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But Seraphina’s eyes glued in his chest, and at the same hicupping.

“Sera, are you alright”. He asked.

Seraphina hicups again, still looking at his bare chest.

Lucian went closer to her, and wave his hand close to her face.

“Sera, are you still there”.

And Sera quickly snapped back to herself.

“Yes…am fine”. She said hicupping.

“Why are you hicupping, do you have some in-dejection”. He asked.

“Yes I did, you should put on some clothes!!”. She yells hicupping.

“Huh, I just came out from the bathroom, that’s why am shirtless, why were you here”.

“Nothing”. She rushly said and ran out of the room.

“What’s wrong with her”. Lucian muttered.

Seraphina quickly went to the kitchen, she opens the refrigerator, and takes a bottle of water, which she gulp down in a sec.

Luckily for her, her hicupping stopped, and she breath down.

“Did he have to come from the bathroom shirtless…..but what’s going on with you Seraphina, why did you act like an idiot back there”.

“You can’t fall in love with Lucian, you can’t love him, not after everything you were through, and even if you want to risk loving again, it has to be the Lucian the owner of the painting, and not this Lucian… okay”. Seraphina said slapping herself back to reality.



Tinsley stands in the school’s rooftop smiling, and watching the students from up there.

Some where just walking and talking, others were playing around, and somewhere were in a lovely dovey with their boyfriends.

Tinsley looks at them and sighs.

“How I wish I and Alvin will be like them someday”. Tinsley muttered looking at the couples who was T-chatting and laughing.

“Go start your own relationship, and stop looking at others”. Alvin said walking up to her.

Tinsley looks at him and Scoffs.

“What are you doing here”.

“Why, do you own this place now”.

And Tinsley smiles.

“Have you been able to find another internship Job”.

“Am still searching and saving up for it”.she answers.

“Should I get another part-time job, so I’ll be able to pay for it”.

“As what, your not my boyfriend”.

“And who says is only the boyfriends that helps out, big brothers do too”.

“When you said big brother, where you referring to Lucian”.

“Of course not, is me, am your big brother”.

And Tinsley laugh.

“And why are you laughing”.

“Are you being serious, really big brother,…. just because your way more taller, you think you can be my big brother, am even a month order”.

“It doesn’t matter, am still your big brother”.

“That can only happened only in your dreams, I’ll never accept you as my big brother”.

“Then will you accept as your boyfriend”. Alvin asked facing her, with theirs lips just an Inch apart from each other.

“Alvin”. Tinsley muttered looking shock.

Alvin looks at her shocked face and laughed out so loud.

“Were you shocked about what I said”. He asked laughing.

“Yes….I was”. Tinsley starmmed trying to recover from her shock.

“I was just kidding around…you needed to see the look on your face, it was Asif you saw a scary old ghost”. Alvin said laughing.

“You think is funny”.

“Yes, is funny, you should have laughed too when I said that”.

“And why should I”. She asked.

“Because no one will ever ask his sister to be his girlfriend”.

“You see me as a sister”.

“Yes Tin, a sister whom I have known for years, someone who I can rely on, who I Make fun of, and annoys often but yet still forgive me, let’s say your my Twin Tin”. Alvin said, and Tinsley only let a small smile.

Alvin rough her hair and said.

“Am sorry if I almost gave you a heart attack ealier”.

“Is fine Alvin”. Tinsley said with a smile.

The school bell rang, and Alvin sighs.

“Let’s go back to class, lunch break is over”.

“You should go first Alvin”.

“Why Tin, you don’t want to attend class”.

“I’ll, I just want to see the view from here a little longer”.

“Alright Tin, see you in class”.

“You too Alvin”. Tinsley said smiling.

Tinsley looks at him still he was out of sight and sighs.

“If only you could Love me Alvin, I’ll be so happy”. She said.

She looks at the view from the rooftop for a while, before leaving.

Yulia came out from where she was hiding and Scoffs.

She came to the rooftop ealier, and when she saw Alvin and Tinsley, she decided to hide to hear whatever they were talking about.

“Isn’t this hilarious, Tinsley loves her brother, wait, they don’t bear thesame surname, is she his cousin or a distance relationship, is that why she’s has feelings for him tsk tsk tsk”. Yulia said shaking her head.

“I have to find out how they’re related, that way I’ll be able to get back at that Tinsley”. Yulia said.

She left the rooftop and headed for the principal’s office.

“What are you doing here Yulia, shouldn’t you be in class”.

“I know, I just came here to verify something”.

“Something like what”.

“Every student always tell you their family background once they’re admitted here right”.

“Yes, what does that got to do with you”.

“Tell me about Tinsley Nguyen and Alvin Campbell, how are they related”. She asked folding her arms around her chest.

“And why do you want to know”.

“It doesn’t matter my reasons for wanting to know, just spilled the bean”.

“And what if I don’t”.

“Then do you want your wife who works as a clerk in my mom’s company fired”.

“It has gotten to that Yulia”.

“Is going to get to that, if you don’t start talking”.



Yulia came out from the principal’s office smiling.

“So Tinsley and Alvin are not in anyway related, they just took her in because her family and Alvin’s family used to be closed friends….now I see why Tinsley is in love with Alvin, because he’s not her real brother”.

*I want us to be friends Yulia, so we can get to know each other better*.

Alvin’s voice echoes in her ear.

“Should I accept his friendship to make that Tin girl jealous, come to think of it, I know that mosquito that calls himself Alvin likes me, should I use it to my advantage and get back at Tinsley”.

Yulia smirks

“I think I should, you shouldn’t have messed with me Tinsley Nguyen, and because of that, your going to get numerous of Heartbreaks from now on”. Yulia said and laughed like a witch, which she was.

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