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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie.




Both Yasmeen and Madelyn’s eyes were wide open in shock, as Seraphina and Lucian kiss passionately in front of them.

And even if both knew it was just an act, both keeps longing for more, tasting and sucking the sweet flavor from each other lips.

After what seems like an eternity, Seraphina broke the kiss, and both stared into each other’s eyes, like they were the only ones in the world.

It was the clap for Madelyn, that brought them back to earth.

Madelyn jambs her hands together walking up to them.

“Is this how despirate you have become, by having a relationship with your manager, you amaze me Seraphina”.

“Who I go out with, have nothing to do with you Madelyn, at least, am not like your daughter, who force her way into a man’s life, she’s a big whore”. Seraphina said.

“How dare you call my daughter a whore”. She said trying to attack Seraphina.

But Lucian block her path from going near Seraphina.

“And what the heck are you doing!!”. Madelyn yells.

“Don’t you ever get tired”. Lucian asked.

And Madelyn arch her eyebrows.

“I don’t really know what transpired between the three of you, and why you two hate her so much, but don’t you get tired of always ganging up on her, am sure if her parents were still alive, you won’t try such with her, just because she’s an orphan doesn’t give you both the right to treat her badly, she worked hard for everything she has now, so why can’t you leave her alone, or will you die if you don’t trouble her for one-day”. Lucian said.

“Hey, you have no right to speak to me that way, your just her manager, your nothing”. Madelyn said.

“I agree to it, am nothing, am a nobody, but at least am not senceless like you, do you by chance sold your brains in exchange for wealth”.


“Don’t even think about hurting Sera again, because the next time you do, I won’t hesitate to drag you to hell myself, since that the place witches like you belong”. Lucian said.

He takes Seraphina’s hand and both leaves.

“How dare that brat!!”. Madelyn yells angrily.

Yasmeen only smirks.


Seraphina and Lucian sits in the car without talking or looking at each other, and it has been that way for the past few minutes.

They has been some kind of tense between them after the kiss.

Both look at each other but quickly look away from each other, and the silence continues.

Seraphina bits her lips, and clears her throat.

“Lucian”. Seraphina said breaking the silence.

“Mm”. He muttered not looking at her, somehow he feels embarrassed.

“Am sorry”. She said, and Lucian slowly looks at her.

“Am sorry Lucian, I shouldn’t have kissed you back there, that was the only thing I could think of, at that very moment, am so sorry Lucian”.

“You don’t have to say sorry Sera, I also kissed you back, so we’re even”.

“Then why the so much silent between us”. She asked.

Lucian looks at her, and takes in his lips.

“Thanks for defending me earlier, this is the second time you have done that, thank you so much Lucian”.

“Is Fine Sera, but Why ain’t you in good terms with your family”.

“I don’t wanna talk about it today Lucian, maybe next time”.

“Alright Sera, always know that anytime you need someone to talk to, am always here for you, no matter how long the story is, I’ll listen, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can borrow mine, I won’t mine, don’t bear the pains alone okay”.

Seraphina looks at him and nods with a smile.


And Lucian looks at her.

“Am sorry I took your first kiss from you”. She said laughing.

“How do you know that”. Lucian asked.

“It was so obvious, never knew I have an innocent manager all this while”. She said laughing.

“Stop making fun of me”.

“And what will you do, if I don’t”. She asked laughing.

“Then I’ll kiss you”. He said.

And Seraphina immediately stop laughing.

“So you ain’t laughing anymore”. He asked smiling.

“I..I…I….just figured out it was nothing to laugh about”. Seraphina said looking somewhere.

Lucian looks at her and Chuckles, no matter how hard he try he can’t stop admiring her beauty.

And to think he shared his first kiss with her makes him feel like his ontop of the world.

Was he inlove with her, that, he wasn’t sure yet, but one thing is for sure, seeing her always makes him happy.

“You’ve been staring at me, is there anything on my face”.


“So why are you looking at me”.

“I was just admiring your beautiful face”.

“Awwwn, so you think am beautiful”.

Lucian looks at her and nods.

“Yes you’re, God must have really spent a lot of days in creating you”.

Seraphina smiles widely.

“Your handsome too Lucian, from the scale of 1-20, I’ll choose 20”.


“Yes Lucian, if you were a celebrity, I won’t have being the face of Australia, You’ll have stolen that position from me”.

“Then should I become one”.

“Don’t even think about it”. Seraphina snapped.

And both laugh.

After the laugh died down, Lucian said.

“You must be so tired, do you want to go home”.

“Not yet, I don’t want to go home, am not sleepy yet”.

“Then do you want to see my sister”.

“Your sister, you mean Tin”

“No, Tin is my god-sister”.

“Then who”.

“Aaliyah, she’s my kid sister, and she’s really likes you alot, your her role model Sera, can you believe she always cry anytime something bad happens to you”.

“Really”. Seraphina asked Smiling.

“Yes, and she’s the one who keeps pestering me to work as your manager, since she’s my kid sister, I never say no to her”.

“You must love her alot”.

“Of course I do, I love my entire siblings”. Lucian said, Seraphina looks at him and smile.

“Then we should go see her Lucian”.

And Lucian looks at her in surprise.

“You want to see my sister”.

“Is not a bad thing if I visit one of my fans right”. Seraphina asked.

And Lucian nods with a smile.

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