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Lucian enters the house, and the person he saw shocked him.

“Aaliyah”. He said and quickly went to hug her, Aaliyah smiles and hugs him back.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming back”.

“Am sorry Lucian, I just miss my big brother alot, so I thought of coming back to Sydney to Start a whole new life here”. Aaliyah said.

“And Aunt, how’s she”.

“Fine I guess, but she was so sad when I told her I was coming here, she was the one who brought me here though, she waited for you, but she had to leave so she can take an early bus back to Brisbane” . Aaliyah said.

Lucian smiles and caress her hair.

Aaliyah is his 13 years old kid sister, after their dad died she went to live with their aunt in Brisbane

“Am happy your back home Aaliyah, where is Alvin and Tinsley, you have seen them right”. Lucian asked.

“Yes I have, Tinsley went for her a night practice, and Alvin I don’t Where he went, am so happy to see my three siblings again, is been so long you know”. Aaliyah said.

“Have you eaten”.

“Yes I have, Tinsley made sure I ate something before she left”.

“So you’ll staying here for good”. Lucian asked.

“Yes I’ll, I miss the three of you alot, especially you”. Aaliyah said and Lucian smiles.

“That means I’ll be transferring you to a new school”.

“Yes… and finally I can get to see Seraphina Rodrigo”. Aaliyah said smiling.

“You know her”. Lucian asked With a frown.

“Of course I do, everyone knows the Korean/Australian Singer, even those that lives in the province knows her too, she’s my role model”.

“How can an ugly girl like her be your role model”.

“Huh, did you just say Seraphina is ugly, are you having eyes problems, she’s the face of Australia Lucian”.

“Whatever, ugly attitude + beautiful face = Ugly”.

“Am sure Seraphina has a problem of her own, no one does things without a reason”.

“And how sure are you”.

“You for example, you don’t believe in love because of what dad has to go through because of mom right, she left….”

“Let’s stop talking about that”. Lucian muttered.

“See, you don’t want to even talk about it, Seraphina also have a reason why she became that way, and why she doesn’t believe in love just like you Lucian”. Aaliyah said.

And Lucian looks at Aaliyah without saying a word.



“Your fight with Yasmeen is trending nonstop, I told you to ignore her didn’t I”.

“I couldn’t help it Paisley, you know how much I hate Yasmeen and her Mom”.

“But you should have controlled yourself Seraphina”.

“The deal is done, and it can’t be changed, you should go for your date”. Seraphina said.

“What about you, will you be okay”.

“Is there a day I was ever okay, just go for your date, whatever this leads to am going to solve it myself”.

“Are you sure” Paisley asked, and Seraphina nods her head, closing her eyes.

Paisley looks at her before leaving the room.

Few minutes after Paisley left, Seraphina could hear loud voices from downstairs.

She woke up and stood up from the bed and went downstairs, only to see her so called Aunt shouting out her name.

“Seraphina!!, Seraphina!!, you daughter of a bitch, Come out from your room!!”. Madelyn yells, as the maids try to prevent her from going upstairs.

Seraphina sighs and came downstairs.

“And why is a mad woman like you disturbing my privacy”. Seraphina asked.

Madelyn walks up to her and slaps her so hard on the face.

“Who ever gave you the right to call my daughter a loser who do you think you are!!”. She yells at her.

Seraphina swipe her hair to the back.

“Hey Madelyn, did you just slap me”

“Yes I did Seraphina, you had my daughter disgraced you bastard!!”

“Your daughter choose to disgrace herself, I just helped her with it, she’s indeed a loser”. Seraphina said.

And Madelyn slaps her again, and Seraphina falls to the floor, and the maids gasps in shock.

“Your the bigger looser here Seraphina, you may be more popular and famous than Yasmeen, but I know how much your craving for a family”.

And Seraphina looks her, she blink back the tears in her eyes and stood to her feet.

“And you ever told you I want a family”. She asked trying to be strong, even though she was dieing inside.

“Because ever since your parents died when you just five years old, you have always wanted to become a part of the family right, you begged us to take you in”.

“But you didn’t right, you never wanted me!!”. Seraphina yells.

“That’s because you ain’t a part of the family Seraphina, you may bear the name Rodrigo, but you’ll never be part of our family!”

“I also don’t want to become part of so your called family, and if Yasmeen cherish her reputation so much, she should think twice before approaching me”. Seraphina said and turns to Walk away, and Madelyn pulls her by the hair.

“Let go of me Madelyn”. Seraphina said trying to break free from her.

“Am warning you Seraphina, the next time you disgrace my daughter in such manner, I won’t hesitate to Kill you myself!!”. Madelyn yells and pushed Seraphina to the floor, and storms out of the house.

“Ma, are you alright”. The maids asked.

Seraphina quickly Cleans the tears in her eyes, she stands to her feet wearing a Cold face.

“Your all fired!!” She yells and went to her room.

Seraphina sits in the bed and the scenes of 20 years ago keeps appearing to her.

“Aunt please let me stay with you all, I have no where to go please”. Little Seraphina begged crying.

“No Seraphina, I’ll never let you live with us”.

“But we’re family Aunt, you already took everything my parents owned, at least let me stay with you please”. Seraphina said crying.

“You ain’t a part of my family Seraphina”.

“But I have no where to go Aunt, please let me stay with you please”.

“I don’t care if you sleep in the street Seraphina, or if you want you can join your parents in the land of the dead, you should have died with them when they had that accident!”. Madelyn halfyells at her and slammed the door against Seraphina.

And she continues knocking on the door crying.

The tears which she has been holding slowly falls down her eyes, not even Paisley has seen her cry, because she has always acted so strong.

*you ain’t a part of the family Seraphina, you may bear the name Rodrigo, but you’ll never be part of our family!* Madelyn voice echoes in her ear, and more tears falls down her eyes.

She opens the drawer, and took the picture of her parents, caressing their faces.

“eomma, appa, bogo sip-eoyo (mom, dad, I miss you)”. Seraphina muttered, she placed the picture frame in her chest, sniffing back her tears.


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