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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie.




Yasmeen enters the house and Madelyn quickly approach her.

“Where have you been Yasmeen”.

“I went for shopping mom, Why”.

“You shouldn’t be going out often Yasmeen”. Madelyn said.

Yasmeen Arch her eyebrows and asked.


“Are you seriously asking me, didn’t you see the video of you attacking Seraphina uploaded on the internet”.

“Huh, no I didn’t”.

And Madelyn shows her the viral video of her attacking Seraphina in the VIP of Rick shores resturant.

“What,,how did this get upload online, Seraphina was in one of the VIPS when I attack her”.

“It doesn’t matter how it got uploaded online, Seraphina’s fans are crazy, they might end up doing something bad to you”.

Yasmeen sighs and said.

“I don’t think they’ll Mom”.

“And how sure are you”.

“I went for shopping ealier, but no one attack me”.


“Yes Mom, am having a show this Saturday, I want to prepare for it, I’ll be in my room”. Yasmeen said and went upstairs.

“No one attack her, that so weird, usually Yasmeen will have come home crying saying Seraphina’s fans attack her…..so what changed, or is she finally loosing her fans…I guess she’s”. Madelyn said and smirks.



“Wow, your mom fashion house is so big and beautiful Yulia”. Riley said looking around.

“I know that Riley, she spent a lot of money on this, I Wonder how she copes with the company and this fashion house”.

“But my mom said this place use to be Clarissa fashion house, and that happens to be the name of Seraphina’s mother, so does that mean my mom wasn’t lying when she told me your mom took everything Seraphina’s parents have”. Reagan said.

Yulia stops walking and looks at her.

“Are you trying to annoy me”.

“I wasn’t trying to annoy you Yulia, I was only asking a question, you don’t have to be mad ok”. Reagan said.

Yulia sighs, she was about leaving when she saw Tinsley, arranging some dresses in mannequin.

“What is she doing here”. She muttered.

“Who”. Riley asked and follows Yulia’s eyes.

“Is Tinsley, why is she here”.

Yulia looks at the uniform Tinsley was wearing and scoffs.

“I guess she works here”. Yulia smirks and walks up to Tinsley, and her friends followed.

“Hi, can I take a look at this dresses”. Yulia said.

“Sure you…..” Tinsley stops halfway when she turns and sees it was Yulia.

“What are you doing here big eyes”.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that, my mom. owns here”.

“Good for you then”. Tinsley said and tries to walk away, but Yulia blocked her.

“From your uniform, I can tell your just an intern here, so don’t act so high and mighty”.

“What do you want Yulia”.

Yulia smile and said.

“I want you to make me some hot coffee”.

Tinsley looks at her and Scoffs.

“Hey big eyes, do I look like your maid, if you want a hot coffee, you should order your maids to get you one”. She said leaving.

“If you don’t do as I say, your internship is going to end right now”.

Tinsley stops walking and looks at her.

“And what makes you think you can do that”.

“I already told you my mom owns this fashion house, and she’ll do anything I ask of her, so are you going swollow your pride and get me a hot coffee, or rather loose your internship.”

Tinsley looks at her, Alvin worked so hard to pay for her internship here, and she won’t want his efforts to go to waste.

She folds her fists and said.

“What kind of coffee”.

“Black coffee”.

“Fine, I’ll be right back”. Tinsley said and leaves, and Yulia smile.

“Did you have to do that, your taking advantage of your mom owning this place, not like she’s the real owner anyway”. Reagan said.

“What did you just say”. Yulia said Walking closer to Reagan, but Riley comes between them.

“Yulia, I think you should calm down, you don’t have to pick a fight with her, we’re all friends”.

“Then tell her to stop annoying me”. Yulia said.

“Your only annoyed because is the truth, am out of here”. Reagan said and Leaves.

“Yes, and don’t think of coming back!!”. Yulia yells.

“That enough Yulia”. Riley said.

“Don’t tell me what do to”. Yulia orders, and Riley became quiet.

Tinsley later came back with a cup of black coffee.

“Here’s your coffee Yulia”. Tinsley said.

Yulia smile and takes the coffee from Tinsley, she taste a little and spit it out.

“What the heck is this, is too sweet”.

“You asked for black coffee, and I added some flavor to make it tasty”.

“And did I ask you do add flavors, if I wanted a sweet coffee, I won’t have ask for black coffee, get me another one!!”. Yulia yells at her.

And Tinsley looks at her.

“What the heck are you looking at, get a wiggle on”. Yulia said.

Tinsley sighs and leaves to get another coffee and Yulia smirk.

“Don’t you think your going too far”. Riley said.

“Did you say something”.

And Riley quickly shakes her head.

Tinsley came back with another coffee and gives it to Yulia.

Yulia drinks a little bit from the coffee and spit it out.

“Are you trying to murder me, is too bitter!”. She yells.

“That what you wanted right, so why are you complaining”. Tinsley said.

Yulia looks at the hot coffee in her hand and pours it on Tinsley, Tinsley saw it coming, and use her arm to dough it.

And she groans in pain, the moment the hot coffee came in contact with her skin.

“That what you get for talking back at me”.

“Your going to pay for this”. Tinsley said and bounced on Yulia.

She landed numerous slaps on her face, and even when Yulia landed on the floor, Tinsley continues beating her non stops, and Yulia was just screaming.

“Tinsley, that enough, stop beating her please”. Riley pleaded on Yulia’s behalf, but Tinsley paid a deaf ear.

And everyone was busy watching the scenero.

“What’s going on here”. Madelyn said walking into the crowd.

“Mom”. Yulia calls crying.

“What the heck are you doing to my daughter Tinsley!!”. Madelyn yells.

And Tinsley let go off Yulia, and Yulia quickly went to her mom.

“Mom, that girl is Evil, I want her fired”. Yulia said crying.

“Evil, you poured hot coffee on me”. Tinsley said defending herself.

“That not true mom, I told her I wanted to take a look at some of the designs here, but instead of showing them to me, she attacked me”. Yulia said crying.

“Is that true Riley”. Madelyn asked, and Yulia looks at her.

“Yes is true Aunt, Yulia didn’t do anything wrong, Tinsley just attack her for no reason”. Riley said.

“That’s not true ma I….”. Tinsley was cut short with a slap.

“Your just an intern here right, and you dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter!!”. Madelyn yells at her, and Yulia smile.

“Am sorry Ma Madelyn”. Tinsley muttered sniffing back her tears.

“I want you to pack whatever things you have here, and leave this place”.

And Tinsley shakes her head in tears, and falls to her knees.

“Please ma Madelyn, don’t kick me out, this is the only way I could be able to achieve my dreams, please”. Tinsley said already crying.

“You should have thought about that before laying your hands on my daughter, I don’t want to ever see you here again Tinsley, or am going to have you arrested for trespassing!!”. Madelyn yells at her and walks away.

Yulia went closer to Tinsley and whispers in her ear.

“This is what you get for trying to go against me”. She smirks and leaves too.

And Riley looks at Tinsley before following Yulia.

Tinsley stayed In her kneeing position, crying silently.



“That serves you right Tin”. Alvin said.

“What”. Tinsley muttered as more tears falls down her eyes.

“Why did you even attack Yulia, she was your boss daughter right, but still you went ahead to prove to her that your a Wonder woman!!”. Alvin yells at her.

“Why are you raising your voice at her Alvin, you should be on her side not the other way round”.

“And why should I when she beat up the girl I have a crush on!!”.

“Really now Alvin, that Yulia girl is way more important than your sister!”. Aaliyah said.

“She’s not even my real sister in the first place, Lucian only took her in because she lost her parents, you’re just a freeloader Tinsley so you should act like one and stop acting like some kind of princess, thanks to you I’ll have a hard time in making Yulia my Friend!!”.

“I know that am a freeloader Alvin, but you don’t have to rub it on my face, I only did what I did because Yulia poured hot coffee on me”.

“And even if she has hit your head against a wall, you should have just let it slide Tin!!”.

“And why should I!!”.

“Because I love her Tin!!, and the next time you try to attack her again, your going to answer to me got that!!”.

“Alvin don’t talk to Tin that way”. Aaliyah said.

“Do you want to spank!!!, Just so you know Lucian isn’t here to save you got that!!”. He yells.

And Aaliyah quickly hides behind Tinsley.

“And as for you”. Alvin said pointing at Tinsley, and Tinsley looks at him with lot of tears in her eyes.

“Don’t even think about showing that ugly face of yours to me, afford me the best way you can, even if we live in the same house!”. Alvin halfyells at her, and storms out of the house.

“Tin are you okay”. Aaliyah asked.

Tinsley looks at her and fakes a smile.

“Am fine Aaliyah, you should go to bed now”.

“What are you going to do now, you already lost your internship, how will you be able to achieve your dreams”.

“Don’t worry Aaliyah, am going to find a way out”.

“Are you sure”.

And Tinsley nods her head.

“Am sorry for what my jerky brother said to you”.

“Is Fine Aaliyah, go to bed already”.

Aaliyah looks at her, before going to her room.

Tinsley takes off the sweater she was wearing and looks at her burnt skin.

“Who won’t fight back after someone do this to you”. She muttered.

* Because I love her Tin!!, and the next time you try to attack her again, your going to answer to me got that!*

Alvin’s voice echoes in her ear, and more tears falls down her eyes.

“Why her Alvin, why do you have to love Yulia, and not me, I love you Alvin, I love you so much”. Tinsley said and broke into tears.



Seraphina came downstairs and sees Lucian pacing back and front probably calling someone.

“Is everything okay Lucian”. She asked.

Lucian looks at her and sighs.

“Am just worried about Tin”.

“Tin… who’s Tin”.

“She’s my god-sister, she lives with us”.

“Is she sick”.

“Not really, I just have a bad feeling that she’s not okay, am calling her but she’s not answering, so is my kid sister Aaliyah”.

Seraphina looks at him and said.

“Then you can go see her tomorrow Lucian”.


And Seraphina nods.

“But you have a photo shoot tomorrow”.

“Don’t worry about it, I can go there by myself, is not like am handicap, go see your family tomorrow, and check if they are okay”.

Lucian looks at her and smile.

“Thanks Sera”.

“Is nothing Lucian, we’re friends, so is right if we help one another right”. She asked smiling.

And Lucian nods smiling.

“Do you want us to watch a movie together, that way you won’t over think”.

“Sure I’d like that”. He answers.

And both sat down to watch a movie together.

“What’s the name of this movie”. He asked.


“What!!, That’s an horror movie!”. Lucian exclaims.

“Yes, horror movies are best watch at night, don’t tell me your scared of horror movies”. Seraphina asked.

“Of course not, I…I… like them a lot”. Lucian muttered, and he stylishly took the chair pillow.

“Is really an interesting movie I swear”. Seraphina said smiling.

Lucian nods, and he could feel beads of sweet in his body, even if the living room was so Cold.

He relaxed at the first scene of the movie where Christin brown was working in a bank, and was having a conversation with an old woman.

*Is not that scary as it’s names*. Lucian thought inwardly and relaxed completely.

But after Christin conversation with the old woman, that when the real movie began.

Christin came walks to the parking lot after the day’s work, and when she enters her car, she tries starting the car, when a flying Hankie hit her car window, and Lucian screams in fear.

“Are you okay”. Seraphina asked and he reluctantly nods, and stylishly covers his eyes.

Christin was still inside the car when the same old woman appeared in her car, looking so scary.

“YOU SHAMED ME” the scary old woman said, and Lucian gulps down nothing as he could feel goosebumps appearing in his skin.

He could also feel his body shaking in fear, as a result of the scary fight between Christin and the scary old woman.

The scary scene ended and he relaxed a little, he looks at Seraphina and she seem to be enjoying the movie.

“You watch horror movies”. He asked trying to hide his fear.

“Of course I do Lucian, they’re my favorite movies, especially TRUTH OR DARE”. Seraphina said smiling.

And Lucian prays so hard inside of him, that the movie should just stop playing or rather the TV should just Trip off.

Another scene from the movie showed again, Christin was arranging her clothes inside a box, and when she opened the curtain, thesame scary woman appeared from the curtain, looking more scary.

Lucian screams in fear and passed out immediately.

“Lucian, Lucian”. Seraphina calls out his name.


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