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Babysitting ?




~beach romance ?~

By ?Oluwatosin?

Chapter 24?

Merle bit her lips nervously.

“We barely know each other”

She thought and the feeling of the almighty Alex asking her for a date is making her go crazy.

“So, I thought that’s yes, that’s a yesssssss”
He beamed smiling.

Merle blushed and suddenly thought of Mimie..

“Sir, my bos,,,

“I did that already, so are we good to go? ”
He asked and pocketed his hands.

Merle nodded shyly.

…. since she has nothing to take in the Villa, she followed him to his car.

Beach ?⛩️
The kids giggled delightful as they splash water on themselves..

Laylani and Leslie was super happy,

first he’ll have time to take them out after their mom’s death..

“Hey Dad, join us”
Kaylani wailed in her short flowery swimming suit.

“Go on dear, I’ll do that later”
He blew her kids and she shouted in joy.

” Khai, dad blew me kisses”
She giggled like a kid she is.

Prisha was wearing a black tight swimming short, that made her butts popped out of the short

threatening to blow off… and also a blue top bra.

Leslie and Laylani wore Loran’s swimming bikinis, same brand.

Royal was only wearing a short and a long sleeved top..same brand with Prisha’s.

Royal glanced at her thighs and almost went crazy..

“I swear, I have never feel like this for any woman, Royal, you must not fall in love”
He tapped his forehead in confusion.

” Are you Okay sir?”
Prisha asked him.

“Oh,, am..fi..ne”
He stuttered.

He wore a sunglass and threw one at prisha,..

“You need that because of your white skin”
He said and Prisha blushed silently..

She took and wore it.

She suddenly felt like joining the kids and she did..

On the other side, Merle and Alex got the beach, same beach Royal’s are.

Ethereal is an understatement to how Merle looks in the ? she’s wearing..

Alex removed the strands of hair from her face quietly..

“He’s so caring”
She smiled inside.

“The breeze here is cool right? ”
He faced her and asked.

” Absolutely”
She complimented.

“so you can see I made a good choice choosing here”
He boasted and Merle laughed.

“stop acting like a hero,”
She said and her eyes suddenly caught someone.

” Oh-oh”
He laughed.

“Wait, is that not Prisha”
She took a clearer look at the person and it’s really prisha.

That name rang in Alex’s ear..

“Wait,. Royal’s maid, is Royal here?”
He thought..

Merle shouted waving at the her to stop.

She ran to her and they engulfed in a tight lovely hug.

They unlocked…

“Merle, see you”
She checked her out.

“Like you’re exceptional, Why’re you here”
She asked.

” I came with Royal and his crazy kids”
Merle laughed at the mention of crazy.

” So, how have you been coping so far?”
She asked.

” So, you’re here with?? ”
Prisha asked

” Alex”
She answered and point at Alex who was having a view of the water.

“Oh my”
Prisha covered her face.

Merle asked with little fear.

“That’s Royals friend”
She blurted.

“You mean Sir Royal”
Merle exclaimed…

“No, I mean Sir Roger”
Prisha rolled her eyes at her.

” You’re so mean”
Merle scoffed.

Alex got to them…

” Hey,”
Prisha replied like a humble lady.

“Wait,,,it’s really you”
Alex smiled and adjusted his hand in his pocket…

” So, is Royal here”
He asked.

” Yh, we just got here”
She answered..

“I think Spirit of calmness is with you today”
Alex muttered audibly.

” Sir? You said???…

“No, I dare not say anything”
He denied and Merle giggled..

King’s Mansion ?
Becky was pacing to and fro in the living room,,

Right now, she’s dressed in a short red gown that reveals her cleavages..

Her mission is to seduce Royal when he’s back form work but her patience is fading..

“Switched off again”
She shouted in fury and smashed the innocent phone.

“That bitch,,,I must do something”
She suddenly smiled..

” I know Jace can do this”

She placed a call to someone..

The voice was harsh and coarse.

?Jace, I need your help
She said.

? Always at your service Becky, what’s that
The voice asked.

?I’ll send a lady’s picture to you now, I want her dead..

? Thats not a problem,, You’ll have to pay 100 thousand yuans.

?That’s not a problem, but I want a neat traceless job
She said icily.

?You know I personally can’t fail you,,bye

The call dropped.

“Now let’s see how you’ll escape my wrath, you witch”
She smirked..

Olland’s Mansion ?
Royce was at the balcony..

Suddenly, Leslie’s picture and how he dealt with her in the school screened his mind…

Somehow, he’s having a soft spot for her…

“Wait, am I in love??”
He wondered..

“Absolutely no!! I don’t want to fall in love”
He groaned and closed his eyes…

How his ex girlfriend left him in trauma,,,how he cried for months…how he begged he countless times but she won’t tell him the reason for her leave…

Everything came back as a movie..

He shouted…

Continued ?

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