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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie



Lucian paced around the hallway of the hospital, looking so worried.

His clothes was filled with Seraphina’s blood, his mind were filled with negative thoughts, but he tries to waved it off.

He was Still pacing around, when the doctor in Charge of Seraphina’s treatment approach him.

Lucian on seeing him quickly said.

“How’s she doctor, she’s okay”. He asked with a worried tone.

“Yes she’s fine”. The doctor answers and Lucian let out a sigh of relief.

“She only sustain a little dip injury in her head, but she’s going to be fine”.

“Thanks doctor”.

“But what really happened to her”.

“Everything happened so fast doctor, an unknown car hit her and took off”.

“Were you able to verify the plate number of the car”. The doctor asked.

Lucian shakes his head.

“I was so scared of what happened to Sera, that I couldn’t take a look at the car, but I’ll try asking the people around, if they took a look at the car”. Lucian said.

“That’ll be a nice thing to do”.

“Can I see her”.

“Maybe when she wakes up”.

“Thanks doctor”.

The doctor pats him and left.

Lucian sighs and sits in a chair next to him, his phone rang, and he picked when he saw the caller was Aaliyah.

“Hello Aaliyah”.

“How’s Seraphina”. She asked between tears.

“Are you crying”.

“I can’t help it, I saw the video, she was in a pool of blood when she was brought to the hospital, is she okay”.

“Yes she’s fine”.

“Are you sure about that, or your just lying”.

“Am not lying Aaliyah, Sera is Fine, so stop crying already”.

“That’s a relief then, but where will you when she got hit by a car, you’re her manager right, shouldn’t you be protecting her”.

“Am sorry I couldn’t Aaliyah”.

“Apologize accepted, but make sure she doesn’t get hurt again okay”.

“I will, how’re you”.

“Am Fine Lucian, am doing okay”.

“And how about Alvin and Tin, there’s no arguments between them right”.

“Sine that jerky brother of mine isn’t acting like a psycho, they is no argument between them”.

“That’s good to know then”.

“Yeah, I’ll be hanging up now Lucian, I love love you”.

“Same Aaliyah”.

Aaliyah giggles and ends the call.

Lucian looks at his bloody clothes and sighs, only God knows how scared he was earlier, and he wondered why he cried ealier.



“Ho you’re feeling Sera, do you feel pain anywhere”. Lucian asked when she woke up.

“Am fine Lucian, am used to having bandages wrapped around my head anyways”.

“Am sorry”. Lucian muttered burying his face on the ground.

“Why’re you apologizing Lucian”. Seraphina asked looking Confused.

“If I didn’t pay a deaf ear when you said we should buy the barbecue at resturant, this won’t have happened to you, am sorry Sera, is all my fault”. Lucian said feeling guilty.

Seraphina smiles and rough his hair.

“Aigoo, you really look cute while saying sorry, you look like a 4 years old kid”. Seraphina said smiling.

“You ain’t mad at me”.

“Why should I be mad at you Lucian, you weren’t the one who ran me over, and you never saw it coming, I guess this is what I get from being a celebrity and the face of Australia”.

“Are you sure your okay”.

“If I wasn’t, will I be talking to you, no right, am fine, I also want to be discharged”.

“You mean now”.

“Yes, I want to go home, I hate the smell of the hospital, it makes me more sick”.

“But you just got admitted here, will the doctor agree to it”.

“Am Seraphina Rodrigo, no one dares say no to me”.

“But are you sure you want to go home, you can stay here still morning”.

“Am Fine, I somehow have the blood of a vampire, I heal fast so there’s nothing to be worried about, beside you need to take a shower so you can be able to take off that bloody clothes your wearing”. Seraphina said.

Lucian looks at her, and smile.


After discussing with the doctor, he had no choice but to let her go home.

And almost coming out from the hospital, they were lot of reporters and people waiting for her.

“F*ck, how did they know I was here”. Seraphina asked.

“Have you forgotten your the face of Australia”. Lucian answers her question.

“That’s right, but am not in the mood to answer their questions”.

“You have to, else they will follow you to your house”.

And Seraphina sighs.

The moment she came out from inside the hospital, reporters and her fans ran to her, some has been crying since they heard what happened to her.

? Seraphina are you okay

? Are you hurt that badly

?My poor Seraphina

? Does your head hurts badly.

They asked, and light cameras flash on her face.

“Am fine, you don’t have to worry about me, my head doesn’t hurt, can you please cleared the way, so I can go home and rest”. She said.

And instantly they made a path for to Walk through.

? Take care of yourself Seraphina

?We love

They said as she enters the car.

“Wow, should I become a celebrity too, so people can obey when I speak”. Lucian said.

“Then should I help you with that”.

“Nah, just jocking, is too much work being a celebrity, I love my simple life, I’ll get hurt, but no one will know, because am not the face of Australia”

“Your silly Lucian”. Seraphina said laughing.

Lucian looks at her and smiles, before starting the car.



Matteo turns off the TV and looks at both Madelyn and Yasmeen.

“Why’re you looking at us Matteo”. Madelyn asked.

“Why did you do it”. He asked.

“Do what”.

“You know exactly what I meant, did you ask someone to have Seraphina killed”.

“And why will you think such Matteo!!”. Madelyn yells.

“Because you have every reason to Kill her”.

“I might hate her so much, but that doesn’t mean I will go to the extent of killing her, we May not get along, but she’s still my niece”. Madelyn said.

And Matteo looks at Yasmeen.

“What, I didn’t do it”. She said.

“Am sure you did, didn’t you say you wanted her Dead”.

“Yes I want her dead, but that’s doesn’t mean I was the one who planed that accident, but am grateful to the person who did”. Yasmeen said and Madelyn looks at her.

“So neither of you have a hand in what happened to Seraphina”.

“I didn’t Dad”. Yasmeen said, her phone rang and she smiles widely when she see it was Jaxon.

“Hello Jax”

“Can we meet up”. He asked over the phone.

“Sure…. where”

“My house”.

“Fine I’ll be right there”. She said and ends the call.

She stood up and said.

“My boyfriend needs me, so I need to go, see you tomorrow, am gonna spend the night there”. She said and leaves the house.

“Are you sure, it wasn’t you”.

“How many times do I have to say it to you, I know nothing about what happened to Seraphina”.

“Fine, but if the real culprit gets linked out, and it turns to be you, I won’t have your back”. Matteo said.

Madelyn looks at him, and Scoffs

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