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?️ (Her Dangerous Knight) ?️

(He’s cold-hearted yet I love him) ❣️

?By Ricky Gold ?



No,” Kenzie screamed as hot tears rolled down her checks as Crystal body was taken by the guards.

She picked a sword from the shelf and rushed inside the cage before the guards could stop her.
Her heart is bittered!

She charged towards Emma as memories of Crystal flooded into her head. She remembers how they play, chat, fight together.

Emma got a cut on her leg as she fell on the ground. Kenzie made to stab her but she kicked away her sword as Emma put her leg in between and Kenzie tripped and fell.

Emma gave a kick on the stomach before picking the sword and was about to stab her when the bell rang.

She sighed and throw away the sword storming out of the cage. Kenzie sniffed in tears and got up making an eye contact with Cory who had a pitiful face.

She limped and left the cage

Number 5 will be fighting against 6,7 and 8,”

May entered with a dagger looking mean and dangerous followed by Henry, Cory and Axel with swords

You will regret,” May said positioning herself.

We all are ready,” together they charged towards May sending slashes but she keep on dodging it.

She step on her wall before summersaulting three times kicking Henry who fell on the ground.

Cory and Axel fight non stop to May who was not retreating. Cory pulled May by her shirt bringing her closer as he grab her neck tightly.

You gonna f**king die,” Cory said as May was becoming weak. She kicked his d**k and Cory fell on the ground.

May took the dagger and brought it closer to his chest ready to smash when Axel kicked the dagger which fell on the ground.

He summersault kicking her hand as she fell on the ground spitting blood. Axel throw the dagger at her but she Dodge it, he raised the sword through his leg and gave it a kick as it pierced in May hand as she let out a scream.

She fell on the ground and pulled out the sword as it break into two.
She rushed to him about to punch him when Cory pushed her and she crashed on he ground.

Stop,” Asher said as everyone murmured.

Cory made a f**k you sign to her as they walked out of the cage.


Scottt or what ever you are called. Do you think am one of those girls that would be drooling themselves at you,” camilia fired as Scott smiled.

You have gone some nerves, huh,” Scott smiled.

You are so ugly for my liking. Get lost,” camilia said and walk away.

She is tough but I must get her,” he thought looking at her till she was out of sight.


The fight has ended and it was only 10 people that survived.

Kenzie ran out of the arena filled with tears.

Why will you leave me Crystal, we promise to protect each other,” she cried .

She sighted Emma from a distance and run towards her. Emma turn hearing a footsteps only to receive a resounding slap.

I hate you Emma. You must regret messing with me,” Kenzie said crying heavily.

It serves you right.i love watching you cry. Go and mourn for you friend,” Emma said and left her.

Kenzie went limp only to fall into the hands of Cory.


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