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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by: Rahma M.

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Episode 1
Stephanie walked to the altar in her white floral wedding gown. She wasn’t happy but she tried to look happy.

Gideon was already waiting for her in a white expensive suit. His dark hair neatly styled and those pink lips of his added more beauty to his face.

They took their vows and exchanged rings. During the reception, Stephanie didn’t even get a chance to see the guy she got married to.

He was lost in the crowd, talking with the guest.
Madam Stella and Mia walked up to Stephanie who was sitting in a lonely corner.

” hello bride” Mia cooed.
She looked at them with teary eyes. Her step mum smiled and rubbed her cheeks.

” you don’t need to be sad, you are getting married to a rich man, you are going to enjoy wealth” madam Stella said

” but….I want to …go to school” Stephanie said in tears. ” do you want to ruin your makeup” Mia scoffed.

” stop being a cry baby, anyways I have a gift for you” madam Stella said and brought out a leg chain from her purse.

Stephanie stared at the leg chain. It was very beautiful. ” thank you” she said taking it from her step mum.

” you don’t need to thank me, I will get my money back from your husband” madam Stella laughed and kissed her cheeks.

Mia was shocked. Did her mum just kiss Stephanie. She had never seen her do that before.

Stephanie was also thinking why madam Stella was acting nice today.
Why wouldn’t she be happy, besides she was being sold for fifty million dollars.

A guy came and interrupted them. ” excuse me ma’am, I need to take the bride home” he said

” are you the driver” Mia asked and he simply nodded. ” jeez, you are too cute to be a driver” she said.

” Mia” her mum called and she kept quiet.

Stephanie followed the guy and they walked to a white Bentley car. He opened the door for her and bowed.

” thank you” she said and entered the car. A wow escaped her lips as she sat on the chair.

” where is Gideon” she asked. ” you mean Master” Liam corrected. ” yes” she replied

” he is coming behind us” he replied. She opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind. Couples are supposed to use the same car, she wondered.

She admired the beautiful houses by the roadside. She had finally left her little town to the city.

The car drove into a big gate,she had never seen anything as beautiful as this.

The house was decorated with flowers and birds were chirping around the place

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