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Kimberly drove into the park and Quincy came out fast.

She rushed into the house and Kimberly got down from the car afterwards.

“What has happened again?, Gosh she’s an handful” she breathed and went in too.

She got in and met her sitting on her bed, changed into Quincy already.

“Why did you slap him?” She asked.

“I dunno” she blurted.

” You slapped him without a reason?” Kimberly said surprisingly.

” I needed a way to lessen my anger and frustration, he was there and I….

“Quincy!” Kimberly yelled.

“I know I did wrong by slapping him and I’m already regretting” Quincy said guiltily.

“Now what exactly happened?” Kimberly asked.

” It was a game of questions and answers,I was asked if I’ve ever had s*x, instead of lying that I’ve never had s*x, I decided to come clean and say yes, if only I knew Polly will take it to another level, Polly ruined everything” she replied .

” By doing what?”

” Asking how many guys I slept with, I know I’m a b*tch who widened her legs for all her ex boyfriends but I didn’t want to admit,not like it’s something to be proud of” she replied.

” The guy is the popular Genny right?, The one you went to give the headphones” Kimberly said.

” Of course, even if I didn’t have his headphones, I’d still go, I went there to have fun, I just used his headphones as an excuse and I heaped all the blames on him, I’m such a b*tch” she replied guiltily.

” He’s the one you told me has always been saving you” Kimberly said.

“Yes, he saved me again today from Mr Jin, how could I do such to him, I’m so stupid, my palm should be cut off, I can’t believe myself Kimberly” she said and covered her face with her palms.

” How on Earth will I face him tomorrow, gosh!”

“He’s my bias, I should have gotten his autograph but you slapped the poor boy instead, you always act before you think ion like it” Kimberly said and left the room.

Quincy’s phone buzzed and she quickly checked, it’s a message from him.


It was short but she felt more guilty for the fact that he said sorry again.

Her hands wants to type but her head is short of what to type.

“What the hell should I say, I can’t possibly say I’m sorry on phone, I should say that in person, my thumbs are shaking I’m so useless” she said and scattered her hair.

” Ok I know I’m a b*tch, I’ll just swallow my pride and apologize tommorow” she said and looked at the phone again, Reece flashed on the screen and she scowled at his name before throwing her phone on the other side of the bed.

Reece kept calling but she kept ignoring.

“Genny I’m so sorry” she whispered, burying her face on the bed.



Reece destroyed his phone after calling Quincy for the twentieth time, she’s not picking.

He smashed the phone on the wall frustratedly and started pacing around his room.

The fact that he won’t be hearing her voice before sleeping is enough to drive him crazy.

He has gotten so addicted to her in a short time and only him knows how it feels right now.

He looked at the destroyed phone and went to his laptop.

He opened it and went to his call log, she called her laptop but it’s off.

He hit his hand on the screen and sat in front of it, burying his face on his palms.

“Please pick my calls, I miss you” he whispered.



After sending the message to Quincy last night, he felt better.

Not like he deserves the slap from her anyways.

He got slapped back to his own world already, time to go back to the way he was before.

Always looking ahead without minding what others are going through.

He finished dressing up and he bit his lip lightly as he stared at himself in the mirror.

It’s Friday and he has just two classes which will end by 11.

He looked at the multicoloured headphones on his bed and went for it.

He took it and rubbed his thumbs on it for a while.

How it didn’t break yesterday is a miracle.

He dropped it and took a white one from his dressing table then left the room immediately.

He met Reece who’s just coming out of his room too.

He has dark circles under his eyes, meaning he didn’t sleep last night but who cares?

He walked past him and when he got downstairs, he met Hanna and his dad at the dinning, eating breakfast already.

“Morning Dad” he greeted, ignoring Hanna who seems to be less concerned about him too.

“Morning son, eat before leaving” Max replied.

“No, I’m not hungry” he replied and left the house Immediately.

He called one of the guards to drive him to school.

The drive was silent till he got to school, he just used his headphones and listened to songs throughout.

He got down from the car and girls started their rambling about his looks as usual.

He kept a cold face till he got to class.

He got there five minutes before the class and Craig waved

He went to him and sat beside him.

“Hey what’s wrong with you?, You look too stern” Craig said.

“Nothing, I’m just back to my world’ he replied and Craig smiled.

” Once you’re in my world, you’re in it already, you can’t get away from it, you can only take a break so consider this a break” Craig replied.

” Whatever” he said and closed his eyes, resting on his chair

Quincy turned back to look at him and saw his eyes closed.

She stared for long, expecting him to open his eyes maybe she could make eye contact but he didn’t open his eyes till the lecturer came in.

She faced front and tried to concentrate as he began teaching.

It’s surprising that students arent gossipping about what happened at the bar yesterday and she started wondering why.

Bae didn’t come to school and it’s rather bothersome, it’s so uncommon of her.

“Heard Genny posted in the departmental group last night that no one should talk about whatever happened at the bar, I think that’s why no one is talking about it” Izzy whispered beside her.

” Oh,… Really? ” Quincy asked and Izzy nodded.

She looked back at Genova again but he’s not looking sideways, his face is back to blank and he’s focused on the board.

She released a light sigh and faced the board too.

Reece came into the class and she almost laughed.

His eyes are slightly red, meaning he didn’t sleep.

“Lover boy must be sad cos I didn’t pick his calls” she smiled but when she remembered Genny, the smile faded off.

The first class ended by 9, the second and last class is by 10.

Quincy left the class with Izzy but her mind is somewhere else.

“Should we go see Bae after the last class?” Izzy asked but she’s too lost to hear.

” Rihanna” she called, tapping her.

“Huh! ‘ she jumped.

“Holy moly, what were you thinking” Izzy said.

“Nothing” she replied with a fake smile.

Craig and Genova suddenly walked past them and Quincy stood expectantly, thinking he’ll talk to her but he didn’t.

He didn’t spare her a glance as he walked past her.

He walked away and Craig took Izzy away too.

“What?” Izzy snapped when they got to the end of the hallway.

“How could you say such a thing when students were too much at the bar yesterday?, You could have just said no” he said.

” I hate lying” she replied flatly

” Really?”

“Yeah, and why did you even pretend not to know, you kept pestering me to tell you but you knew ” she said.

” I swear it i remembered on Monday and…

“It ok, you kissed me because you were unconscious, not because you wanted to, I understand’ she replied.

“I’m sorry anyways” he said.

“Ion need it” she replied and he sighed.

He walked away afterwards and Izzy stared at him till he’s out of sight.

“He kissed me cos he was drunk, not because he wanted to” she whispered to herself and somehow, that hurts.

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