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“Hi sweetie”. Yasmeen said smiling, she tries to hug him, but Jaxon stops her.

“What’s wrong Jax”

“First of all, why did you lie to the public that Seraphina was trying to steal your boyfriend”.

“That’s true right, she wants you back, that why she went to that date with you Jax”.

“She wasn’t Yas, I was the one who keeps pushing, let’s leave that aside, why did you send someone to Kill Seraphina”.

“What are you talking about”.

“Don’t ask as if you didn’t watch the news, a car ran her over, did you send someone to kill her, or was it you who ran her over yourself”.

“What, why will you think I will do such thing”.

“You wanted her dead right, you said you wanted to kill her!!!”

“Yes I said that, but that doesn’t mean I will do it, I may have this hatred for her, but that doesn’t mean I will go to the extent of killing her, I may act like a bitch, but I have a conscience too, am not capable of taking someone’s life”. Yasmeen said.

“And how am I sure your telling the truth”.

“Because everything I just said is the truth, am not a saint, but neither am a sinner, I will never think of taking someone’s life not even Seraphina’s”. Yasmeen said.

“Are you sure you ain’t the one”.

“Cross my heart to die, I’ll never”.

Jaxon looks at her, and he could see some truth in her eyes.


“You believe me”.

And Jaxon nod.

Yasmeen smiles and takes of the robe she was wearing, she went closer to Jax and pecks his lips.

“I want you jax”. She said trying to take off his shirt, but Jaxon stop her.

And Yasmeen gives him a question look.

“Am not in the mood”.

“So why did you call me here”.

“To know if you have a hand in what happened to Seraphina, if you don’t want to go home, you can spend the night at the guest room”. Jaxon said and walks away.

And Yasmeen held her fists in anger.



Seraphina sits in the bed bearing the acheings from her head, but she choose not to say a word about it.

Her phone suddenly rang, she checked the caller, and it was unkown number.

She anticipated for a second, before swiping the green button.

“Hello who’s this”.

“How are you Jisoo”.

There’s only one person who knows her Korea name, and she knew immediately it was him.



“How did you get my number”.

“There’re lot of ways to get the face of Australia’s number”.

“Am hanging up”.

“Please don’t”. He said in a pleading voice

“What do you want Jaxon”.

“I just want to know if your okay”.

“Am totally fine, and don’t ever call me again ok”.



“Am sorry, am sorry for what I……”

Seraphina ended the call before he could finish his statement, and block his number.

“His so stupid to have called, he has Yasmeen now right, so he should leave me alone”. She said and throws her phone to the bed.

Her anger quickly subsided when Lucian enters her mind.

“I wonder what he’s doing, it won’t kill if I checked on him right”.

And with that she left her room to his.

“Lucian”. She said in a whisper as she opens the door.

She enters the room, but he wasn’t in the room.

“Where did he go”. She muttered.

She was about leaving the room, when Lucian came out from the bathroom, he has just had his shower.

He tied a white towel around his waist, revealing his gorgeous chest which was dripping wet.

Seraphina’s eyes falls on his chest down to his nevel and she gulps down nothing, when he saw how built his Six pack was.

“Do you need something”. He asked unaware of what his S*xy abs has done to Seraphina.


But Seraphina’s eyes glued in his chest, and at the same hicupping.


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