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[Say You Love Me…]🥵

Theme: When Love Burns.


By, Emery Princess J.







The whole lovely families gathered to have another blessed dinner. Only the sound of cutleries could be heard as they ate in total silence.

“Tell me daughter-in-law, aren’t you pregnant yet?” Grayson broke the silence as all eyes turned to him. Hearing pregnant, Elmira choked on her spicy chicken.

“C’mon dad, must you talk about it” Kayden said with a groan and Grayson rolled his eyes.

“Oops!Then my mouth needs to get wiped” He said, sarcastically and they all laughed.

“I’m happy you two are flowing” Elsa said at Kayden and Grayson and they both smiled.

“Every stupid habit is in the past now” Kayden smiled. He turned to Lucky who was sitting beside him, holding her hands under the table.

“Let’s make babies tonight” He whispered beside her.

“What are you two whispering about?” Elsa asked when she noticed.

“Nothing mom” Lucky quickly replied with a giggle.

“A cute daughter in law I’ve got” Elsa smiled at her.

“Mom! I thought I was your favorite!?”Elmira pouted and they all laughed again.

“Of course you are” Elsa nodded at her.

“Gosh!I miss Jayden” Elmira said, eating from her fork sadly.

“He’ll be back tomorrow with Wesley anyways” Veronica finally spoke and they stared at her gobsmacked.

“What??” She asked, shrugging.

“Did she just talk?” Grayson asked beside his wife.

“Yeah,she did.” Elsa said, nodding.

“Thought you were a robot” Kayden said, rolling his eyes and they all laughed except Veronica.

“It ain’t funny!” She said, throwing her steak at him.

“It’s new year Eve, where’s my gift everyone?” Lucky asked them.

“Sweet sis,I forgot yours” Elmira blinked at her and they all laughed.

“I hate y’all” Lucky raised her fingers at them.

“We love you too” They all chorused.

“Where’s my gift babe?” Lucky whispered to Kayden.

“On the bed” He replied, naughtily and she smacked his head giggling.

“A naughty jerk I have as a boyfriend” She said.

Elmira watched the lovely couples and sighed looking on the empty chair beside.

“Missing you big time” She muttered, biting her lips.

“He’ll be back so cheer up” Veronica said and pat her shoulders.


The place was rowdy with different kinds of people waiting for someone or the other. The second plane for today from USA arrived at the airport.

“Walk faster babe,They are going to be here soon” Beauty said, dragging gullible Alex along.

“C’mon kiss me first” He pouted and she slapped him off, jokingly.

“Let’s just go then I’ll kiss you” She replied as they search for the families.

“Babe!” Fiesta called, wearing a sunglass.

“Babe!” Beauty saw her and rushed to her, hugging her tightly.

“What took you guys so long?” Elmira asked, rolling her eyes at them.

“Mommy Elsa!” Fiesta rushed over to Mrs Elsa and Mr Grayson.

“Cutie” Elsa smiled, pecking her cheeks.

“So now I’m visible” Grayson said, jealously and they both laughed.

“Daddy Grey” She called playfully and Grayson surprisingly blushed.

“Wait, did you just blush?” Elsa asked in, shocked and he stopped blushing instantly.

“Yeah” He said.

“My honey just blushed” Elsa screamed and they laughed.

Hailey and Bright arrived at the airport and got to the spot they were since their location was given already.

“Mom!Dad!” Elmira screamed, hugging them so tight.

“Can’t breath!Cut!” Hailey said and Elmira quickly released from the hug with a chuckle.

“How have you been Elmira?” Mr Bright asked with a cheerful smile.

“As you can see, I’m getting fatter” She replied and giggled cutely.

Soon, another plane arrived at the airport, signifying France.

“My baby is back!” Elmira said, gushing happily.

“Keep quiet” Kayden said and she hissed.

🗣️”Jayden Grayson!!!”

🗣️”He’s too handsome abeg!!”

🗣️”Wesley McCarthy!!!!”

🗣️”Thank goodness he survived”

🗣️”Those sexy walking steps”

🗣️”One nightstand with you Jayden!!!”

🗣️”Kiss me please Wesley!!”

“Those cute eyes”

The people screams filled the airport as Jayden and Wesley walked closer to where his family was. By now, Elmira’s eyes was ready to release tears out them. He wasn’t so close when she ran to him, swinging her hands on his neck as she jumped on him, landing her lips on his.

He responded immediately, leading his tongue into her mouth as she sucked on it instinctively. Her addiction. They both broke the kiss, same time to stare at their faces.

“Mi vida” He called, softly.

“I love you mine.” She said, staring into his glistering eyes.

“I love you too bad girl” He said and she chuckled, coming down from his body.

He turned to the rest of them and his eyes met with Grayson’s own who standing akimbo.

“Dad” He called, hugging him.

“Son” Grayson smiled, hugging him back.

“Wesley!!!!!!” Both Kayden and Alex rushed to him.

“Guys” Wesley muttered.

“What took you so long to get treated huh?We waited a whole year for” Kayden cried and Wesley mouth went agape.

“You’re crying?” Alex asked Kayden.

“No, something just got into my eyes” Kayden lied, wiping the tears off his eyes.

“Stop lying” Lucky came behind him.

“I just…I just” He wasn’t able to finish as he broke into real tears, hugging Wesley tight.

“I almost thought we’d loose you. Danger is a bastard and I’m happy he’s finally gone from our lives. You went into coma for almost a year and you expect me not to miss you?I love you very much Wesley” He spoke all those words with tears and Wesley smiled.

“Bro, I’m too happy you’re back. If not for the Corps who came as back up you would have die from that bomb with danger” Alex also said.

“I’m looking healthy now” Wesley replied with sadness in his voice. He looked round the airport like he was eye searching for someone.

“Looking for me?” Popcorn voice was heard and Wesley quickly looked at the direction. Truly,she was standing there in a short blue gown with a lollipop inserted in her mouth with cute smiles playing along on her face.

“Popcorn” He called and walked gently to him.

“Big bro said you’re coming today so I came too” She said, standing in front of him.

Wesley turned to Alex and Alex nodded.

“Can I Alex?…I mean…Can I date her?I promise I won’t hurt her” Wesley said, pleading.

“If you date hurt then you are gonna answer to me” Alex said and he nodded. He returned back to Popcorn.

“I missed you” They both said at once and they chuckled at each other.

“I love you” Thy both said again and this time they hugged each other.

“I fell in love with you from the first day at the computer lab Pop. I couldn’t admit my feelings to you coz I was scared” He muttered to her hearing.

“I learned how to love you too Wesley. From the day Alex warned me to stay away from you I realized staying away will make me fall harder” She said in her angelic voice and Wesley smiled.

He broke the hug and held her cheeks in hus palms.

“I love you” He said with affections.

“I love you too” She replied and he slammed his lips on hers, adorably.

“Awwn” Veronica gushed.

“Cute couples” Mr Bright smiled.

“Now I know I’m a spoon” Fiesta pouted and they all laughed.

“Go get a boyfriend” Beauty told her.

“I’ll get one when going to California next week” She said.

“Can’t believe you’ll be staying in California next week” Elmira said, sadly.

“C’mon I’ll be back next year” Fiesta chuckled.

“Next year is too far” Beauty whined.

“Stop whining” She said and laughed.

“Break the kiss that’s enough!” Hailey shouted and Wesley quickly broke the kiss.

“Stop disgracing me” Bright whispered into her ear.

“Can’t I speak” Hailey glared at him and they all laughed as they left the airport.


Summer was brought out from one of the cell to the visiting room where she saw Jayden and Elmira waiting for her. Her face was looking miserable,her hair look shattered just like her life. Her lips and face was bruised. That has been her life ever since she got into prison for the murder of her mom. She gets beaten by her cellmates regularly without any sympathy. She lives in guilt and shame.

“What are you two doing here?” She asked, without looking up at them.

“We came to check up on you” Elmira said and looked up at them.

“I’m fine” She replied.

“You don’t look okay, your face is wounded” Jayden said, worriedly.

“I’m fine trust me”She formed a smile.

“It’s just my punishment for being wicked and selfish” She said.

“Just wait patiently for two more years Summer and you’ll be out of here” Elmira said and Summer nodded sadly.

“Even though I’m out of here,my life won’t remain the same I’m still the worthless daughter” She cried.

“Don’t say that” Jayden said.

“Time up,go back to your cell” The security in charge of the position announced to them, dragging Summer up.

“Till then” They both waved at her as she was taken away.

“Such a pity” Jayden muttered and Elmira brushed his hair.


After having his shower, Jayden walked out of the bathroom with Elmira in her night gown waiting patiently for him on the bed.

He chuckled wearing his night robe before climbing on the bed next to her.

“You look more handsome tell me how many girls did you see in France?” Elmira asked him with jealousy written in her voice.

“Let’s not talk about now” He said with a groan.

“Did you kiss them? Did you f**k with them?Tell me how many they were” She demanded to know and he groaned again.

“Fine,I saw many of them” He said, knowingly and her jaw dropped.

“Are they prettier than me?” She asked him.

“Yeah,they are” He nodded.

“For that,no sex tonight” She replied and angry turned her back on him.

“C’mon that was a joke. Of course no one can be more prettier than mi vida.”

“No matter what happens, you’re the only key to my heart. The only one who can lock and unlock my heart so don’t think that way” He whispered into her ear. His hot breath fanning her neck,her p*ssy soaked already.

She turned swiftly to him and began removing his robe, impatiently.

“How do you want it?” He asked her.

“Hard,f**k me hard mine” She replied and he crashed his lips on hers as he slowly thrusted into her.

“Ouch!!” She moaned.


“C’mon baby, I said you can’t put on my makeup!!” Elmira half yelled at the five years old Oliver.

“Why mom?” He asked, grumpily.

“You’re a boy stop acting like a girl!” She yelled at him. She held her make up kit tightly as she served dishes on the table.

“I told you and daddy I want a baby sister” Oliver replied stubbornly.

“And is that the reason why you took my makeup kit again?” She asked him, returning to the kitchen.

“Obviously” He rolled his eyes at her.

“Your dad spoiled you alot” She said and pinched his cute nose.

“Ouch,mom!!!” He wiped her hands off.

Immediately the door bell was heard and Oliver rushed to open the door.

“Uncle Kayden! Aunty Lucky! Uncle Alex!Aunt Beauty!” Oliver screamed, hugging them.

“Jayden Jr” Kayden called, ruffling his curly hair.

“Oliver is that your dad?” Elmira asked, revealing herself And lastly, Jayden walked in.

“Daddy!!!!!!” Oliver screamed happily.

“Bad guy” Jayden smiled.

“Are we going for shopping today?” He asked him cutely..

“See what I’ve been telling you guys about…He spoiled Oliver” Elmira whispered to the rest of them.

Kayden and Lucky were heavily pregnant and same goes to Beauty.

“Yeah!” Jayden said and he jumped excitedly.

“Dad?” He suddenly called and Jayden looked at him.

“When are am I going to have a baby sister?” He asked with a sad look. Jayden smirked, looking at Elmira who had a shock look on her face.

“Let’s eat before the food gets cold” Elmira said, trying to change the topic.

“Tonight!” Jayden replied knowingly.

“What!?” Elmira gasped at him. He smiled walking to where she was standing.

“She’ll carrying your baby sis in the next ten minutes” He replied and instantly slammed his lips on hers.

Alex looked at Oliver and quickly closed his eyes.

“Don’t look” He said.

Jayden carried her on his waist, taking her upstairs.

“Jayden!!!!!!” She screamed in between the kiss.

“Season two has arrived” He replied and resumed kissing her.

Forever…my love



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