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? (Melting his Icy Heart) ?



? Chapter 23 ?

Camilia cleared her throat as Asher realised himself and walk away.

He has been staring at her for some time.

Make sure three if you are back before 7pm,” he said and made to leave but something attract his attention as he saw a star at Camilia neck.

What the hell. The only person that has this is Rose. How come,” he took a last glance at it before walking away.

Geez! You look so hot,” Kenzie compliment.

I’m sure all the men will be staring lustfully at you,” Sunny said.

Who cares,” Camilia scoffed and walk to the car.

I think Asher is falling for her. The way he stares at her,” Sunny said.

Exactly, I pray she will be able to take his cold Heart,” Kenzie replied.


Asher paced around the room, the star he saw earlier can’t keep on coming in his head.

He remember vividly when rose show him the mark


Where have you been. I have been waiting for you,” little Asher said as rose approached him.

Sorry cutie. I don’t want your mother to kill me. You know how scary she can be,,” Rose said.

You don’t have to worry, ok. You look so beautiful,” Asher replied stroking her hair.

Am only beautiful for you,” rose kissed his check as Asher smiled and saw a mark on her chest.

What’s that star about,” he asked.

It’s a tattoo dad draw on my neck,” Rose replied.

I love you so much. I pray we get married in the future,” Asher said.

I love you my cutie. I can’t wait for our wedding day,” Rose replied and Asher kissed her checks before running away.

Hey come here,”. Rose shouted running after him.


Am sure that f**king mother of mine have a hand in it. If I find out that she is behind it, I will kill her,” he yelled clenching his fist.

He picked his phone and called a number but it’s not going.

Gosh, where did he kept his phone,” he thought.


Do you know where Kenzie is,” Cory asked Axel who sat quietly on the field.

I heard that she went to the club with Camilia and Sunny,” Axel said not looking at him.

Okay thanks,” Cory asked and made to leave.

Do you like kenzie,” Axel said as Cory stopped abruptly.

I don’t understand. What do you mean,” Cory replied.

Do you love her. Just tell me,” Axel yelled as Cory was stunned.


Wow it feel so good to be here,” Camilia said dancing around with a drink in her hand.

Easy, don’tget yourself drunk,” Sunny replied as Kenzie looked around. She could see the lustful stares from the men.

Camilia danced so crazily and then she felt a hand touching her butt and she turn to see a guy.

Hi am Cole you look sexy,” Cole said licking his lips.

Camilia took the bottle and hit it on his head as it broke into pieces
Cole fell on the ground groaning in pains.

Do you want me to reset your brain. Your d””k can’t penetrate into me. It’s damn small,,” Camilia said and touched his d**k as everyone gasped.

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