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(mending his broken heart)❤

THEME: Entangled with you

Genre:billionaire romance

Tags:cold hearted, Rivals, Hatred, Love triangle, Comedy,Drama,Jealousy, Betrayal, Family, Heart break, Suspense,Sex,Mystery, Bullying, Secrets,Lies,Disguise,Unrequited love,Deceit

BY:Debbie Writes



Dylan Wealth the young master of the wealth family,

He’s frustrating,
He’s annoying,

And he’s just 6 years of age,

His father Kingsley Wealth is well known as a famous billionaire,who runs and owns different company in countries .

He was also known for his cold behavior,he was never spotted with a woman,he avoided them like plaque

He’s just 28 years of age,young and so handsome,his handsomeness is blinding,he was like a fallen angel from heaven,he is attractive,beautiful,clean-cut,dapper,elegant,good-looking,graceful, and lovely.

His body features was one of a kind,it was no doubt that his son got his cuteness from him,he was just like a small version of him,cute and has an innocent look which deceive people,just as the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”,he is a devil in disguise.

He has made his father fire all the nannies that work for him for just little mistake,most of the nanny who came to take care of him,only came for his father,this got him mad and ask his father not to get him a female nanny,but a male nanny.
The only person Kingsley care for was his son same goes to Dylan thou they do have some argument

The family has been so uptight until she came in

Who’s she?

What can she do?

Who can put Dylan in his place?

Who can melt the icy billionaire’s heart?

Who’s Dylan mother?

Will Dylan and the lady get along?

What is the reason behind Kingsley cold behavior?

This is a very intriguing and interesting story.

You don’t wanna miss for anything at all.…

Grab your popcorn ?, settle down ?, buckle up and follow me

Don’t miss out!


(mending his broken heart)❤


By, Debbie Writes







“Young master you have to wake up now”The Nanny who is eyes has dark bags under said tiredly

Dylan eyes flew open immediately the nanny said that statement

“Are you trying to tell me what to do?
who are you to give me an order?
Who is paying you,my father or yourself?”Dylan said glaring at the nanny, how dare she give him order

Kingsley entered the room seeing his son glaring at the Nanny he needed know one to tell him what had transpire before he came in

The Nanny who saw how handsome Kingsley was in a casual wear couldn’t help but drool at his beauty,she accepted the Nanny job just for him but she Dylan didn’t even let her have a spare time ,she began to imagine spending time
with him

“Good Morning baby boy”Kingsley said smiling at Dylan

“Really,baby boy,how many times do I have to tell you am not a baby okay”Dylan said rolling his eyes

“Fine,Young adult,what happened”Kingsley asked

“Can you imagine instead of her to wake me up politely she was busy ordering me”Dylan said

“Wha…”Kingsley was about saying something when Dylan interrupt him

“you are fired” he said

The Nanny who was drooling on Kingsley look up started when she heard the word fire her

the Nanny didn’t bother to beg for for she have already been told about about the rules once you are fired you are fired she was out of the room after bowing to Kingsley who didn’t spare a glance

“I’m going to work, I will ask Louis to follow you to school” Kingsley said working out of the room

Dylan finished dressing up he walk down to the dining table and sat on his majestic chair which was higher than the other chair in the room.

The chair was made of pure gold.

All the maids where there lining up awaiting for his order somewhere trembling in fright of being fired from their job.

His dish was served

Dylan took a bite from the pancakes,he spat it out immediately.

“who cooked the food?”He asked

“What’s happening here?”Kingsley asked moving towards them,His expression was scary.

“Come and have a taste of this pancakes”Dylan said

Kingsley took a bite from it and spat out the food,the pancakes taste weird

“Who cooked this rubbish”Kingsley asked angrily

“I did”Nini said

“Am sorry Sir”She said

“Sorry you say,are you here to poison us,you can’t continue cooking this nonsense here,my child health is paramount to me”Kingsley said sternly

“Let’s go,I will get you something to eat on the way”Kingsley said carrying him in his arm



“Money is all you know”Daisy yelled at Jocelyn who was telling her to apply for the post of a babysitter for the Wealth family

“Don’t you get it,once you apply and you were given the post,gosh who knows maybe we won’t have to run this restaurant anymore”Jocelyn said

“Why can’t you go for the post?”Daisy asked her

“Because am clumsy,I won’t even last a minute”She said

“Fine,all you know is money”Daisy said defeated before going back to sleep in her room

“Once she got the money at least we can buy a house,car, latest cloth and so many things,Money is the key”Jocelyn thought

“I’m Jocelyn, an orphan I run a small restaurant with my best friend Daisy ,one thing about me is that I love money, Money is the key,once there Is money then am not worried”



The interview has been going on but Dylan hasn’t chosen any one yet


“Too short”


“Too tall,no I must be looking at you, I can’t stress my neck”


“Much makeup”

“She must be here to seduce my dad,mission failed!” He thought


“Too dull”


It was Daisy’s turn

“Am tired,you are hired, follow Madam Victoria to collect the rules and regulations guide”Dylan said going to his room

“Follow me”Madam Victoria said

“What! I have to follow all the rules?”Daisy asked after seeing the hundred rules

“Yes to avoid been fired”Madam Victoria said


“Where is my Nanny?”Dylan asked Madam Victoria

“Still sleeping”She replied

” At this time”He said

“Why didn’t you wake her up” He asked

“Never mind” he said

He storm out of the room, dashing into Daisy room,he went to the bathroom coming out with a full bowl of water

He pour the water on her

“Who is there”Daisy asked rolling on the bed

“Your nightmare”He said

On hearing Dylan voice Daisy sprang up from the bed

“Young Master”She mutter

“You’re fired”Dylan said

” jeez, Jocelyn money”Daisy said


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