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?Arranged Marriage?‍♀️
?complete ?

? stranger?‍♀️?

By: worthy stories

Chapter 35

Hailey’s pov ?

Angrily, I drove to the one person I knew I could rant out my frustrations to. I rang the doorbell and waited for the person to open up. And when he finally did, sleepily rubbing his eyes, I pushed him aside and stormed into the apartment.

“Hailey?” He asked sleepily. “What are you doing here so late?”

“I need a place to crash,” I told him. I couldn’t go to my penthouse as Nathan knew the address and if he decided to follow me in his drunken state, I wouldn’t be able to fend him off.
“Make yourself at home,” Harry said and sat down on the couch.

“I’m going to kill him, I swear,” I huffed.

“I’ll have to find a place to burry the body then,” Harry sighed.

“He’s an ass,” I told him barely containing my tears. “I hate him so much.”

“Come here,” Harry motioned for me to sit beside him and I sat down next to him only to be pulled into a deep hug. I buried my face in his chest, breathing in his perfume while letting my tears fall freely. He comforted me and let me cry my eyes out. When he had finally soothed me, he got me a glass of water and let me calm down.

“What did that ass of a husband of yours do now?” He asked.

I then told him all about taking Roman’s case and the lawsuit against Nathan’s girlfriend’s company and Gina’s return and Nathan’s accusations. I was so sick of all that was happening.

I told him about our argument today. Of how he accused me of being a cheater.

“So let me get this straight. The cheater accused you of cheating?” He said laughing.

“It’s not funny!” I whined. “He even had this look of disgust on his face as if the idea repelled him.”

“Such a hypocrite!” Harry continued laughing. “If I were there, I wouldn’t mind punching some sense into him.”

I shot him a disapproving glare and pinched his fist which was wrapped around my shoulder.

Harry had a short temper and very often in college was involved in physical alterations that landed him in trouble.

When I got to the part of his take on what happened with my previous relationship with Roman, Harry had to interrupt me again.

“Whoa, is this guy for real? Where did he come up with such a bizzare story?” He was staring at me in disbelief. “You cheated on Roman? And faked your pregnancy? He must be high.”

“Well he was drunk,”

✨”No, a drunk person doesn’t come up with such a wild, twisted story,” Harry stated. “See, I know a really good psychiatrist. You should get your husband checked up.”

“Are you making fun right now?” I accused. “I’m serious, and you’re not listening to me!”

He held up his hands. “I assure you I’m a 100 percent serious. Our dear Nathan really does need to be treated by a good psychiatrist. He definitely has problems thinking with his head.”

I leaned into him and put my feet up on the couch, resting my upper body in hia arms as they wrapped around me, holding me secure.

“I can’t understand how he can be so good to me at one time and then suddenly start a fight the very next moment,” I sighed. “Like one day in Greece, we were having fun and roaming around, he was being all protective and caring and the next day he was being distant and cold, making nasty comments.”

“I guess he is bipolar,” Harry said.

I hit him on the chest. “Stop playing doctor and tell me what I should do!”
“Well you could put hair remover in his shampoo, or maybe you could embarass him in public,”


“If not that then you could cut open his matress and stuff it with cow dung, then sew it closed. Then when he’s fucking his mistress on his bed, they’ll both be smelling shit, you know because they’re both pieces of shit!”

I burst out laughing. “Yeah that will do. You got that from Game of Thrones didn’t you?”

“Sansa sure had a good idea,” he said and we continued to laugh.

“Hailey, if you’d like, I’ll talk to Mr Kane and take over the Hunt’s case,” Harry said after we finished laughing. “Why didn’t you tell me before? I’d never have let you represent that jerk.”

“Roman purposely set it up. He knows Mr Kane personally and used that connection to get me as his legal aid,” I explained. “But it’s nothing I can’t handle. And anyway Roman isn’t the problem.”

“I feel you’re handling too much right now,” Harry replied. “I know you’re strong and capable but handling too much will only weigh you down. You should let go of this dead weight that is your husband Nathan.”

“I am really tired of this so called marriage,” I told him. “He crossed the line today. I don’t care about anything anymore, all I want is to quit.”

“You’ve changed you know,” Harry said in a monotone voice after some time. There was nothing casual in his tone and I turned and looked at him in the eye. He was dead serious now.

“The Hailey I knew, she would never have let anyone use her like this,” he continued. “She would never let anyone walk all over her or humiliate her. She’d never stand for this.”

I considered what he said and it made sense. I wasn’t someone who’d take such things lying around. Even with my background and merit, I often had to deal with people undermining me from time to time. And I always let them know that I’m not someone to be messed with.
“I guess I was just looking if we could make it work, if there was a chance for this marriage. Retaliating against him everytime would not take us anywhere. I thought if I handled it with patience and slowly worked things out, we could succeed in having a good married life.”

“How well did that go?”

“I just want an out, Harry.” I confessed. “I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t live a lie my entire life. It isn’t worth it. I’ll have to face my grandparents and tell them the truth- I had failed in my relationship again. But it’s for the best. I don’t care if I have to lose half of everything I have, I’ll do it. I just want to be free of Nathan. I don’t want to come home and fight with him everyday.

To live my life in the sidelines waiting for my husband to finally give me a chance. I’m just tired. I want it to end.” To this relationship… This so call relationship I’m in.

I broke down and sobbed, burying my face in Harry’s chest. He held me close and rubbed circles on my back
“We’ll figure it out,” he promised.

“It’s better to be single than to live in such a relationship,” I said after I had calmed down. “It’s not obligatory to marry. It’s not something I need in order to live. I can live by myself and be better for it.”

“Just because Nathan was a jerk, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a guy out there for you,” Harry said.

“Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. But I don’t think I want it anymore. I’m done. Nothing good has ever come of any of my relationships.”

“It’s funny actually. You said the same thing 2 years ago when I asked you to be mine and you turned me down.”

“You know I wasn’t ready then,” I told him.

“I know and I respect that,” he said. “But I can’t help wonder how different it could have been. We could have been good together, you and me. We would have been happier maybe.”

“Or maybe we would have ended it sour and bitter, worse than ever and I would have lost the only friend I had. It seems beautiful and promising because it never happened. The thought that it could be magical or something like the movies masks the fact that it could go just as wrong. We never tried and we’ll never know what we could have been, and we’ll have to live with that.”

“You know, that bastard got so lucky without even trying,” Harry replied. “I would kill to be in his position, to have you as my wife, to love you and he has the chance but is throwing it away.”

“I can’t make him love me if he doesn’t. But that’s ok. I’m fine by myself. Maybe this was the way it was meant to be, I don’t know. Maybe god forgot to add love to my list of blessings.”

“Your parents love you from heaven,” Harry told me. “As do your brothers and grandparents. And I love you.”

“I know,”

“And you’re wrong. You could never lose me.”


I woke up in Harry’s bed next morning to find that his side was empty. I looked at the clock and realised I had over slept. I got up from bed wearing one of Harry’s ridiculously large tshirt that fit me like a dress- since the clothes I was wearing yesterday weren’t sleep friendly- and made my way to the bathroom to do my morning business.
Harry was flipping pancakes when I entered the kitchen.
“Morning sleeping beauty,” he said cheerfully. “I was just wondering if I had to kiss you awake.”

“Glad I woke up when I did then,” I said giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Hmm pancakes, my all time favourite.”

“I know. Chocolate for you and blueberry for me along with a cup of my famous Latte.”

I sat down at the table and picked a mug of the latte and sipped it. Still as good as I remember.

“Michael makes them better you know,” I teased him.

“No he doesn’t. His Italian and given that his latte is pretty mediocre.”

“You never tasted his latte.”

“Yes I did,”


“You know, when….that day…”1

“Uh huh. That day when pigs flew and the moon was blue?”

“Yes! On that very day!” He replied and I laughed.

“So what’s your schedule for today?” He asked as he sat the plates in front of us and poured the syrups.

“I’m meeting with grandpa in the morning and then I’ll be at the office the rest of the day, I’ve got a lot of cases lately.”

“Hmm it’s the unofficial month of lawsuits if you weren’t aware,” Harry said

“I was just thinking about it. So many people filing for lawsuits at this time of the year.”

“Well we’re in business. The fat paycheck they sign us sure isn’t hurting. Civil is doing good too. Marcus’ team I heard settled a case for around 100 million dollars. It was a huge win for the firm.”

“What about family? I met Amanda yesterday and she was going on and on about how busy that department was.”

“Yeah now that marriage season is over, divorce season begins. Ex mayor Darby? He is on his third divorce. Alimony for three ex wives and child support for two baby mamas. That guy has a hell of a record.”

“Seriously? That’s going to bleed him dry. But he deserves it I suppose. I knew his second wife though not very well. Apparently he cheated on her twice and she forgave him both times. Then he got one of his concubines pregnant and she had enough. Walked right out the door. I wonder how she forgave him twice.”

“You wonder? You forgave Nathan everytime he cheated on you,” Harry said incredulously.

“No I didn’t. I may never have said anything but I never forgave him for his infidelity nor will I ever. If it weren’t for the clause in our marriage contract, I would have left him a long time ago. We may not be a normal couple and I admit we didn’t have a proper marriage, but what he did still counts as cheating. And I never forgave it.”

Harry nodded in understanding. “He doesn’t deserve it anyway. By the way, I had my secretary pick up some new clothes for you to wear to work today. Try them on to see if they fit, though I’m sure I got your measurements right.”

“You’re such a sweetheart. Thank you. I’ll be sure to thank your secretary as well. What’s her name?”


“Yes I’ll remember that. Pancakes are fantastic by the way.”


Nathan p.o.v????

I was waiting in the lounge of the Anderson headquarters for my grandfather and father to show up.

Today was our first meeting with the investors of the Anderson-Rodriguez joint venture. All parties involved would be meeting today and I would formally take charge of the project from my father who has been handling it from our side. After their arrival we made our way up to the top floor together.

Mr Anderson’s secretary met us on top and led us to his office.

When we entered the office of the president, the first thing I saw was my wife sitting there too. Mr Anderson stood up to greet us. I was wondering what Hailey was doing here and where was Aaron.

Since he would be heading the project from their end shouldn’t he be here? I slid in the chair next to Hailey as the family spoke to each other, but she didn’t even spare me a glance.

“Hailey honey it’s so good that the two of you will be working on this project together,” grandpa said confusing me.

“Yeah, it’s about time Hailey take more responsibility with her role towards Anderson corps.” Mr Anderson said. “Heading this project with her husband is the perfect opportunity to do just that and goes well with her new position as COO.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” Dad was jumping with excitement. “COO! That’s great news Hails.”

“Thanks dad,” Hailey smiled politely.

“It’s great how efficiently you handle all your role, be it work or family,” grandpa beamed. “Nathaniel is a lucky man.”

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. If only they knew the real woman hiding behind that mask.

I was worried about how we would manage working together, making joint decision and running a whole project together given that we couldn’t be in the same room without getting in a fight. We all spoke for a while longer but Hailey never once interacted with me. She was blatantly ignoring me and if the other men in the room were more observant, they’d have noticed.

“We should head to the conference room now,” Mr Anderson said standing up. “The meeting will begin shortly.”

I stood up and held out my hand for Hailey but she ignored me again and stood by herself. Embarassed I quickly withdrew my hand. Hailey was treating me coldly and I was worried that our family would notice.

As we were about to step out of the cabin, I tried again to seem more like a couple and put my hand on the small of her back. But she pushed it away violently. We were lucky that our grandfathers and dad were ahead of us and so didn’t see it.

“What is wrong with you?” I pulled her back in the cabin and reprimanded her. But instead of saying anything she just yanked her arm -which was in my grip- away.
“You better not make a scene in public and make them suspicious,” I warned her. “Behave normal.”

“This is normal to us, isn’t it?” She asked and walked away from me.


After our joint meeting ended, I drove back to the company with my grandfather in his car. I had something to discuss with him.

“Grandpa,” I started. “Before my engagement, you promised me something. I held up my end of the bargain and married Hailey. But you still haven’t kept your promise.”

I reminded him of the deal we made where I’d marry Hailey in order to inherit the billion dollar company and all the shares and wealth of the Rodriguez’s as was my right as sole heir.

Once I got that, there was nothing stopping me from leaving Hailey.

I wanted the divorce really bad and couldn’t wait for my grandfather to give it to me in his own time. I had to push.

“I thought your marriage to Hailey was gift enough,” grandpa said. “But you’re right. I made a promise and I’ll have to fulfill it.

And now that Hailey is COO, you too deserve you’re promotion. The board will convene next week where we shall vote you CEO. And I’ll call my lawyers. We shall start with the paperwork.”

“Thanks grandpa,”
“You’re marriage has made me really happy Nathaniel,” he continued. “The woman who you marry is really important. It should be a mature and we’ll thought through desicion. I know you were upset earlier that your wife wasn’t of your choice but I know you’ve come to love Hailey.

She was the perfect choice for you. Your father was my only son and I let him marry out of love, with a woman of his choice. And I forever regretted that desicion.

After his wedding, the son who was once close to his parents drifted away. It was such a troublesome time for our family after your parents marriage.

I don’t want to go into the details but know that we had a reason to take you’re marriage in our own hands.”

“I understand.”

I returned to my office and pulled out my phone to call my own lawyer.

“Prepare my divorce papers,” I ordered when he picked up.


Hmmm bomb??

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