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(Unexpected Emotions…)


By; Succie.




Madelyn hits the table in anger when she remembers her encounter with Seraphina earlier.

“What wrong Mom”. Yulia asked.

“I really hate that Seraphina, I wish I can strangle her to dealth”. Madelyn spats angrily.

“What did she do this time Madelyn”. Matteo asked.

“She insulted me Matteo, that little Rascal said I have the brain of a day old baby, can you believe the nerves of that little girl, and her good for nothing manager also disrespected me”.

“Am sure if you have minded your business, she won’t have said anything to you”. Matteo said.

“Really dad, Seraphina disrespected mom, and you’re still defending her”. Yulia said.

“That because your mom keeps pestering that girl’s life, why can you all just let her be, if you, your mom and Yasmeen have been nice to her from the very beginning, she won’t have turned out this way, and she won’t have hated you three, the way she does now”.

“I guess you’re in cloud nine, just because she is nice to you, or maybe perhaps you both are secretly dating”. Madelyn said.

“What!!!, Dating, Seraphina is your brother’s daughter, do you possibly think I’ll go that length”. Matteo said.

“Then tell me dad, why are you always on her side, I and Yasmeen are your daughters, but you keep defending and standing up from her”.

“That because she has no one to do that for her, she’s all alone in this world, and yet you both won’t leave her alone, just let her be Madelyn, it won’t remove the M in your name”. Matteo said and walks away.

“Am really going to kill Seraphina one of this days”. Madelyn said angrily.

Yasmeen enters the house looking so happy.

“Hi Mom”. She said.

“And where have you been, is late already”.

“Nowhere in particular”. Yasmeen said smiling.

“Someone looks happy today, I wonder if you won a lottery”. Yulia said.

“Not just a lottery but I just hit the jackpot”. Yasmeen said smiling.

“Meaning”. Madelyn asked raising her eyebrows.

Yasmeen smile, she sits down and cross her leg to the other.

“I will be awarded as the best singer this year, isn’t that great”. She said smiling.

“And how sure are you, the nomination is this Friday”.

“I know that Mom, that why am informing you ahead of time that your daughter for the very first will be nominated as the best singer this year”. Yasmeen said looking so confident.

“Did you sleep with one of the nominators”. Yulia asked.

“And what that supposed to mean Lia”.

“Don’t get me wrong Yas, you’re always so confident anytime you pay someone to do something for you, just like how you bribe your way into the music industry, so tell Yas, did you pay the nominators money, or did you sell your body to one of them”. Yulia asked and Yasmeen hit her hand in the table.

“Hey Lia, are you out of your mind, how dare you talk to me that way, maybe you have forgotten that am way order than you!”. She yells.

“No need to be so fussy elder sister, but with your reaction, I guess is true, tsk tsk tsk, so pathetic”.

“Hey Lia!!”.

“I have school tomorrow so I’ll be going to bed”. Yulia said and Leaves.

“Mom, Lia was being disrespectful to me and you couldn’t do anything about it!”. Yasmeen ranted.

“Just let her be Yasmeen”.

“Let her be, she’s only 17, she should learn to respect me”.

“Just let it slide Yasmeen, after all you are going to win this year singing award right”. Madelyn said caressing her hair.

“That right”. Yasmeen muttered and giggles.



“You couldn’t get job of being an intern at ABI”. Tinsley asked, looking surprised.

“No I couldn’t Tin”. Lucian answered with a sigh.

“But why Lucian, your artworks were great, I saw it myself”. Alvin said.

“Well thanks to Serafie, I couldn’t”.

And Both Alvin and Tinsley look at each other.

“Serafie, who’s that”. Alvin asked.

“I thought she so popular, you both don’t know the Korean/Australian Singer”. Lucian asked raising his eyebrows.

“Wait a minute, you mean Seraphina Rodrigo”. Tinsley said.

And Aaliyah came out from the kitchen on hearing Seraphina.

“You saw Seraphina!” Aaliyah exclaims.

“Yes I did, I even spoke to her”. Lucian said.

“Someone should please pitch me, my older brother talk to Seraphina Rodrigo….are my ears deceiving me, she was so pretty right”. Aaliyah asked smiling.

“Pretty my foot, her face is the only thing beautiful about her, she has a dark heart inside of her, so annoying”.

“Why are you speaking ill of my role model”.

“Because she worst than a witch Aaliyah, she almost Killed your brother today, and that Serafie, couldn’t even say sorry, thanks to her I couldn’t get the job of an intern”.

“Well you should have watch the road carefully, she’s Seraphina and why will she say sorry to you”. Aaliyah said.

“So your on her side now”.

“Yes Lucian, that part of being her number 1 fan, she won’t have almost Killed you if you were watching properly”.

“I see now, so you love her more than you love your brother right”.

“Sorry big brother but I do”. Aaliyah said, and both Alvin and Tinsley looked at her.

Lucian takes in his lips and said.

“One more word about you defending that Serafie, am going to cease your phone, let’s see how your going to be updated about your stupid role model”

“Fine I won’t, and FYI is Seraphina not Serafie”. Aaliyah said and quickly leaves.

“I guess that the reward you get from pampering her too much Lucian”. Alvin said.

And Lucian sighs.

“Anyway, when is your schoolarship exam”. Lucian asked.

“On Monday Lucian, but what are you going to now, ABI was your only hope”. Tinsley said.

“Don’t worry Tin, am going to find a way out, Trust your big brother”.

Tinsley looks at him and smiles.

“I know that Lucian, and one more thing just call her Sera”.


“I know sometimes is difficult for you to pronounce some names correctly, so just call her Sera, like how you call me Tin, and not Tinley”. Tinsley said.

“Whatever, not like am going to see her again”.

“Am just saying Incase you do, Sera is more better than Serafie”. Tinsley said not trying to laugh.

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