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“Bae!” Izzy screamed when she showed up at her place of work

Thankfully, she’s wearing a mask, fans would have swooned around her and the fact that she didn’t call her full name also helped.

She left the shop with her and they both entered her car.

“You came at the right time, I’m done with my deliveries for today” Izzy said.

” Oh cool, can we go to somewhere and talk?” Bae asked after taking off her mask.

” About what?, Is something bothering you?” Izzy quickly asked.

“Seems like that” she replied and told her driver to drive.

They got to a park after some minutes and luckily it’s silent.

They sat on the swinging chairs and Bae sighed.

“Do you like Craig?” She asked and Izzy quickly looked at her .

“Huh?, Wae?” She asked.

“I just need to know so I’ll give up, you see…I love Craig a lot, I’ve been crushing on him since he joined the modelling industry two years ago, it’s still the same till now, nothing changed” Bae replied and Izzy smiled.

” You’re safe, I’m not into him” Izzy replied.

“Then, why did you kiss him?” Bae asked.

” It was the other way round, he kissed me and he was drunk, he confirmed it by himself that he did that cos he was drunk so no strings attached” Izzy replied .

” Jinjja? ”

” Sure, trust me” Izzy smiled and Bae hugged her.

“I’m so glad, thought you’d say you love him” she said.

Izzy smiled shortly before hugging her back.

” I’ll tell him how I feel soon, it’s not wrong to confess first right? ” Bae asked after breaking the hug.

” Of course, go for it” Izzy replied and Bae hugged her again.

” Let’s hang out tommorow, me you and Riri, I’ll tell Riri about it, you’ll be free again by this time tomorrow right? ” She asked.

” Yeah” Izzy smiled.


NEXT DAY, K group of companies**

Mr Kang smiled when his expected visitor came in.

Molly sat in front of him and he squinted.

“Why did you request that we meet in my office?” He asked.

“I think Polly is aware” she said.

” It’s impossible” he replied.

“I’m sure of it, why will she always call you a criminal ?, She calls me the accomplice of a criminal and calls me the secret keeper of a killer, all these are evidences” Molly replied.

” It’s still impossible, Polly won’t keep quiet about it if she knows, it’s been two years” he said.

” Don’t act as if you don’t know her, she keeps grudges and she’s vengeful” Molly replied.

” Stop saying trash and just leave Molly” he said

” I tried to get rid of a student who wants to take what’s mine but Polly caught me, the video is with her, destroy it if you still want your secret to be kept , and my allowance should be tripled this month” she said and someone entered.

” Max” Mr Kang said.

Mr Max Alejandro smiled

Molly stood and smiled back.

“Good day sir, I attend same school as Genny, his course mate, same year” she said cheerfully.

” I know, you’re so pretty, if only he could get a girl like you, he doesn’t seem interested in girls” Mr Alejandro replied, taking his seat.

” I’ll take my leave, have a nice talk with my dad” Molly said and left , smiling althrough.

As she walked out of the company, she suddenly saw Trinidad, going out of the company with a woman.

“What’s Trinidad doing in my dad’s company?” She wondered and snapped their pictures secretly.

” I need to investigate and get to the root of this” she smiled before leaving.


“You didn’t tell me you’d be coming” Mr Kang said.

“I needed to just come, Maybelline is returning soon and I’m somehow scared” Mr Alejandro replied.

” I knew it, that crazy woman is not to be underestimated” Mr Kang replied.

” What do I do?, She might ruin my family” Mr Alejandro said.

” Let her come first, then we know what to do” Mr Kang replied.

” she’s like tsunami, once it starts, it’ll only stop when it likes, her bad sharp mouth, her thuggery, her craziness and all, I don’t think I can wait for that” Mr Alejandro said.

” Hanna is crazy too right?” Mr Kang said.

“Don’t talk as if you don’t know Maybelline, she’s trouble, deciding to come back after so many years only means she’s coming for me” Mr Alejandro replied.

” It might not be for you, she left something behind yunno” Mr Kang replied.

” That’s true” Mr Alejandro sighed.



Molly felt the need to use the restroom after the first class.

She left the class hurriedly and went to the restroom.

She did her business and was dressing up when water landed on her from the top.

It got her clothes drenched and she looked up, the refuse from the waste bin landed on her next.

She buttoned her trousers and stepped out to see Polly and Trinidad.

“What do you two think you’re doing!” She said angrily.

” What you deserve babe , how was it” Polly grinned.

” Do you feel angry?, Punch me” Trinidad teased and Molly wished she could snap her neck.

She ignored them and walked away but she could hear their smug laughter as she walked.

*Polly you might be dying soon if you don’t learn how to stay gentle, and you Trinidad, I’ll find whatever you’re hiding and let the whole school know* she thought as she walked.



“It was so fun last night at the karaoke” Quincy said, plopping raspberries into her mouth.

She had fun with Izzy and Bae last night, they went to a lot of fun filled places.

“I know right?, Let’s go again next weekend” Bae replied.

“Heard Mr Jin resigned” Izzy said.

” He should, he wouldn’t be able to bear the shame” Bae replied and Quincy smiled, remembering it was all thanks to Genny.

Her eyes widened when she remembered she was supposed to meet him.

“I’ll be right back” she said and stood

She was heading out when she bumped into Polly.

“Who the hell is…

Polly stopped when she saw her.

” Oh…. Ri…hanna” she said awkwardly and Quincy smiled.

“Hi” she waved.

“Stop smiling will you” Polly said but Quincy only smiled wider.

” Gosh, she’s annoying” Polly said and Quincy touched her hair, rearranging it.

” It was scattered” she said after she was done.

“Thanks…. whatever” Polly replied.

*How do I behave friendly?, Why is this so hard?, Should I tell her she’s beautiful?, No I can’t start friendship with a lie, then…. she’s .. she’s what?, I should tell her I love her perfume* Polly thought and smiled shortly before walking away but she suddenly looked back.

“Hey Riwhatever” she said and Quincy faced her.

“It’s Riri, not Riwhatever” she smiled.

“I love your perfume!, No I mean I like it….a little…. bit” Polly said and rushed out of the hallway.

Quincy smiled widely and when she saw Molly just coming out of a restroom with a different clothe, she walked to her.

Molly’s heart skipped beats immediately she saw her.

“Hey… Riri” she said.

Quincy pushed her to the wall and her head slammed on it.

“Criminal” she glared and slapped her soundly.

Molly stared unbelievably.

“What did you just…do”

“I merely allowed my palm to feel the temperature of your cheek” Quincy replied and went closer.

Molly almost entered the wall.

“Thankfully I now know your true intentions but it’s never gonna come to pass, green snake, and I’ve just started cos the next time my palm makes contact with your face, you’ll be signing up for a facial surgery” Quincy said and left her.

Molly fought back her tears as she left the place.

Quincy got to the rooftop and met Genova waiting already.

“We finished the first class since thirty minutes ago, you’re late” he said, looking at the hourglass in front of him

“You even set an hourglass?” She said as she sat beside him.

” Yeah, in case of necessity you know” he replied and she took one from the two cones of ice cream with him.

” It melted already since you came late” he said.

“Ion mind, since you got it for me I’ll take it, I’ll even eat the waffle” she said and he smiled as she started eating it.

“Where’s Craig?” She asked.

“That pest, I had to leave him in the library, Mr Bong gave him some work to do so I’m kinda free from his troubles…for now” he said.

” He’s crazy but fun” she smiled, the ice cream stained her lips already.

“Did you knowingly do it?” He asked.

“What?* She faced him.

“When girls want a kiss on a date and they don’t know how to ask for it, they knowingly stain their lips with the ice cream so the guy will kiss it off for them” he said and she blinked.

The ice cream started dripping down from the cone.

He leaned in closely and her throats made sounds as she swallowed hard

His eyes looked into hers just like two days ago in his room.

He then looked back at her lips that’s cutely stained with ice cream.

She palpitated rapidly.

“Do you want me to lick it off for you?…with a kiss?” Genny asked and she froze.


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