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(mending his broken heart)❤

THEME: Entangled with you


BY:Debbie writes




“You’re saying that you got fired before starting the job,money is lost” Jocelyn said.

“Yes,that boy has no respect for anyone, I didn’t even get to see the boss” Daisy said.

“But you’re also at fault,how could you slept off like that,money God” Jocelyn said.

“They are still going to look for another Babysitter don’t you think?” Daisy asked

“You’re right,I can go for the post,if I am employed then I set that rude boy straight” Jocelyn said already thinking of different ways to deal with Dylan

“What about the children,who will take care of them if you are employed?” Daisy asked

“Then we will employ someone to take care of them,once I get paid,I will pay the person,is it okay? Or do you have any suggestion?” Jocelyn asked

“It’s okay,am just surprise that you are willing to pay someone your money” Daisy said

One thing about Jocelyn was that she loves money, she love spending her money on her children.

“Anything for my children” She said

“Girlfriends” Ronnie yelled coming over to their place,his face was masked,the way he shouted make the people who were in the restaurant to divert there attention to him

“Am sorry,you can continue with your business” He said to the people,when he saw that their attention was focus on him

“Why are you here?” Daisy asked

“To greet my babies” Ronnie said

“How can the country Number one famous doctor be here,don’t you have patient to treat” Jocelyn said eating the apple that was slice in a plate

“Why can’t I be here,I had to sneak from those patient, most of them are not even sick,the just came to the hospital in a disguise pretending like they were sick” he said

“Of course,they came to see their handsome doctor” Daisy said stretching her hands to take one slice of an Apple

“But of course,I only got my eyes on you” Ronnie said naughtily

“Wanna die?” Daisy asked

“It would be better if I die in your arms” Ronnie said resting his chin on his hand looking at Daisy

“You…” Daisy said picking on slice of apple throwing it at Ronnie

“Daisy the apple you ate plus the one you throw at him as cost you to pay me $20” Jocelyn said

“What!,just two slice of Apple,Jocelyn!!” Daisy said in surprise

“Daisy!!,just two slice,do you know what that two slice of Apple can do” Jocelyn said rolling her eyes

“No argument,I will pay you” Ronnie said dropping the money on the counter

“Thank you sweet Ronnie,you made my day,will you like to have a coffee?” Jocelyn asked happily

“Sure” Ronnie said staring at Daisy


“Sir,you have an interview with the ignite TV,also a meeting with the chairman”Rose who was Kingsley secretary said

” Ok, you can go”He said to Rose

Rose went out of the office

“Am so exhausted” She said placing her head on the table

Louis enter the office without asking for permission

Kingsley didn’t bother to look up,he know that Louis was the only one who can enter the office without permission

“Why did I have to be the one to take Dylan to school,why?” He asked using his hand to brush his hair

“Just feel like” Kingsley replied not sparing him a glance

“Then let me relay his order to you,he asked you to look for a Nanny for him,you must not be late to pick him up” Louis said

Louis Gregor the only son of Mr&Mrs Gregor the CEO of Gregor Automobiles,a best friend to Kingsley Wealth,he has a jovial attitude,he was well known as a Playboy.

“Fine,call Madam Victoria to help me about the Nanny stuff” Kingsley said

“Isn’t it enough that I have to deal with Dylan,now I should help you to call Madam Victoria,when a girl is waiting for me in the car” Louis cries out dramatically

“Will you do it or I call Aunt(Mrs Gregor) not to stop the engagement” Kingsley said smirking shaking the phone in his hand

“Why won’t I do it,am on it,you’re are not a good friend, how do you expect me to fuck one pussy
for the rest of my life” He said,Kingsley just roll his eyes at his Louis silliness

“This time your son said he need a Male Babysitter” Louis said making Kingsley to stop what he was doing

“Male Babysitter,but that’s rare,Dylan won’t be the end of me” Kingsley mutter,

“I was also surprise so I asked him why?,he said all his Babysitter only came to Babysit you and not you,he also said he can’t let anybody to take his mother’s position” Louis said whispering the last part

Kingsley countenance change at the mention of Dylan’s mother

“But do you think anybody would apply for the post,I mean imagine yourself babysitting a child” Louis said

“Ask Madam Victoria to post the offer,tell her to increase the salary price twice the present one” Kingsley said

“OK ”



“Jocelyn, it’s out the Babysitter post is out but…” Daisy said scratching her neck in a stylish way

“But what” Jocelyn asked impatiently

“Only a male Babysitter needed” Daisy said dropping the bombshell

“What!!” Jocelyn said

Jocelyn and Daisy were seated facing one another,the price was even increase,if I work for just two month,I would be able to give my children good life”Jocelyn said

“I have an idea” Daisy said

“What idea?”Jocelyn asked

“Disguise as a man”Daisy said,Jocelyn eyes almost pop out of the socket

“I know that you don’t like me but why did you want to send me into a wolf den,didn’t you heard that the boss was a cold hearted man,what if I get killed at a small mistake” Jocelyn said dramatically

“Coming from a girl who said ‘if she was send into a wolf den she would make friends with them and become their Alpha queen or Luna,think about the amount of the money” Daisy said

“You’re right,I would go but if anything happen to me,you won’t go scot free,if I die you,you die,you know you are my dear blossom friends” Jocelyn said

“No now,at least someone should help you spend the money” Daisy said avoiding eye contact with her

“You’re not a good friend” Jocelyn said

“I never said I was before” Daisy said

Jocelyn was dressed up as a man,she even went to the extent of attaching a fake beard,her long hair was roll into a bun which allow her to wear a wig

She look exactly like a man

“Wealth Family here I come” she said walking out


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