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Quincy quickly got up and her eyes widened even more.

Polly stood too, her breathing is still unbalanced.

“You…you saved me” Quincy said.

Polly rolled eyes. ” Don’t take it to heart, I did it cos I was out of my senses” she replied and Quincy hugged her.

” Thanks for saving my life, I could have cracked my head open and died” Quincy cried.

Polly pushed her from herself and glared .

“Who said you could hug me?, And are you that daft to think Molly is nice?, Oh I forgot, you won’t detect since she’s always acting like miss goody shoes” Polly scoffed, adjusting her jacket.

” She called me and told me to come meet her here, she was crying so much so I thought she really needed me and…

“Even actors and actresses shed fake tears in movies and Molly is a born actor, she’ll be the best if only she could go into acting” Polly said.

” But I got here and someone suddenly pushed me off the rails, I don’t even know who” Quincy said and Polly grabbed her.

She slammed her back on the rails hard and glared at her

“How come you’re brilliant in class when you’re as slow-witted as this, by now you don’t get who the culprit is?, Should I just throw you down by myself and let you die since your brain died already?” She said.

” You don’t mean… Molly?” Quincy said.

Polly let her go and brought out her phone.

She played a video and showed her.

It’s a video of how Molly pushed Quincy from behind and ran off afterwards.

Quincy gasped and Polly smiled.

“Ion like you one bit, I hate you like f*ck but I hate when people die unjustly and that’s why I dropped my brain to save you” she said and left.

” Molly….why would you… why me” Quincy bent beside the rails

“It was all for show, how she went on her knees to beg, it was all fake” she sniffed and looked down the road again.

“My blood will probably be staining the road by now, that sounds scary” she said, fighting back her tears.

She’s still shaking as a result of the fear.

” Quincy!!” Kimberly’s voice came.

“Kim” she muttered.

“Quincy!” Kimberly shouted when she sighted her.

She rushed to her and inhaled.

“What are you doing here?, You left the house without telling me and you left me to worry, I’ve been searching everywhere till I saw your car down there” she said and Quincy looked at her.

Seeing her red face and how she’s shivering, she got the info that she’s not ok immediately.

She quickly bent down with her and held her face.

“What happened?, Why is your face like this and why are you shivering?” She asked worriedly, rubbing her cheeks.

” Kim…I….I almost died, I almost lost my life Kim” she replied with hiccups.

” Why?, What exactly happened?” Kimberly asked.

“I’d have been dead by now if not for her, it was so scary and I was so scared Kimberly!!” She finally cried.

Kimberly hugged her, patting her back.

“It’s ok, just calm down please” she petted.



Molly got home and quickly changed her clothes, she started walking around her room restlessly.

“She should be dead by now, no one can survive falling off from that high overpass” she said to herself.

She sat in front of the mirror and brushed her hair with her fingers.

“I’m prettier than Polly, Riri is nothing compared to me when it comes to beauty and brains, if I can’t have Genny, no one will” she said to herself and smiled.

” When she dies, Genny will see me by then, I did the right thing” she smiled again.

She got her phone and clicked on gallery.

She edited many pictures of herself and Genova together, making them look like a couple.

“We’re cute together” she smiled and rubbed his face on the screen.

The rough opening of the door made her sprang up.

Polly barged in and came straight to her.

“What?, What are you doing here?” She questioned and Polly laughed loudly.

” You aren’t only capable of keeping a killer’s secret, you’re a killer yourself” she said

“What are you talking about” Molly asked.

Polly showed her the video of how she pushed Quincy and her eyes widened.

She tried to snatch the phone from her but Polly quickly took it away.

“How did you get this!” Molly said.

“I’ll always have means, I’m full of it” Polly smiled.

” Give me that!” Molly said, trying to snatch the phone from her again.

Polly pushed her and she fell on her butt.

Polly looked around her room and grimaced.

“Whoa, first time in your filthy room, it’s just like I’ve Imagined, unattractive” she said and squatted beside Molly.

” I did you a favor of showing it to Riri” she said.

” Riri?” Molly said shockingly and Polly smiled again.

” Oh I forgot to tell you, I brainlessly saved her” she said.

” What!” Molly gasped.

” I traced you out and I saw when you were making the call, shedding crocodile tears at the overpass, you only need a gun to become a serial killer right now” Polly said and stood.

” Should I just post this video on SNS?” She said.

Molly spranged up.

” No!, No don’t!” She said.

“Of course I won’t, you can’t go to jail right now, you have a greater sin to go to jail for and till I tell that greater sin to the world, you’ll get haunted by me like a ghost” Polly smirked and left the room, slamming the door behind.

Molly staggered as if she got pushed and backed the wall.

“No, this can’t be happening…no!!”



Kimberly entered Quincy’s room with her coffee and met her picking out a dress from her closet.

She did a lot before she could sleep last night, she shivered till she slept off and till now, she’s unaware of what exactly happened.

“Good morning Kim” she greeted cheerfully.

“Did you sleep well?” Kimberly asked.

“Of course” she replied, taking the coffee.

“It’s hot!” She said after taking a sip.

“It’s the best for you, and now are you ready to tell me what happened?” Kimberly asked.

Kimberly gasped after she explained.

” She tried to kill you?, You said she’s kind” Kimberly said.

“That wasn’t my best perception” Quincy said.

” We should get her arrested” Kimberly said.

” That won’t be fun, I’ll just do my thing on Monday” Quincy replied.

” It’s Saturday, are you going on a date with your fake boyfriend?” Kimberly asked.

” Reece?, He almost destroyed my phone with calls yesterday but not him, I’m going out with Polly, as Quincy” she smiled.

” Really?”

” Yeah, she loves me as Quincy but saved my life as Riri, I’m paying her back by granting one of her wishes, she said she wishes to go out with me someday” Quincy smiled.

” You got her number?”

” Sure, I texted her already and we’re meeting by 2″ she replied.

” Not bad, I’ll go mix your bath” Kimberly replied and entered the bathroom.

Quincy continued humming a tune till she successfully fished out a dress.

She took another sip from the coffee and her mind went to Genova again.

She thought of him countless times since she woke up already.

She picked her phone and made to try his number again but Reece’s call flashed on the screen.

“F*ck you!!!!” She screamed loudly.

She tried to calm down before picking.

” Hey sweetheart” she said with a smirk.

“Quincy why?, I smashed my phone cos you weren’t picking my calls and had to get another one but it was still same, I came to your house but Kimberly said you weren’t around i almost went deranged when I couldn’t see you nor hear your voice” he said and Quincy took the phone far from herself.

She covered her mouth and laughed.

“Hello?” Reece said.

She continued laughing silently.

” Please talk to me” he said again.

She stopped laughing and took a deep breath before bringing it back to her ears.

“I’m sorry but, you know I’m a model and I’m always busy with photoshoots and appointments, you should bear with me please, I love you a lot and it hurts that I have to see you seldomly too” she replied.

” You don’t have to say sorry I understand but, I just missed you like crazy, can I come see you today?” He asked.

An idea popped into Quincy’s head and she smiled

” I’ll come to your house instead” she said.

“Really?, You’re not joking are you?” He asked.

” Of course, I’ll be chanced to see my mother-in-law too” she replied.

“Gosh I can’t wait, when are you coming?” He asked

” I have an appointment by 2, I’ll be coming after I finish up by… maybe 4″ she replied.

” I’ll be expecting you” he said.

She could feel the excitement in his voice.

” Sure, see you by then” she said

“I love you” he replied.

“More from here” she said and hung up.

“Genny, don’t be surprised when you see me” she smiled.

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