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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie.



“Seraphina you shouldn’t have being rude to that Guy”. Paisley said as they made their way Inside Mr Conner’s company.

And the employees keeps waving at her and Smiling, calling out her name inwardly.

“I wasn’t rude to him Paisley”.

“So what do you call what you did earlier…..nice, a simple sorry would have be good Seraphina”.

Seraphina stops walking and looks at her.

“And why should I”.

“Because your were wrong, not everyone needs your money, some of them have what they call self respect, and that the kind of person you met earlier”

“I doubt that Paisley, am sure he’s going to upload it on the internet saying the great Seraphina Rodrigo almost ran him over”.

“I doubt that Seraphina”.

“And how sure are you”.

“Very sure, he didn’t care if you were Seraphina Rodrigo, the beautiful face of Australia, others will go crazy on seeing, but he didn’t even flinched”.

“Whatever”. Seraphina muttered.

“But I do hope you say sorry to him when next you both meet”.

“And who said I was going to see that handsome jerk again”.

“Handsome…., this is the very first I have you heard you compliment on a guy’s look, so you find him attractive, right, right”. Paisley asked smiling, but when Seraphina changed her mood to channel 234, Paisley stops smiling.

“Stop talking craps Paisley”. Seraphina said.

“Fine I won’t, but still is good to hear you complimenting on a guy’s looks”. Paisley said smiling, and she Press the elevator button.

Seraphina was about entering inside the elevator, when Madelyn came out from it.

“And what the heck are you doing here”. Madelyn asked.

“The last time I checked, Mr Conner is the owner of this company, so I don’t need to give answers to your darm questions”.

“How dare you speak to me in that way you little brat”. Madelyn said and tries to go near Seraphina but Paisley block her.

“Don’t even try to think about it Madelyn”.

“What…. Madelyn, are we age mate”.

“Then you should act your age if you want to be respected”. Paisley said.

Seraphina smiles and said.

“I doubt she can, since she still have the brain of a day old baby”.

“A day old baby, hey Seraphina, have you forgotten am your aunt”.

Seraphina scoffs and said.

“From what I could remember, I don’t have a family, so I wonder who’s this Ugly stinking creature in front of me, calling herself my Aunt”.

“Hey Seraphina!”. Madelyn halfyells, she possibly can’t do anything to her, else Seraphina’s crazy fans who’re present here might gang up her.

“Have a painful day Madelyn”. Seraphina said and enters the elevator with Paisley, and Madelyn fums in anger.

“Hi five”. Paisley said raising her five fingers up.

And Both join their hands together laughing.



Lucian joins his hands under the table, praying so hard his artworks get accepted, even if it looks like a mess right now.

“Am sorry Lucian, but we can’t accept this, didn’t you think twice before coming here with this”.

“I know that Sir, it was perfectly okay on my way here, someone almost ran me over and that why is in this state”.

“From the looks of it, you are a talented artist Lucian, but I can’t possibly present this to the board of directors”. He said.

Lucian takes in his lips and said.

“Can I come back with another artworks, I’ll make sure it done within a week”.

“Sorry Lucian, there are lot of people asking to be an intern here, we can’t continue to wait for you, you should try elsewhere maybe when you finally make a new artworks”. He said.

Lucian looks at him and sighs.


Lucian came out from the building and sees Jamila pacing back and front with her finger in her mouth, probably looking nervous.


Jamila looks at him and quickly went to him.

“How was it, did it go well, were you artworks accepted”. Jamila asked rushly.

Lucian looks at her, and shakes his head wearing a sad face.

“Didn’t you tell him you were almost Killed by Seraphina, that why your artwork got destroyed”.

“And why should I mention her name”.

“Because everyone is dying to start a conversation with her, excluding me because I don’t like her, if you had mentioned Seraphina’s name, am sure he won’t have rejected it,……I should tell him myself”. Jamila said and tries to enter the building but Lucian stop her.


“And why not, is all Seraphina’s fault, so she should be included in this”.

“And what good will it do, she may have lot of fans, but she also has haters too, that part of being a celebrity, I might hate her so much, but that doesn’t mean I’ll paint her name bad”.

“But is true right, she almost Killed you, and she couldn’t ulter the word sorry, she so rude”.

“Let’s stop talking about her, it won’t bring my artwork back”.

“Are you okay, you really wanted this”. Jamila said looking sorry for him.

“Am fine, there’s nothing I can get through with”. He said smiling, taking in his lips, since he’s fond of doing that.

And Jamila could feel her heart beating slowly, how could someone be born so perfectly, Jamila thought inwardly looking at Lucian.

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