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“You mean she hasn’t come home”. Lucian asked looking surprised.

“No she hasn’t Lucian, why do you Come home alone, where is ma Seraphina”. Ina asked.

Lucian sighs and said.

“I’ll be right back”. He said and leaves the house.

Since they went to the restaurant with Jaxon’s car, he took one of the cars and drove back to the restaurant.


Seraphina stands outside the restaurant, she was calling a cab driver, but since it was late, no one was willing to come, although, they didn’t know is the face of Australia who needed a ride home.

“Why did you sleep off Seraphina, you always have this Habit of sleeping after crying”. Seraphina said.

She attempted to dial Lucian’s number, but stopped half way.

“Why should I bother calling him, his a jerk for taking Yasmeen’s side”. Seraphina muttered.

Lightenings strikes in the sky, the clouds opens and a heavy rain fall began.

And Seraphina began to shiver and shakes in fear.

“eomma….. appa, Dad….. Mom ahhhhhhhhhhh”. Seraphina screams shaking so badly as she tries to breath.

“Jebba (please), let me go, don’t touch me, don’t”. Seraphina said breathing so fast.

As the rain fall the more, the more her phobia got worst.

Her eye lashes met each other, and just when she was about landing on the floor, Lucian got hold of her.

“Sera are you okay”. He asked.

Seraphina opens her eyes a little.

“Lucian”. She muttered.

“Are you okay Sera”.

“Please… please save me,….. someone help me”. Seraphina said shaking in fear.

“Is someone after you”. Lucian asked looking around, as the rain fell on both of them.

“Someone help me, save me”. Seraphina muttered before passing out in his arms

“Hey Sera, Sera, witch….witch”. Lucian shaking her body, but Seraphina just stayed put in his arms.

Lucian carries her in a bridal style, and took her to the parking lot, he placed her carefully in the back seat before entering the car and drove off.



“What happened to her Lucian”. Ina asked.

“I don’t know Ina, can you please boil some hot water”. Lucian said.

Ina nods and quickly went to the kitchen.

Lucian carries Seraphina to her room, he place her on the bed, and she was shivering despite being on conscious.

Lucian tries to take off her clothes, but he stop half way.

“I can’t possibly take off her clothes”. Lucian muttered and looks at Seraphina.

“But she’s shivering so badly…..I guess I would have to do it”. Lucian said.

He went to her closet, and took the very first clothes he found.

He inhale and Exhale before taking off Seraphina’s wet clothes, and in the process of doing so, he couldn’t help but admire her body.

But he snapped out of it, and change her into the dried clothes.

“Here is the hot water you ask for Lucian”. Ina said entering the room.

“Thanks Ina”.

“Will she be okay”.

“Don’t worry Ina, you can go to bed, I’ll take care of Sera”.

“Are you sure about that”. Ina asked.

And Lucian nods with a smile.

“Alright Lucian, goodnight”.

“You too Ina”.

Ina smiles and leaves the room.

Lucian took the bowl of hot water, and dip a piece of cloth Inside, he squeeze the water out, before placing it on Seraphina’s head.

“This will somehow reduce your shivering”.

“Mom….. Dad, please don’t leave me please, don’t die, stay with me”. Seraphina muttered in her sleep, as tears falls down her eyes.

And Lucian looks at her, and his mind flashback to 15 years ago, when his dad died too and how he has begged the doctor to revive his Dad.

“I guess we both lost our parents at a young age, was it the reason who turn out this way”.

He sighs, he stood up to leave the room, but Seraphina held his hand.

“Please don’t go, stay with me please…. Dad……Mom”

Lucian looks at his hand and then to Seraphina who was shivering in her sleep.

“I guess I’ll have to turn into a nanny today”
Lucian Muttered and sits beside her, patting her gently and Seraphina held his hand tightly.


The following morning, Seraphina opens her eyes, and she wondered how she got home.

She sits up in the bed, and that’s when she realise she was holding onto something, she looks sideways and sees Lucian sleeping, with his head resting on the Wall, and when she sees she was holding his hand, she quickly let go off it, and that’s when Lucian wake up.

“Your finally awake Sera”. He said yawning.

“What the heck are you doing here”. She asked.

Lucian Scoffs and said.

“I took care of you the entire night, and this is what I get”.

“You took care of me”. She asked looking surprised.

“Yes I did, I came back to the restaurant, but you fell unconscious, so I brought you home, and took care of you…. why did you faint Sera, are you phobia with Rain”.

“Is none of your business”.

“Sure is not”. Lucian said taking in his lips.

Seraphina looks at him and clears her throat.

“Anyway…. thanks”.

And Lucian eyes widely opens in shock.

“Wh…..what did you just say”.

“Am sure you heard me”.

“Did you just thank me”.

“Why, do you want to slap you instead”. Seraphina asked, and Lucian Chuckles.

“There, you should be more like this, say thank you when you need to, and apologize when you have to”.

“Are you trying to lecture me now, because I just thanked you”.

And Lucian smile.

“I wasn’t trying to Sera, I was only stating some points,……so is it okay we become friends, so we can get to know each other better, and we won’t have to fight or argue all the time”.

“You want to become my friend”.

“Sure why not, there’s no law that states that a manager can’t be friends with his boss right”. Lucian said and Seraphina smiles.

“Fine, let’s become friends”. Seraphina said.

“So we’re cool now”. He asked.

“Why, do you want us to fight again”.

“No I don’t want that, am tired of that already”.

Seraphina smiles, but her smile disappeared when she saw the clothes she was wearing.

“Huh…..this wasn’t the clothes I was wearing Last night”.

And Lucian takes in his lips.

“Well I…….”

“Don’t tell me you were the one who change my clothes”.

“Yes I did, but I swear I didn’t see anything”. Lucian said moving away from her.

“You didn’t see anything when you were the one who change my clothes!…you saw my n*ckness!!”. Seraphina yells and throws a pillow at him.

“I swear I didn’t, I saw nothing, or maybe just a little bit”.

“Just a little bit, hey Lucian come here”. Seraphina said with a demostration.

But Lucian shakes his head and ran out of the room.

“Hey Lucian!!”. Seraphina yells and Chase after him.

And both run around the house.

“I thought we’re friends now, so let it slide”. Lucian said running.

“Let it slide huh, you f*cking so my body, stop running and let me caught you”. Seraphina said chasing after him.

“I can’t, you might just Kill me”.

“Yes I have to, you shouldn’t have changed my clothes”.

“I only did that because you were shivering so badly, stop being mad, your b**bs wasn’t that big”.

“What did you just say”.

“Mmmm nothing”. Lucian said and run out of the house.

“Lucian!!”. Seraphina yells and went after him.

And Both continues the chase outside.


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