that way”.

“What do you mean Mr Matteo”.

“If you want to know her better, then become her manager”.

“I can’t, I can’t stand being in the same place with that witc….Her”. Lucian corrected himself.

“Lucian is just for a while, you won’t be her manager forever, as soon as Paisley wakes up from Coma, you’ll quit”.

“But I hate her Mr Matteo, I can’t stand her, we’ll might just end fighting Everytime”.

“And that even more better”.


“What Seraphina needs is someone who acts exactly her….. just be her manager for the mean time Lucian, and you’ll forget about paying the remaining debts your dad owns me”.

“Are you seriously about that”. Lucian asked.

“Does it look like am jocking… don’t worry, I’ll give you time to think about it”. Matteo said

Lucian looks at him and sighs.



“Really, your going to be Seraphina’s manager”. Aaliyah asked jumping in exitment.

“I haven’t decided to Yet”. Lucian answers.

“Huh why not, is Seraphina we’re talking about here Lucian”. Aaliyah said.

“And…..is she God”.

“I think she’s close to being one, everyone is dying to start a conversation with her, talk more of having the opportunity to be her manager”.

“Everyone except me”.

“Come-on Lucian, you’ll have to accept the job”. Aaliyah said.

“Says who”.

“Me”. She said pointing at herself.

“If you don’t want to be her manager, then just turned down the offer”. Alvin said, and Tinsley nods in support.

“Are you both crazy, this is an opportunity of a life time, if he gets to be her manager, then I’ll be able to see and get an autograph from Seraphina”. Aaliyah said.

“And who are you calling crazy”. Alvin said and try to hit Aaliyah but Lucian stops him.

“What are you trying to do”. He asked.

Alvin ran his hand through his hair, and said.

“She’s this way, because your always letting everything she does slide…. sometimes she needs to be spank, so she’ll know who are senior is”.

“She’s still a kid Alvin”.

“Who… this lizard a kid”. Alvin asked pointing at Aaliyah and Aaliyah stuck out her tongue.

“She’s your kid sister Alvin”.

“Whatever Lucian, am going to bed, I have school tomorrow”.

“You passed the schoolarship exam”. Lucian asked.

“Yes I did, and you…” Alvin said pointing at Aaliyah, but Aaliyah quickly hide beside Lucian.

“Alvin”. Lucian said.

Alvin sighs and went to his room.

“What about you Tin, you passed right”. Lucian asked.

But Tinsley looks at him with a sad face.

“You didn’t….. don’t worry you can always go to another school, it’ll be on me”. Lucian said.

Tinsley looks at him and laughs.

“I passed Lucian, I was just pulling your legs”. Tinsley said laughing and Lucian smiles.

“Am glad you passed Tin”.

“I wasn’t expecting to pass though, but am happy I did”.

“And how’s your internship going out the fashion house”.

“Is going great, soon I’ll become a popular fashion designer”. Tinsley said.

And Lucian smiles.

“So will you take the job”. Aaliyah asked sitting beside him.


“What, don’t do this to me Lucian, just take the job”.

“And why should I Aaliyah”.

“You love me right”.

“And what does my love for you have to do with being that Witch’s manager”.

“Everything Lucian, she’s my role model, Come to think of it, if you become her manager, I’ll have something to always boast about, and I could get to see her anytime I want, so please do this me please please please”. Aaliyah said pouting her lips.

“I think you should take the job Lucian, is not because of Aaliyah though, but you said Mr Matteo said you won’t pay back the money dad owns him if you become Seraphina’s manager right….to me I think is a good offer”.

Lucian sighs and looks at Aaliyah who keep looking at him with pleading eyes.

“Will you be okay here without me”. He asked caressing her hair.

“As long as your working for my role model, I will be fine”. Aaliyah said placing her head on Lucian’s chest.

“Fine…I will take the job”.

“Really”. Aaliyah asked looking at him smiling.

“Yes, but on one condition”.

“Which is”.

“Don’t bad mouth Alvin or Tinsley, you know Alvin kinda have a hot temper, I won’t be there to protect when he tries to spanks you”.

“Fine I won’t, I’ll be a good and respectful sister from now”. Aaliyah said crossing her hand above her head.

Lucian looks at her and smile.

“So your taking the job right”. She asked.

Lucian looks at her and nods, and Aaliyah screams in excitement.

“I love you Lucian, I love love you”. Aaliyah said.

“So you love me now because am going to work for Sera”.

“I think so”. Aaliyah said and giggles.

“I’m going to miss you Lucian, is sad you won’t be living with us anymore”. Tinsley said.

Lucian smiles, and give her a sign to come sit beside him.

Tinsley smile and sits beside Lucian, and Lucian wrapped his hands around both Aaliyah and Tinsley’s shoulders.

“Am I going to work in heaven”. He asked.

And Tinsley shakes her head.

“So it means, I can always pay you all a visit, anytime that witch isn’t busy”.

“Can you please stop calling her a witch, she’s too beautiful to be called a witch”.

“Fine, I won’t, happy now”.

And Aaliyah smiles.

“I love you both so much”. Lucian said.

“We love too Lucian”. Tinsley and Aaliyah said, placing their heads on his chest, and Lucian kissed their foreheads.



“What!!!, Your going to become Seraphina’s manager!!”. Jamila yells after Lucian told them.

“Yes, but why are you raising your voice”. Lucian asked, and Jamila gulps down nothing.

“Nothing Lucian, I was just caught by surprise that why”. Jamila said trying to hide her sadness.

“I think taking the job is a good idea, at least you won’t have to work so hard to pay your dad’s debt”.

“That also the reason why I took the job Vance”.

“But you hate her right, will you be comfortable working for someone you hate”.

“Your not the one working for Seraphina so relax okay”. Vance said and Peck her cheek, and Jamila hits his face.

“Have you gone high”.

“Ashw, that hurts Jam, I thought your a makeup artist, so why is your hand so hard like a Rock”.

“Then do you want me to slap you again”. She asked and Vance immediately went quite.

“Lucian are you really sure about this, is Seraphina we’re talking about here”. Jamila said.

“Don’t worry about me Mila, I can be able to handle her… okay”. Lucian said.

And Jamila fakes a smile, but she didn’t make it obvious.

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