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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by: Rahma M.

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Episode 6

Gideon sat on his chair with his ear pods. He was listening to music. The door opened and Ariana walked in.

” good morning” she greeted. ” thanks, morning” he replied and gve her the contract papers.

” can we go to the studio now” she asked. He nodded and took his car keys from the table and and they walked out.

He went to open the door for her before going to take his own seat.
He drove to the studio and Ariana took the photo’s needed for the product.

After they were done they got into the car and ignited the engine. Ariana faced him and smiled lustfully.

She took her hand to his thighs and began to rub him affectionately. He took her hand away but it looked like she was determined.

Ariana was trying all she could to seduce him. She was a model and also a slut. ” we are in the car, let’s go to the hotel” he said and she smiled happily.

He drove to a hotel and booked a room. As soon as they got into the room Ariana began to take off her clothes.

He pushed her on the bed and kissed her neck downwards. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him.

” Gawwd” she screamed as she felt Gideon inside her. She was in paradise and her moans filled the room.

Few minutes later she began to get tired. ” am tired” she said but Gideon wasn’t ready to listen.

He kept thrusting harder and she began to feel pains. ” Gideon it hurts, get down” she cried
Gideon smirked wickedly, he was going to ruin her legs and she wouldn’t try to seduce any man again.

Gideon came back from work and went to shower. He dressed in a black polo and blue jean and went to the kitchen.

He served some food in a plate with a glass of cold water and went upstairs.

Stephanie sat on the chair very weak. She would never dare to disobey him again. The door opened and Gideon walked inside.

She stood up in fear ” how are you” he asked and she shifted.

” I know you must be hungry, so here is some food” he said.

” take your food away, I don’t want to eat” she said.

” cup cake, are you upset with me” he said and dropped the food on the floor before going to her.

He walked up to her and tried to hold her. She pushed his hand away and walked out of the room.

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