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Abuja To Lagos

Episode 2 ?

When she awoke the next morning, Adaora was alone in the bed. Somehow she had not only overslept, but she had slept through her client getting up and leaving her.

I’m slipping, she thought. She got out of the bed and went into the shower. After cleaning up, she slipped into a bathrobe and went back to the bedroom. She thought to order something from room service for breakfast, so she went into the outer room.

Next to the phone was a note written in Clifford’s neat print.

Good morning!
I’m off to a bunch of meetings. If you’re bored, come check out a couple.
We have a break at 11:30 and I think I’m going to skip the boxed lunch they’re packing for us. Meet me at the Pyramid Café at 11:45 and we’ll get something to eat.
Please wear the denim jumper for me.
See you then.

Adaora put the note down and turned the TV on. After some mindless morning filler, she got dressed.

She found the jumper he was talking about and decided to wear a simple white T-shirt under it. The jumper buttoned down the front and went down to just above her knees. She put on a pair of short heels that showed off her legs.

Pausing at the door, she made sure she had her room key, a few naira in cash, and her cell phone.
She quickly walked down the staircases —the long staircase. Adaora was on the casino floor. She walked around aimlessly for a while, trying to sort out her confused feelings.

Confused because she was always very careful to never invest herself in her clients. It was how she managed to stay sane while putting her body up for sale. She fixated herself on the money and divested herself of any other attachments. Adaora had worked for Omalicha for several years and feeling anything for the client was one thing the older call girl had warned her about.

So far, that hadn’t been a problem until now.

There was something about Clifford that made her want to like him. Most of her clients were pompous id!ots who thought they were better than her. They treated her like hired help. Of course, they paid for her services, but there was always a clear professional boundary for her.

With Clifford, she didn’t quite know where that boundary was. She provided a service and allowed men to use her for sex. Sometimes, rough, sometimes, kinky.

Adaora always expected to be treated professionally; indeed, if a man was abusive or a bad client, word got back to Omalicha quickly and he never patronized any of her girls again.

However, none of her clients were ever kind to her. Sure they could be nice, but none of them would ever have given her money to go shopping like Clifford did. But it wasn’t just that. None of them would have taken her dancing. Mostly her clients wanted her to f*ck and then leave. She couldn’t remember the last time anyone had held her through the night or had asked her what she liked or wanted to do.

Just thinking about Clifford reminded her of the orgasm she had the night before and that made her uncomfortable. Sex was her business, but it hadn’t been her pleasure for some time. She dated a couple of guys but was always disinterested in sex. After all, with a job spent on her back, why would she want to do that in her off time?

Remembering the feeling made her tingly inside. Adaora frowned, trying once again to push Clifford back into one of her many business compartments. After circling the casino floor a couple of times, she found a cool place and sat.

After a while, she looked at her watch. It was almost time to meet him.
Winding her way through the casino, she found Clifford waiting for her outside the Café. He waved to her and they got in line.

“How is the seminar?” Adaora asked.

Clifford shrugged. “So-so. There was a good forum on taxes this morning but I went to another on management styles that was a waste of my time. What have you been up to?”

Trying not to think about you, she thought. “Not much. Just waiting around for lunch.” They got through the line with plates of rice and a salad and then found a table. He continued to engage her in small talk on a variety of subjects.

As they sat there, she noticed that his eyes kept straying to her body. The jumper hugged her in all the right places, accentuating the roundness of her breasts and the fullness of her hips. She saw desire in his eyes, a desire that had been pending for so long and longed for release. He reached under the table and caressed her leg.

She knew at that moment why he had asked her to dress that way. She didn’t mind. It was all part of her job. Plus, she was flattered at the way Clifford looked at her with desire.

When they both finished eating, Clifford slung his bag over his shoulder and took her hand. Their fingers intertwined easily and they looked like any number of other couples in the resort. He led her back towards the convention and meeting area.

Lagos Intercontinental Hotel is a big place with lots of people. That meant chances for privacy were few and far between. They went to the exhibition hall that was filled with vendors selling literally everything.

Clifford led her to the back of the hall and then when no one was looking, they slipped out a side door into a deserted utility corridor. Moving quickly down the hallway, they found a set of double doors that led to the outside of the building. They didn’t see anyone.

He dropped his bag, pulled her close and their lips met. His hands cupped her shapely ass and he pressed her against the side of the building.

Adaora’s hands went to his belt. Soon his trousers and boxers were down around his knees and his hard cock sprung out.

She felt his hands under her jumper and he pushed her panties down over her hips. They fell to the ground. She stepped out of them and spread her legs.
The head of his cock pressed against her. She lifted her hips and it slipped easily into her. Her p*ssy was wet from the spontaneity and from the desire that welled up from within her.

“I’ve been thinking about you all morning, Adaora,” he whispered in her ear.

“Can you just shut up and fuck me,” she replied, sinking onto his length.

Clifford began to thrust into her and she couldn’t stop herself from crying out. He let out a grunt and his hips began to move faster.

His weight pressed her against the side of the building. With every thrust, she felt his lust. Adaora wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed, their tongues intertwined.
This was how she was used to sex. Hard. Rough. Fast.

She brought her legs up and locked them behind Clifford’s back. His hands were still under her ass and they clenched her with every thrust.
What she wasn’t used to was the passion she felt. Instead of being detached, she was excited.

Every thrust brought another feral moan from the two of them. He was moving faster and harder.
All she could do was hold on and absorb each blow. He let out a series of sharp moans and she knew he was close. She squeezed his cock with her p*ssy.

Clifford pushed her head to the side and his lips went to her neck. Adaora cried out. Her p*ssy was slick and his cock once again found the spot. With every thrust, the top of his cock brushed her clit.

Harder. Faster.

She squeezed him again and it was all he could take. He gave her one final thrust and then with a growl, Clifford’s cock erupted with a torrent of cum. She felt her p*ssy flood with warm juices, some of them her own.
They stay pressed up against the wall for a few moments as his cock continued to spurt inside her.

Both needed a chance to catch their breath. Adaora unwrapped her legs from around him and set her feet both on the ground.
She pushed him back and his cock slipped out of her with an audible pop. They looked at each other for a moment, lust in both their eyes.

Remembering where they were, she quickly dropped to her knees. She took his deflating cock in her mouth and sucked the cum off it. Then she pulled his boxers and trousers up, tucked in his shirt, and tried to make him look presentable.
Once he looked like he was back together, she pushed her jumper down and smoothed out the creases.

Clifford hadn’t moved or taken his eyes off her. They smoldered with desire, even though some of it had just been spent. She pulled him close and they kissed again. This kiss was gentle and tender.

“You were thinking about me all morning?”

Clifford nodded.

Adaora picked her panties up off the ground and brushed the crotch against her slit, leaving a dark spot on the cotton. Then she folded them neatly and slipped them into his pocket.

“Now you can think about me all afternoon.” She winked and pushed him away.
He stood there, still dazed.

“There’s … um,” he could barely think clearly enough to form the words.

“There’s a … uh … dinner tonight … at 6:30. Think of what you would like to do after that.”
He picked up his bag and pulled on the door. It had locked behind them

They shared an embarrassed laugh.

Arm in arm, they walked back around the building, trying not to look suspicious.
A little while later, Clifford was back in his meetings and Adaora was feeling a little better about herself.

Their afternoon quickie was a little more to her liking. It was fast and raw. It was completely devoid of any emotional attachments. He had taken her and had his way with her.

Clifford had used her for sex, and in Adaora’s mind, that was okay. That’s what he was paying her for.
But there was another little part of her that could not be kept quiet no matter how hard she tried to push it from her mind.

That part wanted to be used. That part of her had recognized that Clifford wanted her so badly, that he couldn’t wait to get inside her. She liked that he couldn’t control himself and needed to take her. It made her feel sexy in a way that she had not felt around any of her other clients.

It also stirred her desire and that’s what scared her.


At about 4:30, Adaora went into the bathroom to clean up.
Clifford came in a few minutes later. As she was sitting on the toilet, reading a magazine. He flung the door open, saw her, and backed out immediately.

Adaora found Clifford sitting on the couch, poring over a packet he had picked up from a vendor. She sat down next to him and pretended to be interested in whatever it was he was reading. A couple of times, she caught him eyeing her legs or her breasts.

He excused himself and went off to the bathroom.
With a pernicious grin, she slipped the jumper and t-shirt over her head. She folded it and placed it over the arm of the small sofa, laying her bra on top. Then she sat down, leaned back, and spread her legs, waiting for Clifford to return.

She heard him inhale sharply when he saw her. Time seemed to stand still as the two stared at each other, their mutual desire hanging in the air.

Adaora made the first move. She stood and walked over to him, making sure there was some extra bounce in her breasts and an exaggerated sway in her hips. He couldn’t take his eyes off her naked form.

“It looks like someone has had a long day,” she pulled his shirt out of his khakis and unbuckled his belt.

“Why don’t we relax a bit?” He asked.

To be continued…
Frank The Writer

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