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Genny just finished practicing the lyrics of the new song for the twentieth time.

He removed his headphones and dropped his song book.

They’ll be meeting with TXT tommorow again before their fan sign event on Friday.

He sat on his bed and his eyes caught the multicoloured headphones.

He went for it and smiled continuously as he rubbed his hand on it

Quincy filled up his memory.

His eyes widened when he remembered something.

He opened his drawer and brought out the juice.

The first thing Quincy gave to him.

He opened it and drank from it.

“Genny!” Hanna’s voice beckoned from outside.

He dropped the juice and headphones before leaving the room.

“I think Reece is sick, he’s burning up real bad” she said.

“Sick?, Why?” He asked.

” His girlfriend won’t pick his calls and she’s not always at home too, she won’t reply his messages, I think it’s lovesickness” Hanna replied.

” Do I look like a love doctor?” He replied.

“Jerk!” Hanna shot and entered Reece’s room.

Genova glanced at the time, it’s 11:30

“I should be on my way to school” he said and entered his room.



Trinidad is shivering as she entered the school with Polly.

All eyes are on her but Polly held her hand more tightly.

“Don’t fidget” Polly said.

She looked at Polly and smiled nervously.

Polly suddenly pecked her cheek and she looked at her.

“That’s a reassuring peck” Polly said and Trinidad smiled more widely.

They got to the hallway that led to their class and met Molly standing with her newfound minions.

“The deceiver is back” she mocked.

“Move” Polly glared.

” Tell her to get out of this school first, she doesn’t belong here” Molly said.

” Get out of the way!” Polly said.

“What if I don’t?” Molly smiled and came closer.

She made to grab Trinidad’s hair but Polly held her hand.

“Girls!, Get her!” Molly said and her minions started dragging Trinidad.

Polly could only handle Molly, they’re too much for her.

Trinidad winced under their grip.

“Justice!!!!!” Riri’s voice screamed and everyone stopped.

Quincy stepped into the hallway with a fire extinguisher.

Polly quickly pulled Trinidad out of their midst and Quincy put on the extinguisher.

She pressed it on Molly and her gang and they all had to find the way with their hands when it got them

Their hair and whole body turned white already.

“Riri you’ll pay for this” Molly said, rubbing her eyes.

Izzy appeared and took the extinguisher from Quincy.

She pressed more on Molly’s face and Molly screamed again.

“Oh sorry, you somehow looked like fire” Izzy smiled and faced Polly.

” Let’s go” she said.

Polly smiled and pulled Trinidad along.

Quincy smiled as she left for class with them.

They got to class and settled down quickly when the lecturer came in.

Quincy looked back at Genova and he winked at her.

Her heart skipped beats and she smiled before concentrating.

Bae came late and everyone gasped.

She changed her hairstyle and added bangs this time.

She looks different and more pretty, then what she’s wearing is hard to look away from, she’s foxy.

? She looks more pretty

? I love her bangs

? Bangs was made for her.

Craig stared with wide mouth and Genova inserted a pen into his mouth.

“Concentrate, don’t swallow her with your eyes, you can’t date a celebrity like you, remember?” He said.

Craig removed the pen and rubbed his eyes.

He looked at Bae again, wondering if it’s really her.

They had two more classes after that and no breaks in-between.

“Thanks girls” Polly said after the classes.

” It’s nothing, and welcome back Trinidad” Quincy replied.

” Thanks Riri, I still have a lot to thank you and Izzy for, despite everything I did to you guys, you saved me” Trinidad smiled.

” Just hold your head up, don’t be scared” Izzy smiled and Trinidad hugged her before hugging Izzy.

“But Bae, it’s illegal to dress to kill like this, seriously you should keep doing bangs” Polly said.

” I know I’m pretty” Bae smiled.

“Someone is being cocky” Quincy said and they all laughed before leaving the class together.

They went for dance practice together and Genny was the first to leave after the practice, making Quincy wonder why.

She got a text from him and smiled after checking.


“Loverboy” she said and got in the car.

“How was today?” Kimberly asked.

“Splendid” she smiled as Kimberly drove.



Quincy couldn’t wait to see Genova again, she needs to admit that she misses him

Yeah it’s crazy and she’s admitting that too.

She kept swiping her phone screen, reading comments on the trending pictures.

The Choi family posted the pictures and also tweeted about how Genova paid the bills.

The comments are so sweet and the pictures are trending, Genova will surely get more fans with this.

She looked at his eyes in the picture and smiled.

“He’s cute” she said, looking at herself beside him, wishing she hadn’t used mask.

“Don’t take too long” Kimberly said.

“Sure” she replied and went into the house.

” Quincy!” Hanna said shockingly when she appeared.

“Heard my sweetheart is sick” she smiled.

“He has been sick since he hasn’t been able to speak with you, thanks for coming Quincy” she replied, giving her an hug before leading her to Reece’s room.

Reece sprang up from the bed immediately he saw her.

“Quincy” he said, rushing to give her an hug.

Hanna left the room.

“I missed you like mad” he said.

“Same here sweetheart, I’m so sorry I know you’re mad at me” Quincy replied.

” I’m not mad at you, I’m just glad you finally came but at least, try to reply my messages if you can’t pick calls, I understand you” he replied.

She smiled, trying to break the hug but he held tight.

He only broke it when he dimmed fit.

He held her face and smiled, looking into her eyes.

“I missed you” he said.

“I’ll make you heal up with my stay” she smiled.

“There’s something in your hair” he lied and pretended like he really wants to remove something.

He leaned in, raising his hand to her hair but immediately his hand touched it, he pulled her closer forcefully and smashed his lips on hers.

Her bag fell from hers and her eyes widened.

Genova came in that moment and his eyes almost left their sockets in disbelief.

Quincy pushed Reece away and faced the door to see Genova standing, looking at them.

“Genny” she muttered shockingly.

Genova left the room immediately.

“Genny I can explain it’s not what you think” Quincy said, wanting to rush after him but Reece pulled her back.

“Explain what?” He asked.


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