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?(Melting his Icy Heart) ?

? By Ricky Gold ?


? Chapter 22 ?

May stared at him in shock, she wasn’t expecting it. She can see it through his eyes

I’m sorry, I can’t love you,” may replied avoiding his eyes because her heart keep on beating.

Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me. Please just give me a chance to come in to your life,” Henry pleaded.

I’m sorry. I don’t still love you ,” may muttered and walk away.

Henry sighed staring at her till she was out of sight.

I will keep on trying until she accepts me,” he thought.


What are you doing here,” Emma yelled as camilia gasped in shock.
She can’t believe that the girl she poured the coffee was also here.

I……I….,” She stammered.

Will you f**king keep quiet bitch,” Emma said.

Camilia who can’t control her anger anymore slapped her as the four maids that passed was shocked.

? Did she just slap Emma

? I can’t believe this

? I love the new girl

Get out of here four of you,” Emma yelled as the four maids mads to run but Camilia stopped her.

Don’t ever you leave. I am the Master girlfriend and what I say happen,” Camilia dropped the bombshell as Emma was surprised.

Both stared to eyeball to eyeball with hatred.


Night 8:40 PM

It feels so good to see a brave person like you,” Henry said as they sat around the fire.

Thanks, I would have been dead if master didn’t save me,” Camilia replied.

Who’s the master,” Cory asked.

Asher of course,” Camilia replied and they burst into laughter.

Guys let’s introduce ourselves,” Kenzie said.

Am Cory the most handsome among all the boys,” Cory said.

You are lying. Axel is handsome than you,” may said.

I’m the most handsome,” Henry added

Say who, you are not close to handsome,” Camilia joked as Henry glared at her.

Am Henry,'” he added.

The ugliest we have,” Kenzie said as Henry hit her shoulder.

Am Axel ,” Axel said.

You look like a girl,” camilia said as Axel smiled.

Look at how he want to blush like dead chicken,” May added as Axel glared at her.

Am Sunny,” sunny said.

You look beautiful,” Axel compliment.

Thanks,” Sunny replied.

Am May,” may said.

The most beautiful,” Kenzie said hiding her face.

Yes she is,” Cory replied.

Am Kenzie,” she said.

The most cold-hearted among us,” Axel said and winked at her. Cory saw it and looked away.

Am Angel the master kid sister,” Angel pouted with a cute face.

My little boy here is Davis,” Camilia said stroking his head.

You are welcome to Shadow Clan,” Henry said.

Thanks guys,” camilia replied and smiled.

She felt so Happy having new friends around.


Sunday Evening

The girls were dressed and was outside waiting for. Camilia to show up. They want to go to the club.

What the heck is taking her so long,” Sunny said.

It has been two hours already,” Kenzie added.

I’m sure she is dressing to look hot,” May replied.

Asher walked out of his mansion and met the girls. They bowed immediately as he approached them.

Where are you all heading to,” he asked pressing his phone.

Actually… We want to have fun,” Kenzie replied.

Where is camilia,” Asher asked as May looked away feeling hurt.

She’s yet to come.. oh here she is…,” Kenzie said as Asher turned to see the goddess standing in front of him.

He gasped in shock Not blinking an eye…

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