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(She made him love again♥️)

Written by : Rahma M.

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Episode 14

★ ★ ★ ★
” Am sorry I did it without your permission” Gideon said and she nodded nervously.

” Let’s eat”
They sat opposite each other and began to eat. ” I have a surprise for you” he said

” What is it” Stephanie asked excited. He went inside a brought out a wrapped gift.
” Here ,” he said and gave it to her. She unwrapped it with shaky hands

She gasped as she saw what was in the box. A brand new phone, not just any phone but the trending ‘ iPhone 16 Alpha Pro Gold Max’ (my invention ?)

” Do you like it” he asked.
” Yes, thanks, I love it” she gushed and hugged him. Gideon smiled, he was glad she loved it.

His phone rang in his pocket and he brought it out. It was Patricia, his sister.
” Hi Pat’
” Big bro, am coming back tomorrow” so he cooed. ” Wow, what a lovely news” he replied smiling.

” Am done with my studies, I miss you so much”
” I miss you and your troubles”
“Am a changed girl, where is Ella” she asked
” Gone, like others” Gideon said.
” Don’t worry, I will be coming to keep you company”


Gideon, Lawrence and Stephanie we’re eating breakfast fast in the dining room. Lawrence came so that they would go to work together.

” Your wife is very pretty and also sexy” Lawrence whispered. Gideon cast him a deadly glare and rubbed his jaw.
” She would make a great model, what do you think” Lawrence whispered again.
He was deliberately doing it to annoy Gideon.

He knew Gideon was the jealous type and very possessive of his women.

” Go and get married and stop looking at people’s wives” Gideon snapped
★ ★ ★
Gideon came back from work and saw Patricia and Stephanie watching a movie together.
” Gideon” she cooed and hugged him
” How are you” he asked
” Fine, you didn’t tell me that you have a damsel in this house” she said

” I wanted you to come and see for yourself” he replied
” Welcome master” Stephanie greeted.
” Thank you” he replied and went upstairs.

Patricia looked at Gideon and shook her head. ” Do you call him master” she asked

” Yeah”
” Don’t mind him” Patricia replied
Stephanie just laughed. Patricia has been nice to her the moment she entered the house. She told her stories about her school in Canada.

” Wifey, let’s go and dress, we are going out” Patricia said dragging Stephanie upstairs.


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