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( S£xy Riri… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.



Quincy took in her bottom lip in embarrassment as everyone kept laughing.

“Ok… enough” the lecturer said and the laughter died down

” You came here cos of Reece?, Then I’m afraid it’ll be hard to do well” he said to Quincy.

” I’m sorry” she replied slowly with a bow .

“I don’t need it, your grades will be hurt if you continue like this, get it straight and concentrate” he replied.

” Yes sir” she bowed and sat.

” What were you thinking” Izzy whispered.

“Was just … Carried away, I’ll be more careful” she replied and tried her best to concentrate on the board.

The class ended twenty minutes later and everyone started moving out of the class to the hall where the orientation will take place.

“I came here by free admission, more like scholarship” Izzy said as she made her way to the hall with Quincy.

” You must be so brilliant” Quincy replied.

“Not like that, something actually happened between me and Polly” Izzy replied.

” Oh….” Quincy said simply.

” You….you like Reece already?, How fast” Izzy said.

” No…I’m just a big fan of him, I’m an ANJELL” Quincy replied.

” Me too, but I prefer Genova, I like his calm personality more, Reece is a flirt and I heard he’s always at Genova’s throat” Izzy replied.

” Oh… I’ve never heard” Quincy smiled.

” Actually, they have two admission batch here” Izzy said.

” I haven’t read the prospectus yet” Quincy replied.

“The first batch got admitted last month, the rich kids, Polly and the SUGAR BOYS for example”

” So…the minors like us and the scholarship students gets admitted at the second batch this month” Quincy said.

” Yes, they’ve taught half of the syllabus already before we came, advantage of being rich” Izzy said.

“And we’ll write same exams, it’s unfair” Quincy said and Izzy giggled.

” No one to complain to, we need to read well at least to get the needed CGP, library will become our best friend” Izzy said.

” I agree… Izzy” Quincy smiled.

” Rihanna, can I shorten it to Riri?” Izzy asked.

Written by Naomi Cindy B.

” Of course, I love the sound of it, call me Riri” Quincy smiled.

Someone suddenly bumped into them and they both fell.

A loud mocking laughter followed immediately.

They both looked up to see Polly and another girl who looks as wicked as her.

“Riri?, The ugly girl wants a cute nickname too…I need to laugh this out” Polly laughed.

” Poor people tend to go ahead of themselves these days, I hate it!” The second girl said and Polly laughed again.

“Trinidad wait… doesn’t she look like the ugliest thing on Earth?” Polly said.

*So she’s Trinidad, animals are much in here” Quincy thought, looking at the second girl.

” Of course, she was cursed with ugliness I think” Trinidad laughed.

Izzy stood and helped Quincy up.

” Let’s go” she said but another guy blocked them.

He looks like a complete jerk, his face is really jerky.

He started moving closer and they moved back, he kept coming closer and closer and they kept moving back too till they got to Polly and Trinidad, they got trapped in the middle.

“What have we done to you guys?” Quincy said and the guy smirked.

“Coming here with that ugly face of yours to bother Polly…. and you Izzy… coming here after making chairman slap Polly, you both are so dense, can’t you see the clear writing on the wall?, You both aren’t wanted here” he said.

” Red, I’ll handle this” Polly said and the guy smiled at her.

*Red?, Another animal, he reminds me of Jameson” Quincy thought.

” I just thought of helping” Red said and made to push them but an hand held him.

The students gasped as Craig appeared with Linabae behind him.

“You wanna die?” Red winced as Craig started squeezing his arm.

“No, but you can get a death warrant for yourself…prick!” He replied and pushed him, he staggered and almost fell.

Polly and Trinidad left immediately.

Craig looked at the two of them and sighed before walking to Genova who’s waiting not far away. They left the hallway together and entered the hall.

Linabae came to them and smiled. “Are you both ok?” She asked.

“Yes” Quincy smiled

If only you know I’m your Quincy she thought.

“Yeah” Izzy smiled.

“Be careful, only few ones are nice here” Linabae said and entered the hall too.

Izzy looked at Quincy and they went in too.

“Trinidad is Polly’s only friend, she made friends with her cos of their matching personalities” Izzy said.

” You know a lot” Quincy said.

” I read gists on the group… and about Red, he likes Polly but it’s one sided, he thinks she’ll like him back if he supports her acts, that’s why he’s always helping her bully” Izzy continued.

By now they’re inside the big hall already, filled with the freshmen.

They sat on the available back chairs and others kept pouring in till the time for the speech came up.

Mr Kang came on screen and they all clapped.

Polly smirked and stood, she started walking out.

“Polly Kang” the chaperone called and she looked back.

“I’m not ready to listen to any f*cking speech from someone I hate” she said rudely and walked out fast.

The speech started nevertheless but the students won’t stop murmuring about her rudeness.

After Mr Kang, Mr Alejandro came on screen and gave his speech too, Genova smiled as he watched him on screen.

He’s the only one who cares about him even if it’s a bit, he respects him.

The speech section ended and they were released to continue with the jubilation.

Written by Naomi Cindy B.

The students split and each department stayed on a spot.

“Polly is something else” Craig said as he walked to the business administration spot with Genova.

No answer came from Genova, Craig looked at him and saw he has his headphones on already.

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