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?️ (Her Dangerous Knight) ?️

( He’s cold-hearted yet I love him) ❣️

✍️ By Ricky Gold✍️



Clear this mess,” Asher muttered and walked outside with his gun. A shot was fired at him but he dodged it shooting the target.

His bullet got finished as he rushed to one of the men kicking on his stomach sending him sprawling on the ground.

He grabbed his neck and took a small knife from his pocket stabbing the guy severally. Everywhere was silent as the fight ended.

To hell with you Veronica,” he said and walk inside the house going to his room.

Emma trailed beside him when they entered the room. She licked her lips in a seductive tone as she pushed Asher slightly who fell on the bed.

She kissed him trailing her hand down to his trouser and unbotton it as the d*ck sprung out.

Emma broke the kiss and spit in her hand before stroking it which has become very hard and big. Asher shut his eyes enjoying it as he moan.

I’m all yours Asher,” she whispered before sucking his d*ck as he cum inside her which she swallowed immediately.

Asher turned her as they gave each other, he slides his hand between her legs into her p***y making her to moan.

His lips on her neck, nibbing and kissing his way to her earlobe.

“Oh yes, I can’t wait”

You are f**king turning me on”

He clamped his thighs against his wrist snapping her hips, once as Emma was already wet for me.

I can’t wait for you to f**k me badly,” she said. Asher inserted his big cock inside her as she shut her eyes trying not to scream.

He thrust inside her as she looked his hand on his shoulders.

” F**k me Asher”

“Gosh, you are there”

He thrusted faster and deeper into her as she clutch tightly unto him.

She could feel him hitting her womb, Asher hissed loudly as he poured his sp**m inside her and pulled out falling beside her.

You can leave now and make sure you drank that pills,” he said.

Yes boss,” Emma replied and wore her clothes. She kissed him lightly on the lips and touch his d**k before walking out of the room.



Get me my food inside my room,” Little Angel yelled as the maids scampered away.

She is 9 years old, but everyone fear her just like her brother Asher the most ruthless Mafia.

She scoffed blowing the gum in her mouth and put a video call across Asher which connected immediately.

? Hello brother ?

?Hey, why are you still at home by this time. Don’t tell me that you are not going to school ?,” he half- yelled.

?I’m tired of going to school and besides I noticed some guys trailing me. It seems that slut called Mom want to kidnapped me?,” she said.

?She won’t dare it and besides I trust you. You can handle them?” he said.

? I love you big brother ?,” She said.

?I love you, little angel?,” with that, the call ended.

She picked up her bag walking out of the house. The door car was open for her as she entered in and the car drove off.


Asher sighed as the call ended. He called on his personal guard Axel.

Find me everything about that girl I had a night stand at the club yesterday,” he said.

Ok boss,” Axel replied and left the room.


Camilia was in her room crying heavily, she has refused to come out since yesterday. The door open as Sunny walked in.

Cami, you have been crying since yesterday and besides you have refuse to eat. I know how much you feel losing your virginity to a cold-hearted Mafia. Consider that you are doing it for your brother,” Sunny said.

You won’t understand the pain I feel that night. It’s so painful, I hate him so much,” camilia said.

Take a chill pill okay. Once we have gotten the money for the surgery, we will quit our job okay,” Sunny replied.

Camilia pulled her into a hug as they cried on each other. A loud blaring sound was heard as they turned their attention to the phone.

Doctor mark is calling me,” she sighed and took the phone and pick it immediately.

Good evening doctor,” she said.

You are welcome. There’s a good news,” Doctor Mark said.

What happen,” she asked with curiosity.

The money for the surgery has been paid and it will commence tomorrow,” Doctor Mark dropped the bombshell as Camilia widen her eyes in shock.



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