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She was surprised to see Quincy and Izzy cos they never informed her that they’ll be coming.

They both hugged her and Izzy touched her face.

“What happened it’s swollen” she said.

“I got rejected” Bae replied.

“You confessed to Craig?” Izzy asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“So what did he say?” Quincy asked.

” He rejected me politely, saying he can’t date a celebrity like him, he says he wants an average girl” she replied.

” That’s sad, but you’ll get over it I’m sure” Quincy replied and hugged her again.

” So that’s why you weren’t in school again, the mid-semester tests is approaching, skipping classes isn’t the best” Izzy said.

” This will be my last time” Bae smiled and she showed them round her house which was all coloured black and pink.

“One won’t need a soothsayer before knowing you’re a fan of BLACKPINK” Izzy said after they finished checking out everything.

” I know right?, I nearly forgot about Trinidad, the news is everywhere even on SNS” she replied.

” What she did was bad but the bullying was badder, Maybelline college will soon be tagged as a school for bullies” Izzy said.

” Molly was the ringleader, she’s unbelievable, never knew she’s worse” Bae said.

” Let’s stop talking about that, I’m starving” Quincy said.

” I’ll tell the maids to make you guys something” Bae replied.

“No that won’t be fun, let’s all cook together, it’ll be fun that way” Izzy said

” Accepted” Bae replied.

” I can’t cook” Quincy pouted.

“You’ll learn” Izzy replied, pulling her into the kitchen while Bae came after them.



She decided to go as Quincy and the way she’s trying her best to look extra gorgeous is making Kimberly smile.

“Add more mascara to my lids” she said .

” I added enough already” Kimberly replied.

” More please” she insisted and Kimberly obeyed.

Her lids became even darker and her bows were perfectly carved.

The powder wasn’t to much but it’s beautiful.

Then Kimberly gave her lips a touch of nude lipstick.

She removed the curling pegs from her hair and her hair fell in curls on her shoulder.

She looked in the mirror and smiled.

“I’m beautiful” she said.

“Get up and dress up” Kimberly said, pulling her up

She helped her dress up in the blue short gown that has been chosen.

It’s backless as usual but it has shinny strings at the uncovered space.

A car honk from outside made her rush into her white shoes.

She took her bag and rushed out of the house.

She almost fell at the stairs as the ran.

She got out and met Genova’s car outside, he’s waiting beside it.

His eyes kept getting wider and wider as she came closer.

She’s s*xy!

From her straight fresh legs, thick hips and crazy backside, irresistible burst and her beautiful face.

Her tempting lips and curly hair.

*Did she make extra effort for this date?” He wondered

She got to him and smiled.

” You’re beautiful” he said sincerely and she smiled even wider, tucking her hair behind her ear shyly.

“Thanks” she said slowly.

“Let’s go” he said and opened the car door.

She got in and he closed it before entering through the other side.

“Jungsik restaurant” he said to his driver and he drove out of the house.

Almost immediately, Reece’s car drove in, passing by their car.

“What a narrow escape” she smiled

“Loverboy” Genova said and Quincy laughed.

They got to the restaurant and used masks before coming out of the car

They went in and a server led them to their reserved room.

They entered and their meals were taken in immediately.

The door was shut and Quincy salivated when she saw the big tuna, sitting on the table.

“Eat up” Genova said and she quickly picked her knife and fork.

She digged in and started eating fast while Genova only watched.

She won’t stop to drink water for once, she just ate without minding.

Genova smiled as he watched, concluding that she must love it a lot.

She drank wine after a while and faced him.

“It’s delicious” she said and he nodded.

“I know, judging by the way you were eating fast” he replied.

” You should eat too” she said, offering him from the fork.

” Say ha” she said.

He opened his mouth and she fed him.

He chewed slowly but it became fast when he felt it’s really delicious.

He picked his own fork and knife and started eating it.

“I knew you’d like it” she smiled, watching him eat slowly.

She admired his eating style immediately, he’s also handsome while eating.

She was unaware of when she started imagining things.

She Imagined them kissing while she’s sitting on his laps, his hands were on her backside and she was moaning gently.

She held her breath as she hallucinated but Genova suddenly tapped the table.

She spranged up and the wine with her poured on her dress.

“What were you thinking” Genova said, rushing to her.

He helped her to the bathroom.

“You can’t possibly go home in that, I’ll get you another dress from any nearby store” he said and left.

Quincy waited for him and won’t stop smiling happily every minute.

The waiting was so long that she started getting worried.

It even started raining and she got more scared.

She dialled his line but he’s not picking, that got her more worried.

She left the bathroom, used her mask before leaving the restaurant.

Not far from the restaurant, am accident just happened and people converged on the road .

“Heard his face is unrecognizable , the accident must be so fatal” a woman said, passing by.

” The driver was drunk, he should be sent to jail” the second one said.

Quincy got more scared and rushed there.

Tears fell from her eyes immediately she saw the shoes of the person.

Genova’s shoes!

The body and face has been covered and his blood mixed with the rain water, wetting the road a lot.

“No…. it’s not Genny” she thought fearfully.

Her body is already shivering as the rain drenched her.

“Genny it can’t be” she thought tearfully, looking at the shoes as she went closer to the body.

She was just a step away from the body when her phone rang.

She managed to check and when she saw it’s Genova, her eyes widened.

She slowly picked.

“G… Genny” she stuttered.

“Where are you?” He asked and she hung up.

She rushed back into the restaurant and when she entered their room and saw him, she removed her mask.

Genny was too shocked to see her wet and in tears.

“Why were you in the rain?” He asked.

Without answering, she ran to him and hugged him tightly as if he’s the air she needs to breath.

“Quincy” Genova said surprisingly as her body shivered on his own.

“I’m .. cold” she managed to talk, tightening the hug.


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