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?(Love Conquers All) ?

By Ricky Gold


Chapter 44 (Finale)

Asher sat beside camilia who’s eyes was closed. He cried and can’t wait for her to wake up.

Please rose you have to wake up. I love you so much. Please wake up” Asher muttered cleaning his tears.

Finally the war is over and they won.

Then, her finger moved as the machine started beeping.

Doctor”” Asher called as doctor mark ran in immediately.

Camilia sneeze and open her eyes.

Thank God that you are alive. I miss you ” Asher said hugging her tightly.

It’s okay. Don’t kill me” Camila replied as Asher pulled out of the hug.

Are you feeling pains anywhere” Asher asked.

I’m perfectly fine” Camilia replied.

Doctor mark started at them with happiness. He can’t believe that the cold-hearted mafia can be this sweet and romantic.

There’s a good news” he said and they turn to him. ” She’s four weeks pregnant”

Camilia almost jump up with joy, she pulled Asher closer and kiss him so deeply as doctor mark left immediately.

Finally am going to have a baby girl” camilia said breaking the kiss.

I want it to be a boy” Asher replied.

I’m so happy right now. No one will come in our way” Kenzie muttered placing her head on his shoulder.

Yeah, I love you and i will be with you forever” Cory said.

I love you too darling. I’m the happiest girl on Earth” Kenzie replied.

Cory pulled her to a kiss and she let out a moan

May entered the room as Henry was coming out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist.

He was dripping so hot!

Are you done staring at me. Besides am hungry” he said walking towards her.

Really, you are hungry. Let me get some food for you. I can’t let my boyfriend starve” may said and made to leave but Henry pulled her back smashing his lips on hers.

I want you” he whispered as she felt shivers ran down her body.

Sure, let’s get stay” may replied and push on the bed climbing on top of him.

Cole looked up to see Sunny walking inside the restaurant.
She was sexy like a goddess.

They are on their first date.

Hope am not late” Sunny said and sat down.

Not at all , you look so pretty” Cole said.

OMG you flattered me. You look handsome” sunny replied.

Cole grabbed her hand before looking at her face.

I love you so much. I’m highly in love with you” ” Cole confessed.

I love you since the day we met at the club. I love you and will always love you” Sunny replied and before she knew it, Cole kiss her which she responded immediately.


Axel was buried and everyone was sad and heartbreaking.

Cole later proposed to Sunny after graduating from college. Both get married which was talk of the city.

Cory and Kenzie love still boom and attended the same University.

May and Henry are not left out, he proposed to her which she gladly accept.

Linc and Clark traveled to America where they found their lovers Izzy and Anna.

Davis and angel loved and cared for each other

Camilia just put to bed to a baby boy Myles which had the replica of Asher.

Their love keep on getting stronger and stronger.

They finally overcome the trials, temptation and obstacles.

Camilia smiled remembering how they met at the club.

Just a night with him changed her life.

Just a night with him made her true lover.

And they lived happily ever after!


No Epilogue!

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