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“Is a good thing Seraphina is okay”. Zoey said.

“Really Zoey, I thought your my manager and your siding with Seraphina”.

“Is not like I gain anything from being your manager”.

“What did you just say”.

“I mean, being your manager sometimes sucks, before Paisley went into Coma, she was already so popular, and her account was even verify thanks to being the face of Australia’s manager”.

“So are you saying am not bringing you good luck”.

“I never said that”.

“If you find me as a bad luck then quit being my manager!!” Yasmeen yells.

“And am sure no one will want to work for you once I resigned, am still here with you, because we’re best friends”.

“Then stop being annoying”. Yasmeen said in a calm tone, knowing the fact that what Zoey said was True.

No one will ever want to be her manager, and that’s why Zoey has been her manager since she started out in the music industry.

“Am sorry if I went overboard, I was just jealous, but that is that, how long have will known each other”.

“Since the day we were born I guess”.

“So I want you to tell me the truth”

“Truth about what”.

“Did you have something to do with what happened to Seraphina”.

“Really Zoey, you think I have a hand in what happened to Seraphina, we have known each other for ages, how could you come up with the idea that I could do such a thing”.

“People change when they’re inlove, they changed when they’re jealous, and it can result in them doing bad things, your inlove with Jaxon, and jealous of Seraphina, it must have pushed you to do that to her”.

“I didn’t do it Zoey, yes I love Jaxon a lot, and I’m jealous of how successful Seraphina is, I can fight her and yell at her, but killing her….is not my thing, is out of the extraordinary Zoey”.

“So where you Last night, you said you needed to be somewhere, and minutes after you left, that was when Seraphina got hit by a car, where you the one who ran over her”.

“It wasn’t me Zoey”.

“So where did you go Last night”.

“I wanted to go to the spa, but I changed my mind, and went home, that when I knew about Seraphina being hit by a car”.

“Are you sure”.

“I can swear with the holy seven books of Moses, if that the only way to prove I don’t have a hand in what happened to Seraphina, come-on Zoey, you know me better than this”.

“Am just trying to verify things here Yasmeen, because I won’t be by your side once this get linked, remember there’s nothing that can be hidden under the sun”. Zoey said.

And Yasmeen looks at her.



“Where are you talking this to”. Lucian asked Ina when he sees her with a little tray, containing a glass water, and some drugs.

“To ma Seraphina, is her drugs that will enable her heal quickly”.

“Is that so, I’ll take it to her”.

“Are you Sure”.

“Yes Ina, you can go back and continue your work”.

“Thanks Lucian”.

Lucian Smiles and takes the little tray from her.


“How’s Paisley doing doctor, is she responding to treatment”. Seraphina asked over the phone.

“Yes she’s, hopefully, she’ll will wake up in no time”. The doctor answers.

“Alright doctor, just keep me updated…. thanks”. Seraphina said and end the call.

And that’s when she saw Lucian standing not too far away from her holding a tray.

“When did you get here”. She asked.

“Not quite long, how’s Paisley”.

“She’s fine, hopefully she’ll wake up soon”. She said smiling, but she noticed Lucian’s mood change the moment she said that.

And Lucian himself didn’t know why he wasn’t too happy to hear Paisley will be walking up soon, shouldn’t he be happy about that, why is he sad, he thought.

“Are you okay Lucian, your face looks sad all of a sudden”. She asked.

Lucian smiles and said.

“I’m fine, here’s your drugs”. He said dropping it on the furniture table.

And Lucian watch as she drank the entire medicines.

“How are you feeling Sera”.

“Am getting back, I can’t wait to have the bandage out of my head, it sucks being with it”.

Lucian chuckles with a smile, and he takes a look around the room.

The last time he was here, he couldn’t do so, since he was so busy taking Care of Seraphina that day.

His eyes widened in shock when he saw his paintings about life hanged perfectly on the Wall.

He quickly stood up and took it from the wall.

“Why do you have this”. He asked.

Seraphina looks at the painting and smile.

“I guess you’re also attracted to it right, the artist must be so talented to have a way of drawing people to his drawings”. She said smiling.

“That wasn’t my question, why is this with you!”

“What’s wrong Lucian”.

“Just answer me Sera!”

“Well I bought it a month ago from the gallary, I got so attracted to it, it felt like the painting was meant for me, that why I bought it, I wanted to see the painter and tell him how much I love his work, we booked a day to meet, but he was gone before I showed up at the coathanger, and I lost his contact when my bag fell alongside with my phone in the bridge”. Seraphina said.

“So your the one who brought my painting, your S”. He asked looking so surprised.

“S, how did you know that, that was what I wrote in the note I gave to Lucian”.

“Am that Lucian”.



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