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ALEXANDRA (My Body My Pressure) – Episode 61 & 62


(My body my pressure….)

THEME: love you no matter what.

By: Kenzie library.

Season Two 🤩🤩

Chapter 21 💕22



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“Hi” Jeff said and Freddie was surprised to see him.

“Am sorry……”he was about to say something when Alexandra came to Freddie and held his coat.

“You said you love me”Andra cried and Freddie nodded not knowing what to do.

“Then wake her up, she is sleeping right?? Wake her up let go home”she cried that she didn’t even noticed jeff presence.

Jeff was watching the whole drama sadly that made him regret everything he has done.

“Andra” Jeff called and she looked at him with no expression on her face.

“Can I speak to you too privately”he said.


“What!!!! How could you”Freddie yelled and grabbed his neck.

“Am sorry I know I deserve anything you do to me but am sorry it was lizzy that lured me into this” Jeff explained.

Alexandra was staring at him with no expression on her face with dried tears on face.

Jeff brought a small bottle from his bag and handed it to Freddie.

“What is this??”he asked.

“This is the antidote for the poison, when we went to buy the poison they also gave us the antidote so go give it to her before is too late and once again am sorry”he said and Freddie gently let go of him..

Jeff turned to Andra”I am sorry Andra I was blinded by the love I have for you but now I know is not love but obsession, I hope you forgive me”he said and left.

💫💫💫 LIZZY POV 💫💫💫

I stood at the window side smiling like a fool. I don’t know this plan will be so easy than I thought. All I need now is to go to were I dropped the antidote and throw it away. I moved to where I kept it and behold it was not there but I kept it here, where the hell is this damn antidote.

“Looking for the antidote??”I turned and it was Jeff.

“Yes, I kept it here but I can’t find it”I explained.

“Don’t look for it again cos am with it”he said and I smiled in relief.

“Ohh, give it to me” I said but he smirked.
Wait did I just see him smirked.

“Ohh the antidote is with Freddie”he said like is nothing.

“What did you just say”I yelled.

“Hope you aren’t deaf, I said I gave it to Freddie”he said and I hung my mouth open.

“Why, you used me and let me out just like that”I yelled.

“I didn’t, you were the one that lured me into this”Jeff said the most annoying thing ever like am gone.

“But you accepted it, didn’t you?” I asked.

“I had no choice, lizzy you are obsessed with Freddie, let report our self”he said.

“You must be mad saying that and I promise you, you will regret this Jeff”I said and picked a knife from the table.

“I will kill you Jeff”I yelled at him but he was just looking at me emotionlessly.
I rushed to him and hit him in the arm.

“I will kill…………”I was interrupted when we heard a voice from behind.

“Miss Elizabeth Baldwin”I turned and I saw Freddie with cops standing.

“Freddie” that was the only thing that came out from my mouth.

“Lizzy, I don’t know you will be this wicked to take away every one I have love, cops can you just take her away”he said sadly.

“Fred I did this because I love you but you are too blind to see it, I hate Alexandra for taking everything away from me……” I was handcuffed immediately.

“Lady can you keep quiet and let go to the office”one of the cops said and took me out.

This is the end of everything, am getting arrested just because of Andra, if only she didn’t come to the picture again this won’t happen.


Alexandra, Becky and Mrs Hamilton sat at the hospital staring at Angel at the sick bed. They have treated her with the antidote and the doctor confirmed that she was okay just some minutes and she will wake up.

Andra was staring at her with a smile on her face,

“So I could have lost my daughter just like that”she thought as Angel held her hand tight into hers but she noticed that her hand moved.



“Doctor!!!!” She shouted and the doctor rushed in.

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