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ALEXANDRA (My Body My Pressure) – Episode 59 & 60


(My body my pressure….)

THEME: love you no matter what.

By: Kenzie library.

Season Two 🤩🤩

Chapter 19💕20

Not edited


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“How is my daughter??”Andra asked in tears.

“Am sorry but I don’t know if she will survive this because almost half of her system is dyeing due to the poison” the doctor explained.

“Poisoned!!!!??” Andra asked in shocked.

“Yes, I checked and it was took it 2 hours ago”the doctor said again. Tears gathered Andra eyes the more.

“Am sorry but I will try my best “the doctor said and continued with the treatment.

Alexandra ran out of the ward, all she had in mind was to go to Angel school and look for who poisoned her child not until she ran into Freddie who was coming out of the ward. He didn’t know what was happening because he is doing someone surgery.

“Andra,why are you running and crying, I thought you are meant to be at home now”Freddie asked and Andra continued crying not knowing how to explain it to him.

Freddie looked around and held her hand, drag her to his office.

“We are alone now, now tell me why are you crying”Freddie asked worriedly.

“Is Angel….. she fainted when….. I went….. to pick……her up” Andra starmmered.

“You don’t have to cry maybe it was that she over stressed her self”Freddie tried reasoning her.

“Nooo, the doctor confirmed that she was poisoned two hours ago and that was in school”Andra said as tears rushed down her eyes.

“Whaaat!!!, Where is she now” Freddie asked.

“In the children Ward 2″Andra answered and Freddie went there immediately.

Andra on the other hand sat down on the floor crying her eyes out. She wanted to follow him but the doctor have told her to go because she might get sick seeing her child like that but they don’t know it hurts her the more now. When she was tried of crying she picked and came out of the office. One of the doctors saw Andra and told her to go home.

“Hey, you have to go home, is getting late already so come back tomorrow if you really want to be alive”the doctor said and left.

Alexandra left the hospital and entered a cab to her house. When she came down she noticed that her apartment door was opened. She entered and saw Becky in the sitting room watching a movie.

Becky ran and hugged her when she saw her.

“You know I missed you”she smiled but her smile faded away when she saw tears streaming down her eyes.

“Andra why are you crying” she asked concerned and Andra explained everything to her.

Becky was shocked too cos she doesn’t know someone will go that far to poison her child.

“I have not offended someone since I came back to the city so what have I done to deserve this, what if she doesn’t survive this” she cried the more and Becky hugged her.

“Don’t say that, we all know she is a fighter and she will be okay” Becky assured her.


“8 hours remaining”lizzy smirked as he checked the time left for Angel to die.

“You know am so happy our plan is falling smoothly, soon we will have who we want to have”Lizzy said again but Jeff was just quiet.

“Jeff am talking to you, can’t you answer me??”lizzy asked but Jeff snubbed her and took a cigarette from his drawer and started smoking.

“Aren’t you happy about our plan working smoothly??”lizzy asked.

“Of course I am, just thinking about many things”Jeff answered and Lizzy smiled.

“You know today will be our last time together cos we will soon go to the people we love so can we have a perfect last moment”lizzy said and started unbuttoning Jeff’s shirt.

Jeff just stood staring at her as she removed his shirt, then lizzy reached up to him and Kissed him. Without wasting any time Jeff Kissed her back and they ended up in the bed making out.

Andra and Becky was sitting down waiting for the news. Alexandra was crying her eyes out and Becky was consoling her.

Almost immediately Andra mom entered and went straight to her child.

“Andra how is she doing”Mrs Hamilton asked but Andra stood up and hugged her crying.

“Mom, my child is dyeing”she cried the more.

“No Andra she won’t die, she is a fighter and you know that” she assured her.

Andra have wanted to go to Angel school but Becky stopped her saying that they should care about Angel health than looking for the the person that poisoned her. Mrs Hamilton sat down beside them waiting for the doctor.

After some minutes Freddie came out of the ward and Andra ran to him.

“How is she?? Could I go see her now?? Hope she is okay”Freddie asked at once.

But Freddie just kept staring at her.

“Talk to me Freddie”Andra cried.

“Am sorry but we lost her”Freddie said sadly.

Wait!! what

Andra fell on the ground and started crying not minding her white dress.

As Andra was crying creating scene someone walked in and went straight to Freddie that tears was rolling at his eyes as she watch Andra.

“Hi” Freddie turned and it was Jeff.

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