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Chapter 9 &10?

Prisha’s face dropped…

“Hi…which Merle”
Prisha trembled.

“Your friend…she’s in Saint Patrick’s hospital”
The caller said and ended the call.

She stuttered.

“This can’t be true”
She picked her purse and ran out of the room craxily.

“Hey…are you okay??”
Royal asked but she didn’t answer him ..

She scurried out..when she saw there’s no yet a passing cab..

She ran all the way to the hospital.

Royce smirked and pushed her outta the way..

“Hey you…are you that rude huh??”
Laylani asked angrily.

Royce stopped for a while and continue walking away.

♣️Shame on you♣️

♣️That was embarrassing ♣️

♣️I love his guts♣️

♣️Rude people everywhere ♣️

♣️Crazy meet crazy♣️

♣️Rude meets rude♣️

Laylani folded her fist and was extremely furious.

“Wait and see you jerk”
She fumed and walked away with a Stern look…. students dare not talk..

“She’s a witch”
Catalina hissed and ran to meet up with Royce..

“He came all because of me??”
She smiled victoryily.

Saint Patrick’s hospital ?
Prisha sat beside Merle’s bed and looked into her face…

She arrived minutes ago.
She sniffed trying not to break down in tears.

“Why huh??”
The tears she’s trying to sniff in rolled down her cheeks.

“Please hang on…please”
She took her hand and kissed it…

She hiccuped and dialed Royals digits..

? Hey!! Are you okay..you just ran…..

?Am fine sir.. actually, a friend of mine had an accident
She said, her voice so low.

? OMG!! Hope it wasn’t much
He asked.

?Not that much… she’ll be fine I guess.
She answered.

?Can I come over??
He asked with Care.

? She’ll be fine..don’t worry
She giggled.

? Send me the address..I’ll be there in a jiffy”
He said from the call.

?Ok.. thanks.
The call dropped.

Royal King’s Mansion ?
Alex smiled as he entered the living room.

Alex smiled and face him

“Got here at the wrong time??”
Alex asked.

“Yeah and No… prisha’s friend had an accident..I need to be there”
He rushed his words and ran upstairs to pick his car key.

“That crazy girl”
He thought.

“Lemme be your handbag bro”
Alex shouted to his hearing.

“Am not a girl…how can I take you as my hand bag??”
Royal gave a crook laugh and dashed downstairs back.

“So….what will I be now??”
Alex faked a baby face.

“You can just come as a wallet”
Royal said and they both bursted into laughter..

“What about Andre??”
Royal asked.

“Coming here?? Not after receiving a hot resounding slap”
Alex laughed and Royal joined.

The went out.

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