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?(Love Conquers All) ?

✍️ By Ricky Gold ✍️


? Chapter 36 ?

Asher was shocked as camilia paused for a while.

His eyes darkened immediately as fury and rage took over him.
He stood up and walk to the drawer and open it with the key. He brought out a photo frame and smashed it on the ground as tears rolled down her checks.

I am not her son and she have been fooling me all this while. I will kill her” Asher yelled pacing around the room.

So I was shocked at first but I ran away not knowing that she saw me” Camilia continued. ” Everything was going well until she summon me to her room.
She asked me if I heard about the discussion but I denied it. She smiled and walk to the window and told me that she will kill my mom if anyone heard about it.
I was filled with fear not knowing what to do. I can’t lose my mom” Camilia said.

She’s so cruel trying to kill her own sister,” Asher yelled.

Then, my father arrive at the mansion and started living with us, helping my mom in one way or the other. Then I met your friend Scott. You guys are protect me and won’t let Bully me. I was grateful and happy but your mother won’t let me be”


Where do you think that you are coming from” Mrs Bianca asked as Rose stopped facing her.

I was coming from the garden” rose muttered.

I see, so tell me what’s going on between you and my son” Bianca asked

Nothing m’am. He is just my Friend” rose replied.

Rose, where are” rose heard her mother shouting her name. She turn to leave but Mrs Bianca stopped her.

Remember you value your mother’s life. So don’t u dare leave when am talking to you ” Mrs Bianca said sternly.

Am sorry ma’am” Rose pleaded.

Stay away from my son or you will regret it” she said as Rose flinched back.

How can she stay away from him when the child is not yours” Mrs Elizabeth said walking towards them.

Can you just shut up your mouth” Mrs Bianca yelled and made to hit her a hand caught her. Lo and it was Mr Benson.

Don’t you hit my wife while am here” he warned and yanked off her hand.

What’s going on here” Mr Benedict asked as he walked downstairs.

Nothing sir, I want to quit this job” Mrs Elizabeth said.

Is there any problem. Is my wife giving you headache” he asked

Not at all sir, my husband found a job for us” She replied.

Okay. Send your account number” Mr Benedict said as the account number was sent to him. He transfer the money immediately.

Thanks for the money. We will like to go now” with that, they walked out of the house.

They entered the car and drove off as Rose sighed sadly that she won’t be able to see Asher again.


After we left your mansion, dad starts work immediately as an accountant in a bank till on Sunday I was send on an errand only to come back to see a crowd gathered around our house.
I gasped and look that our house has been burnt. My mom and dad corpse were brought out which was unrecognizable.
I cried and cried while my elder brother Clark consoled me. He promised to avenge the death of our parents.
Then, we lodge in a hotel but one day Clark had an accident and his body was not found according to the cops.
It came as a shock to me but I can’t do anything. I have to move on” camilia narrated as tears rolled down her checks.

You don’t have to cry. Am here for the” Asher said as he pulled her into a hug and his heart softened.

Then, how did you end up with Sunny” Asher asked the moment camilia pulled out of the hug.

Two weeks after the burial



Rose sighed as she was paid, she walked out of the restaurant going home. Memories if her parents and brother disappearance flashed into her head.

I hope that you are fine whenever you’re” she muttered.

Just then, she turned to see a car speeding towards her.

She took to her heels but the car was pursuing her.

Geez! Thank God they are gone” she muttered breathing heavily as she saw no sign of a car.

Before she knew it,. Car hit her from behind as she fell flat on the ground with blood ouzing out her head.

The door opened as the devil came out of the car.. Bianca Huston.

So it was you devil” Rose yelled and made to stand up but fell back on the ground.

I’m sure your parents are dead and your brother is missing. You are next” Bianca said and smiled lightly

You will regret this I promise” ” Bianca laughed and enter the car as the driver drove off.

Rose start feeling dizzy as darkness took over her.


I later found myself at the hospital and the doctor told me that I lost my memories and I couldn’t remember anything. He took me to an orphanage where I live and met Sunny as we became best of friends” Camilia explained.

I’m sorry that you have to go through all this. I have a surprise for you tonight” Asher said kissing her forehead.

Can you start teaching me tomorrow. I want to be strong like you” Camilia said as Asher kissed her lips


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