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THE END: ALEXANDRA (My Body My Pressure) – Episode 63 & 64


(My body my pressure….)

THEME: love you no matter what.

By: Kenzie library.

Season Two 🤩🤩

Chapter 23 💕24



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“Dad you bought for me a teddy”Angel said and hugged the teddy bear.

“Yes baby and I will buy another one and make sure you don’t run out of any”Freddie smiled.

“Thanks Dad”Angel thanked him and ran inside her room.

Angel is now discharged from the hospital and because more healthier while they sent lizzy to prison for murder case.

“Why will you be buying her gift every time”Andra asked with her hand folded under her breast.

“Don’t tell me you are jealous”Freddie smiled.

“Of course am not, is just that I didn’t buy her much gift and it would look like I don’t love her too”Andra explained and Freddie smiled.

“Stop saying that, you love her more than I do, because if you don’t love her you would have aborted the child immediately you heard you was pregnant”Freddie said as he heard her hand.

“Common let go to our room”Freddie said and dragged her in.

Well when Angel was discharged from the hospital, Freddie insisted they live with him which they did leaving Becky alone in the apartment.

Immediately they entered the room Freddie carried her and made her warp her leg around her.

“You just look chubby but have zero weight like a baby”Freddie said and made her lay in the bed.

“Are you saying am a baby”Andra asked faking an annoyed face.

“Of course you are my baby no matter what”he answered and Andra blushed unknownly.

“Wait are you blushing just because of this simple word I said”Freddie asked laughing hard and that alone annoyed Alexandra.

“Excuse me am going to take my bath” Andra said and stood up.

“Wait don’t tell me you angry just because of what I said, am sorry okay”Freddie pleaded but she ignored him and went inside the bathroom.


Gosh this Freddie can make you happy and angry at the same time.

I undressed my self and started bathing and after few minutes I was done.

I came out to the bathroom and saw Freddie in the window side making call.

“You think sorry is gonna fix everything, my daughter almost lost her life just because of the carelessness of your damn school”I heard him say through the phone. I need no soothsayer to tell me that he was talking to the principal of Lizzy’s school. I just stood staring at him.

“You see am going to sue you and your teachers then transfer my daughter to another school”I heard him say again. I could not hear what the principal said.

“Save your pleading in the jail”Fred said and hung up.

“Hey”I said and he turned back.

“How long have you been standing here”he asked.

“Not too long”I answered and he smiled.

“Are you talking to Angel’s principal in school”I asked.

“Yeah I want to file them for trying to hurt our daughter”he answered.

“But it is not there fault”I said.

“Whatever, did you know how I felt when you told me Angel is in the sick bed and poisoned?? Do you know how my heart hurts when I saw you rolling your self in the floor when we thought she was Dead?? Did you know??” He asked and that question made me speechless.

“Is okay is over now, Angel is okay and nothing like will happen again”I said and gave him a peck on his lips.

“What did you just did??” He smiled.

“Pecking you of course” I answered.

“That is not what I need, I need a real kiss”Fred said and I looked down shyly, his words is still have effect on me.

“Common kiss me”he said and I kissed him and he responded immediately. I was afraid to bit his lips because he lips test like chocolate. His took charge of the kissing as we talked toward the bed still Kissing.

He laid me in the bed and he was about to remove the towel when his phone rang. He checked the caller id and didn’t pick it.

“Why are you not picking the call”I asked and checked the caller and it was his mom, now I know why he is not picking the call.

“Just forgive them already, they are you parents so can’t stay angry with them forever”I said.

“Am not angry with them I just want to make a time and go visit them instead”he said and I smiled.

Almost immediately the door opened and it was Angel and Freddie came down from my body immediately.

“Dad am bored come play with me”she said and dragged him up.

“Gosh spoiler of mood” Freddie winked at me before leaving with her.

“Babe we are running late already “I heard Freddie’s voice from down stairs.

“Am almost done “I said as I applied a small quantity of make up on my face.

After I was done I meet Freddie and Angel waiting for me.

“You love so good babe”he complimented and I smiled.

“Common let go we are late already”he said.

Well we are going to a date and he said Angel is coming with us us which I also liked the idea. We entered the car and drove off. Angel was making unstop noise in the car then after some minutes we arrived at a fancy restaurants and we went straight to the VIP. I was surprised when I saw Jeff and Becky in a table.

“Are they dating???”I asked my self.

“Or did Freddie invite them?? No he won’t cos he said we are just going for a date”but I was surprised when he walked to them.

“Alexandra”Becky called immediately she saw me and hugged me and I hugged her back too.

Freddie and Jeff shaked there hands together and he smiled at me which I smiled back also. Angel was Becky and we sat down and ordered our food, after some minutes the waiter came and dished out the food on our table. We started eating but Freddie said half way and stopped.

“Why aren’t you eating again”I asked.

“Alexandra I love you”he said and I smiled.

“Of course I know and I love you too” I smiled.

“You know I was happy when you came back here again that I promised to make sure you are mine again and fortunately I made you mine again and this time am not gonna let you out of my life after cos you are my life. No need for asking you to be the mother of my children cos you are already the mother of one so Alexandra Hamilton will you be my wife”he asked and knelt down with a ring on his hand.

“Say Yes!!!”Becky and Jeff was screaming and that made me shy.

“Say yes!!!!”they screamed.

Angel was looking at us not knowing what to say or do.

“Yes I will”I said and he slid the the ring on my finger then he stands and grabbed me kissing the hell out of me ignoring Angel’s presence.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

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