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? (Melting his Icy Heart) ?

✍️ By Ricky Gold ✍️


? Chapter 24 ?

Asher drove on a lonely path when he heard a voice. It was a voice of a girl.

He parked his car and came out and went to the bush trailing the voice.

He finally saw two boys trying to force themselves on a girl.

Let her go,” Asher said as one of the boy stepped out .

Who do you think you are to command us. You must be insane,” the guy said.

Asher pulled out a gun from his pocket and shot him on the forehead as he fell down dead.

The other guy try to find away but he was fast enough to shot him .

Are you okay,” he Asked throwing his jacket at the girl.

Yes, thanks for saving me,” the girl replied.

It’s nothing. What’s ur name” Asher asked.

Jocelyn,” the girl replied.

Okay, hope into my car. It look like you don’t have any place to stay,” Asher said and enter his car.

The girl smirked and enter the car which drove off.


Cole felt embarrassed and quickly rushed out going to the restroom. He can’t believe what happen.

This girl is damn crazy” he thought.

The door opened and he turned to see Nadia his girlfriend with a fast aid kit.

Are you okay, gosh, the blood is too much,” Nadia said and quickly help him wash off the blood.

She took the bandage and tied it around his head.

Ouch,” he whimpered.

Sorry, I will make sure that girl regret it,” Nadia yelled fuming in anger.

Hey, I don’t f**king need your help. Just get lost,” Cole yelled and left the restroom leaving Nadia in shock.

Shit,” she yelled gritted her teeth.


You are damn crazy. How can you hit that guy the bottle on his head,” Kenzie said and they alighted from the car.

I don’t give a damn about it. I need to set him straight,” camilia replied.

I love you Bess. You are such a drama queen,” sunny said blowing her a kiss.

Goodnight everyone,” Camilia waved at them till they were out of sight. She sighed and enter her room locking the door.

Who could be after my life,” Camilia thought as she remembered what happen in the trance.

” Who are they and why are telling me to avenge their death,” questions ran through her head.

She lay her head on the bed drifting to sleep.


It was already morning as Cory get up from the bed .

He walked into the bathroom after stripping his clothes.

Do you love Kenzie,” Axel words rang into his head.

He can’t deny it!

I love her so much, I hope she love me too,” Cory muttered.


Jocelyn smiled as she woke up from sleep.
She was actually in a hotel room which Asher paid.

I can’t believe that this is going as planned,” she smirked evily.

Her phone rang and she smiled before picking it.

How was it,” the voice at the other end said.

It was successful. Step 1 accomplished,” Jocelyn replied.

You are the best. You know what to do right,” the voice said.

Sure,” she replied.

See you till then,” she hanged the call and walked to the window and opened it looking at the streets.

I can’t wait for step 2,” she muttered.



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