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Each table is for three so everyone sat with their partners.

Trinidad got a call from her mum again and wanted to cut it but Polly snatched the phone from her.

“Again?, I’ll talk to her” she said and made to swipe green but Trinidad started struggling with her, trying to take back the phone.

“Why?, We’re friends and I can’t even touch your phone?” Polly struggled with her.

” Give it back it’s mine!” Trinidad screamed.

“Your mum is calling and you won’t even pick without any reason?, Tell me why” Polly replied.

Everyone stopped to watch the drama.

” You don’t have to know” Trinidad replied and pushed her.

Polly staggered and fell on one of the tables, she eventually fell on the ground and all the food on the table poured on her, the phone shattered.

Everyone gasped and Trinidad covered her mouth with her palm.

Polly looked at the food crumbs all-over her and stood slowly.

“I’m very sorry Pollyanna…I never meant to….

A resounding slap made Trinidad stop talking, Polly slapped her hard.

“For the rest of today, don’t talk to me” she barked and Red appeared.

” What’s happening here” he said, trying to touch her but she slapped his hand.

“Touch me and it won’t end well… fool!” She snapped and left.

” Polly wait!, Polly I’m sorry” Trinidad rushed after her.

“Polly!, I’m sorry for coming late” Red said, rushing after her too.

“She’s a god already, what’s left is a temple” Genova said..

” You can build that for her” Craig replied and Genova glared as they sat to eat.

Reece appeared and knowingly bumped into their table, pouring their food away.

“Oh my!, Sorry” he said, pretending to be real.

Genova smiled slowly, knowing his true colors.

If it was really a mistake, Reece will never say sorry.

“I’m sorry Craig, bro I’m sorry ok?” he said and left quickly.

” When you get home, secretly cut a part of his hair while he’s asleep and take it to the lab for DNA test,I mean… Reece is mad” Craig said.

Genova stood and left the hall.

” Wait for me jerk!” Craig said, running after him but he met Izzy by the door, just coming in.

Izzy ignored him and made to go in but he pulled her back, taking her away forcefully to the empty living room.

” What the heck happened between us on the orientation day?, I don’t remember but I kept getting the hunch that something transpired” he said.

” Nothing happened” she replied flatly.


“Fly away” Izzy glared and started leaving but he blocked her.

” Just give me a tip….tip please, I’m at the brim of going crazy” he begged.

Izzy smiled and leaned in.

“Then go crazy” she whispered before leaving.

“Izzy!!!!” He screamed, shaking up the whole living room .


The rain is preparing to stop, it got less heavier.

Everyone is in one game room or the other, playing games.

Craig is busy winning in every game, he’s a pro.

Reece is his competitor.

The girls played Scrabble and Molly is obviously leading

Genova just threw plastic arrows into the dartboard though he never hit the bullseye, he’s not good in archery.

He kept throwing arrows out of the bullseye till Craig appeared.

“Can you just go back to your game?, I’m happy alone I don’t want your disturbance” he said.

” I’m tired of winning everytime so I came to play with you….but what the heck are you doing?” Craig replied.

” Meaning?”

” You’ve not hit the bullseye for once, you’re bad at archery, so there’s something you’re bad at…whoa!” Craig smiled.

” Go away” Genova replied, throwing another arrow but it still didn’t hit the bullseye.

“There’s a gimmick for archery, should I tell you?” Craig asked.

Genova ignored him.

” If you think of someone you hate a lot and throw the arrow, you’ll hit the bullseye” Craig said and Genova looked at him.

” I’m serious, try thinking of someone you hate” Craig said and Genova picked another arrow.

He took a deep breath and repositioned himself before throwing it.

It hit the bullseye!

“I told you!, I told you sweetheart…it worked!” Craig shouted and Genova walked away from the dartboard.

“So who did you think of?” Craig asked, following behind.

” You” Genova replied .

” Hey … Genny you’re in a death zone… I’ll kill you!!!” Craig shouted and Genova quickly ducked, smiling as Craig came after him again.

He stopped when he saw a scene.

In the girls zone, Quincy wanted to sit but Red removed her chair unnoticed so her butt landed on the ground.

Everyone laughed as Izzy helped her up .

Red winked at Polly and left the room.

“I’ll be right back* Genova said and left too.

Red was walking the hallway when someone pulled him into a dark room.

“Who the hell!” He yelled and received numerous punches and kicks within three minutes, he bled from the mouth before Genova came out of the room.

“F*ck him” he muttered and left the house, going to the swimming pool downstairs.

He sat beside it and sighed, looking at his hands.

“I need to get myself checked, I think my brain disappeared…why did I beat Red?” He asked himself.


Quincy walked into the flower garden slowly, hoping to see Reece soon.

He was actually the one who invited her there.

It has stopped raining since some minutes ago though it’s cold, the weather is freaking cold!

It’s dark already but the garden was illuminated with colourful lights too, it’s beautiful.

Someone suddenly pulled her from behind and it turned out to be Reece.

“Ree” she smiled.

“You kept me waiting” he said.

” I’m sorry” she replied.

” You look pretty, your glasses are cute” he said.

” Thanks” she blushed.

He brought out a flower petal and attached it to her hair.

“Makes you look more pretty” he said.

“Thanks” she replied, shyly tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Why are we here?” She asked

“You don’t want to be with me?, I want to spend time with you” he replied.

” Me too, I’m glad we came” she replied.

Reece expected her to say what he wants as they went silent but she didn’t.

*I want to end this game soon, soon* he thought.

“Oh… cosmos flower..I love it!” She said, sighting it in front of them.

She made to go for it but he pulled her back and made their lips meet.

Her eyes widened when she felt his lips on hers.

He kissed her shortly and left her in shock.

“You don’t have anything to say to me?” He asked, dipping his hand into his pocket, putting on the voice recorder.

“I….I….* She stuttered

” What?” He replied, caressing her cheek.

” I love you” she said and he smiled.

” Yes, I love you a lot Reece, like crazy… I love you so much, I want to date you” she replied and he smiled wider.

” Riri?” He said.

“Ne, saranghe (yes, I love you)” she replied.

” Close your eyes” he said and she did.

For over five minutes, it was silent.

She opened her eyes but he’s gone.

“Reece?” She called, looking around but no sign of him.


No reply.

She walked the whole garden before coming out.

“Where did he go?” She thought, touching her lips.

” He kissed me” she smiled, walking beside the pool.

An hand suddenly pushed her in and her whole body froze!

It’s freakin’ cold!

Her toes and fingers curled up and her body shook in the water, making swimming impossible

The coldness made her limbs cramp up.

She started drowning.

Genova walked to that side of the pool and noticed something is in.

“What’s that?” He muttered, looking more closely.

His eyes widened when he saw an hand.

He wasted no time in jumping into the pool.

He grabbed whoever it is from behind and dragged her out.

He was shocked when he found out it’s Riri. she’s unconscious already.

“Riri!, Rihanna!, Hey!” He shouted, holding her face and shaking her.

It’s surprising that her glasses didn’t fall into the pool, it must be so tight.

He continued calling her name but when it yielded no positive result, he took a deep breath and bent over her.

He held her nose with an hand before covering her lips with his own, blowing air into her mouth.


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