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?(Love Conquers All) ?

By Ricky Gold



Taste this drink” Camilia said as the waitress gasped in shock.

What do you mean. I..I can’t do that ma’am” the waitress shuttered.

Guards” she called as three huge men rushed to her immediately.

Take this wench to the prison and make sure you force her to drink this. Can’t believe she try to poison me” camilia said and stood up as the guards dragged the girl out.

She look back to the masked girl who already took to her heels as she chased after her.

The masked girl ran to the restroom and stopped as camilia walked towards her.

Who are you! Reveal yourself” she said as the masked girl turn and took off the mask.

Jocelyn” she muttered.

Thanks for accepting to give me a chance to prove my love for you” Henry said pecking her lips.

You have only 2 days with to make me fall in love with you” May replied sipping her drink as Henry bursted into laughter.

Are you kidding me. How can you say that” Henry was cut short when may crashed her lips on lips.

He was shocked at first but later recipocrate.

Your lips taste like strawberry” Henry said.

I really love you a lot henry. I can’t get you off my mind the day you confess ur feelings to me. I love you” May stated.

I love you too” Henry replied.

Jocelyn” she muttered.

Yea that’s me and I will kill you right bsre” Jocelyn said bringing out a gun from her pocket.

How can you be so cruel. Asher saved you not Knowing you are a spy” Camilia said.

It was all a plan. Say your last prayer” Jocelyn made to pull the trigger but she was shot as Asher walked in.

How do you know that am here” camilia asked.

I put a tracker on your hair” Asher replied and kissed her check before walking to Jocelyn who groaning in pains.

I can’t believe it was all a plan.” Asher yelled and kicked her stomach.

I will be the one to end your life since you try to kill me” Camilia said and took the pocket knife and stab her on the stomach as Jocelyn eyes went shut immediately.

Two bitches gone in a day. Let’s go to the party, I have a surprise for you. Boys, clean this mess” Asher replied and they left the restroom.

What are you gonna show me” Camilla asked but Asher kept mute till they reached the stage.

Before she could turn, Asher was already on his knees holding a ring.

My dear Ross, I loved you and care for right from the time we are kids. I really love you and j want to be with you forever. Will you marry me” Asher said looking at her.

Camilla was dumbfounded, she wasn’t expecting this, tears rolled down her checks as she stared at him.

Everyone was already enchanting”yes,yes”

Yes, I will marry you” camilia replied as he insert the ring in her finger. Asher stood up as camilia grabbed his collar before crashing her lips on his.

Gosh, my girl is romantic” Sunny screamed.


My best chapters ever ?

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