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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by : Rahma M.

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Episode 7

Stephanie pushed his hand away and walked out of the room. Gideon smiled and followed her.

She took her bath and went downstairs to eat then she came back to the room.

Gideon laid on the bed pressing his phone while Stephanie was reading a novel. He yawned tiredly and kept his phone.

” are you not sleeping” he asked. ” no” she replied and he arched his brows. It’s 10 pm now.

” okay, let me keep you busy till you are ready to sleep” he said and pushed her

” oouch” she winced as her head hit the pillow. He came in between her legs and began to unbutton her pajamas top.

” what are you doing….get down” she yelled although she was scared.

” since you don’t want to sleep, this can keep you busy” he said

” master please, I don’t want to do this” she said with tears already falling down her cheeks.

Gideon stopped and looked at her. Was she really innocent as she looks or just another wolf ready to devour his wealth.

Stephanie stared at his cold face and wished he would just smile. ” alright cry baby” he said and smiled before leaving her body.

Her eyes bulged out in surprise and her cheeks turned red.

Master smiled at her and damn, he had the cutest smile she had ever seen.

” any problem” Gideon asked as he noticed that she was staring at him and also blushing.

She shook her head and faced the other side.


” mum, I think we need to go visit Stephanie” mia said. ” yes, you are right, she would have grown fat by now, that lazy b*tch” madam Stella replied.

” mum, she isn’t lazy, am beginning to regret why we got her married, am tired of doing all the house chores” Mia said.

” you are complaining, what do you do in this house, the only thing you do is useless beauty videos”

” hold it mum, am too beautiful to do anything” she replied and left


Stephanie woke up late. She cleaned up and went downstairs. ” good morning Darrell” she greeted.

” morning”
” where is master” she asked.

” he went to visit his friend and he will be back by two” Darrell replied.

” okay” Stephanie said and walked into the kitchen. Clarissa was cleaning so she served her self.

Clarissa kept looking at her body to see if there was any injury on her. ” maybe master didn’t beat her as we thought” she muttered.

” did master do anything to you” Darrel asked.
” no” she replied.

” you are lucky”

” am I ”

” yeah” Darrel said.

Stephanie told her how master wanted to unbutton her shirt.

” why did you stop him, he is your husband”

” I know, but am not ready yet, I heard it hurts” Stephanie said.

” yeah, but only a little” Darrel replied. They heard the door bell ring.

” let me check” Darrel said and went to the door.

” how may I help you” she said as she saw a woman and a girl outside.

” how dare you ask me such question in my son in law’s house” the woman snapped.
” we came to see Stephanie, let us in” the girl said.

” and who are you to her” Darrel asked.

” who are you in this house, I guess you are a maid, I will tell Gideon to fire you instantly” madam Stella said.

” Master isn’t around, come back later” she said and tried to close the door.

” wait….” Stephanie said.

” oh, so you are in there and you let this mannerless girl talk to us anyhow” madam Stella said.

” welcome Mum, please come in” Stephanie said leading them inside.
Abeg what is this woman looking for……

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