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(mending his broken heart)❤

THEME: Entangled with you


BY:Debbie writes




Lila adjusted her sunglasses as she came down from the plane,

Meet Lila Romero,the only daughter of the Romero family, a sister to Jasmine Romero, a popular model, a best friend to Lisa

Her fans were already waiting for her return since the news got to them that she was coming back today.

Some hard die fans were trying to get to her but they couldn’t because of her bodyguards

She was lead to the car,after hopping inside,the car speeds all the way till they reach the Romero mansion


“Welcome home young mistress” The maids greeted in unison

She didn’t even glance at their side,neither did she responded to their greetings

“My baby” Mrs Romero said

“Mom!” Lila said hugging her

“How was your trip?” Mrs Romero asked

“It was fine,am going back to meet my baby tomorrow” Lila said,but her mother didn’t say anything, seeing this reaction she was prompted to ask questions

“Don’t tell me brother had a fight with him already” Lila bark angrily

“So,what if I have a fight with him, you better stop thinking about him”Jasmine yelled at her

“You have no right to interfere in my business” Lila said

Mrs Romero sat there looking at the way her children were arguing not even bothered that she was there

She sigh sadly,ever since Lila start to develop feelings for Kingsley, she and her brothers have not being on good terms

“Don’t you get it you’ve been trying to win him over for over a decade now but all your effort was fruitless” Jasmine yelled at her

“That was because of his wife,now that she is not in my way I have to try every way to win him over,at least I was better than you,after so many years you always lose to him” Lisa shouted angrily

“Watch your mouth Lila” Jasmine said his anger was at it peek

“Enough!!” Mrs Romero said banging her hands on the polish wooden table in front of her,she had have enough of their drama

“Can’t you guys stay at one place without fighting” Mrs Romero said

“Then tell him to mind his business” Lila said walking out of the place

A maid who was unlucky bump into her only for the maid to received a hot slap

“Am so pissed right now” Lila said to Lisa on the phone

“Sorry babe,are you free tonight?” Lisa asked

“Yes,what?” Lila replied

“Let’s go to the new exclusive club that was just open, it’s just a miles away from your mansion” Lisa said

“OK,how are things between you and Louis?” Lila asked

“Good,I even got a good f*ck yesterday” Lisa said

“Wow…,bad girl” Lila said

“Of course,sex is life” Lisa said laughing


A bowl of water was pour on Jocelyn, she stir on the bed,before opening her eyes weakly, her eyes came in contact with a pair of cold eyes,the eyes was motionless, it was as of there was no ounce of emotion in the eye

“Master” she called startled she sat up,rubbing her eyes

“Did you know what says the time?” He asked

“The time didn’t have mouth to say anything,how will I know what it says,Master?” Jocelyn said

She had already glance at the time,it was 12PM

“Do you think am here to play jokes with you” Kingsley cold voice rang in the air,his facial expression was blank,cold and unfriendly

“Master,Am sorry,I slept…” she was still saying when Kingsley ringing phone interrupted


?”Sir,the meeting with the boards will be stating in the next thirty minutes “Rose said

?” OK will be there in a few minutes “He said hanging up the call

“Am coming back for you” Kingsley said glaring at her

Jocelyn couldn’t help but to thank the person who called him in her heart

“Dylan” she thought, as she remember the mischievous look on his face when she fell asleep

After taking her bath,dressing up,she went out of the room,everywhere was silent except for the maids who were cleaning the house

She walk into the kitchen to cook for what she crave for which was crispy fried chicken

“What are you doing here Mr Joy” Madam Victoria asked

“I want to make crispy fried chicken” Jocelyn said

“That’s young master favorite” Madam Victoria said

“Really, that boy really have a good taste”Jocelyn said

“You can asked the maid to do that for you” Madam Victoria said

It was rare sight to see a man who can cook,except if he was a chef

“Don’t worry,none of them know how to cook it up to my taste” she said

“Can you please help me with the ingredients?” She asked

“Sure” Madam Victoria said

After a while, She finished making it,the aroma dominated the whole mansion

All the maids and guards mouth was watered they wonders how a man can cook so good

“Maybe he’s a chef” One said

“You’re right” Another one said

She dished the crispy fried chicken,she place it on the dining table

“Sir,it’s time to pick young master from school” Brad who was Dylan driver said

Jocelyn scan his face,he was so handsome,and he look so young

“How can someone like him be a driver?he’s suppose to be in college”She thought

“Okay,let’s go”she said

On their way,no one uttered a word,which make it boring to Jocelyn


On getting there,she saw a girl,hugging Dylan,his face was full of smiles,no doubt he was excited to see the lady

” who’s she”she thought

“She’s back” She heard Brad says


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