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(They are crazy ? she’s crazier ?)


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Prisha faced the mirror and almost gasped at her reflection in the mirror.

“But Doctor Ben said it won’t bring out blood”
She thought with heavy mind.

She sat on the bed, unknowingly, she drifted to sleep.

**At The Living Room**
Khai and Kaylani are already in their respective rooms.

Leslie was at the balcony while Laylani was in the living room with Roy and Becky,,, pressing her phone.

Becky called.

He diverted his eyes from his phone to her.

” Am I pretty tonight?”
She asked.

” Jobless b*tch”
Laylani muttered.

“oh, yeah!”
Roy complimented and she beamed.

“Why did you ask thou?”
Roy asked and began pressing his phone again.

” I just want to know”
She played with her fingers.

He said.

?La la la la la ?

?Jobless bitches gat no work?

?Oh oh oh oh oh?
Laylani sang.

She wore her fuzzy socks and slippers…

“Good night”
She pecked Royal’s cheeks.

“Sleep tight dear”
He patted her hair and she went upstairs..

“Wait, I didn’t see Ryan at school today”
She thought and waved it off.

“I thought you hate him”
Something in her mind whispered.

Royal stood up from the couch,

” To where? ”
Becky asked.

“I want to sleep”
He said and arranged the small pillows on the sofas.

“Oh,, let’s go then”
She said and fixed her legs into her slippers very well.

“The maids already arranged your room, good night”
He said and dashed upstairs.

Becky bite her lips in anger,..

“Everything seems falling aside, this guy am looking at doesn’t feel anything close to love for me at all”
She said to her self and released her anger on the innocent lip by biting it really hard.

“Roy, watch me destroy those rats Anabelle left behind as I destroy her”

Becky’s POV ?
**4 years back**
I planned with Doctor Clifford to give Ana a fake cancer report,,, so she has to go through an urgent surgery…in the theater, I injected her with a deadly poison,… She died the second day and her family thought cancer killed her,,,, exactly when khai and Kaylani clocked one***
End of Becky’s POV ?

“I will make sure I spare no one including that stupid babysitter”
She thought and smiled..

**At The Balcony**
Leslie stood at the balcony watching the starry stars…

Her mind suddenly flashed to the incident that happened in school.

“He fucking poured hot coffee on me,,, that crazy cat and Royc or Royce or whatever”
She thought angrily.

” My revenge is gonna be hot”
She smirked.

**The Next Day**
Leslie went to school before Laylani,, she planned to treat the fuck up of cat and Royce.

She dropped her bag on the desk and brought out a scissors…

She smirked and bought out her phone,, she set it to the camera and placed it at the upper building of the class.

As expected, students started trooping in…

She saw Laylani and pretended like she saw no one.

Catalina came in with her two friends Reina and Goldie.

She wore a long tight gown that was slainted to her thighs..

She looks hot..


?Check that, latest brand ?

? Hottie ?

? Check Reina ?

?I love this gown?

?Gosh, Goldie ?
Students commented.

She walked majestically to her seat.. her two friends sat beside her.

Leslie stood up from her seat and went to her…

“Hmm,, I sense trouble ?️

?Set the cameras ?

? Another one ?

“It’s good to have you in my front”
Catalina shrugged.

” See you,, I’ll teach you how to bully now”
Leslie snapped and brought out scissors from her pocket…

“Gonna stab me??”
Catalina said with little fear.

“Watch me”
She said and dipped the scissors into her hair…

?Oh my Good Ness ?

?Bald Cat?? ?

?I knew it?

“Ate you crazy??”
Catalina yelled and stood up at her…

“About to”
Leslie smirked devilishly.


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