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Trinidad looked at Izzy and Izzy turned to Bae, Bae to Polly and they all looked at Quincy.

She’s holding her spoon to her food but she’s not moving, she’s staring into space.

“She’s totally out of it” Polly said.

“Take that spoon from her” Izzy said and Polly took the spoon from Quincy but her hand remained the way it is, she didn’t move at all.

“Sprinkle water on her” Izzy said.

Trinidad sprinkled some water but she’s still the same.

“Should I call the ambulance?” Bae asked.

“No it’s not that serious” Izzy replied.

“Not it’s f*cking serious, this babe is in Serengeti already” Bae said and Izzy laughed.

” You and your Serengeti stuff” she said.

” Riri!!!!!!!!” Polly screamed

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to their table and Quincy spranged up.

“Huh?, Who called me?” She said.

Izzy pulled her back to her seat.

” Welcome, how was the trip to Serengeti?” She asked.

“Serengeti?, I didn’t go to Africa” she replied in confusion.

” You went farther than Africa!, Do you know how many minutes we spent trying to bring you back?” Bae said.

” I don’t have an appetite guys” she said and left the cafeteria.

She went to the rooftop and sat there.

She kept trying his line but it’s still off and that has been making her restless since it happened.

She brought out the small hourglass from her pullover pocket and stared at it, folding her palm on it.

“I miss him badly” she said to herself.

“Pretty fool” his voice called and she looked sidewards to see him sitting beside her

“Genny” she smiled happily.

He has the usual beautiful smile on his face and she made to touch him quickly but he vanished with the air.

It’s hallucination.

She looked at her palm and cursed Reece under her breath.



Polly is ready to go to the studio but surprisingly, she couldn’t find her outfits.

She got it ready since it has been chosen but now it’s missing in her closet.

She still checked it out last night before sleeping.

She kept throwing out everything in her closet till she got to the base.

“No…. This can’t be happening… I should be on my way to the studio right now…. My outfits! ” She almost cried, still searching frantically.

She started sweating profusely, twenty minutes later, there’s still no success.

She got suspicious and left her room, she went to Molly’s but it’s locked.

She’s not around.

Polly went for the extra keys that’s with her and opened Molly’s door.

She found the bag of clothes on Molly’s bed.

She rushed to it and opened it but to her shock, the clothes are all in shreds.

Molly tore them all and even left the scissors there.

“What’s…what’s this” Polly said, holding up the tattered dresses one by one.

“Molly!!!!!” She screamed.

Her phone buzzed and she stood, dipping her fingers into her hair as she walked around the room.

It’s a message from Molly.

**I’m not sorry**

Polly started with Molly’s dressing mirror, she shattered it and pushed down her shoe rack

She went into her bathroom and got water.

She came back and poured it all on the bed, wetting it badly.

She wet the walls too and wet all the clothes in her closet.

She went to the kitchen and got a knife.

She came back and started stabbing the bed angrily, imagining it as Molly.

Her phone rang and she threw it away.

She continued stabbing and when she felt it’s in enough tatters, she got off the bed and made to enter the bathroom again when her eyes caught her phone screen on the ground.

It’s Quincy’s manager calling. Kimberly.

She quickly took the phone and picked fearfully

“Quincy is waiting already and the reps from Dior, why aren’t you here yet?” Kimberly said.

” I’m so sorry manager Kim, something happened with my outfits and…

“Come fast, outfit or no outfit, ten minutes” Kimberly said and hung up

Polly rushed out of the room and went for her car keys.

She rushed out of the house and drove roughly down the road.

She cut all the traffic rules and got the cops on her tail but she drove them crazy till she lost them.

She got to FIRST FACES studios and the reporters worsened everything.

They’re in front of the studio already and immediately she stepped out of the car, they surrounded her.

They started pouring questions on her which she couldn’t concentrate to answer.

They wouldn’t make way for her to go in too.

“Shit” she said silently.

Not until Kimberly came out with some guards, she was taken in.

“That room” Kimberly said and she followed her direction.

Thirty minutes later, she came out different.

Her face has been dolled up and she’s wearing a short black gown, her hair was straightened and it changed texture, falling down her shoulders silkily.

She’s hot.

She’s wearing a fluffy shoe but when she got to the first stage, she changed into the Dior shoes, she was given the bag too.

Quincy came out and Polly smiled.

They both took poses and the photoshoot started immediately.

They snapped with the perfume next then they went with tomboy style, they wore the belt and cap then the sneakers.

The shoot went on till past 8pm and they finished very exhausted.

Quincy never bothered to talk to Polly, she wanted to get in her car and leave but Polly rushed after her.

“Is something wrong with my mentor?” She asked.

Quincy smiled shortly.

” Slight headache” she replied sincerely .

“I’m so sorry about that, you should take medications please” Polly said.

” I’ll do that, thanks for your concern Anna” Quincy smiled.

” Thanks for covering up for me even when I brought nothing” Polly said.

” It’s nothing, the money has been wired already” Quincy replied.

” Really?, I didn’t check” Polly replied.

“Since two nights ago” Quincy replied.

“I’ll check, just take care of yourself for me” Polly said

“Sure, you too….bye” Quincy replied and got in her car.

Kimberly drove off and Polly checked her account balance.

“OMG!” She screamed.



“Look if you get sick again I’ll really get mad at you, what’s up with your body temperature again, you’re burning up seriously” Kimberly said, sitting beside Quincy on her bed.

” I dunno too” Quincy replied weakly.

“Then eat at least, then you can take drugs, you haven’t eaten since last night” Kimberly said.

” I ate ramen this morning” she replied.

“Just two forklifts Quincy, two” Kimberly said.

” Leave me alone, my head is pounding” Quincy replied.

“Is this really about Genny?” Kimberly asked.

“Go away Kimberly” Quincy replied, closing her eyes.

” So because his line is off since he saw Reece kissing you, you became like this, oh Quincy come on you’re f*cking in love again” Kimberly said.

” I know” Quincy replied .

” Really?” Kimberly said.

Quincy’s phone suddenly rang and she ignored it

“Must be Reece, I hate him” she said.

“No it’s his twin” Kimberly said.

“Which twin?” Quincy asked.

” Does he has any other twin?” Kimberly said.

” Genny?” Quincy said.

“I swear it” Kimberly replied and Quincy sat up swiftly and snatched the phone from her

It’s really Genny.

She picked quickly and her heartbeat echoed in her ears.

“Genny I’m sorry I … It wasn’t willingly, he kissed me forcefully and….

“I’m in front of your house right now, can you come out?, I need to see you before I lose my sanity” he said.

” My house?, The front?, The front of my house?” She said unbelievably, getting off bed.

She put on her shoes wrongly, wearing the right on the left and the left on the right.

She ran out of the room like flash.

“Quincy don’t hurt yourself … Quincy!” Kimberly shouted after her.

She got to the front of the house and truly he’s there, standing beside his white car.

Her heart danced in her chest and she threw down her phone.

She ran madly to him, her free b**bs dangling in her nightie as she did.

Genova Imagined her in a slow mo as she ran.

He smiled handsomely.

She finally got to him and jumped on him , folding her legs on his waist before hugging him possessively.

Genova held her hips like his possession.

Her soft enormous br*asts pressed on his chest and he closed his eyes on her shoulders as he moved his hands to her back, pressing her more tightly to himself.

He couldn’t concentrate at the studio today and he had to try everything possible so he wouldn’t ruin things.

She was her in his heart, mind and head althrough.

Now that he has her in his arms, he feels like he’s Genny again.

Quincy broke the hug slowly.

Genny’s hands returned to her hips and they looked at each other in the eyes.

Quincy leaned in and kissed his brows.

“I missed you a lot today” she whispered.

” Your thoughts occupied my day , you unlocked something in me I think” he said and she traced his brows with her thumbs.

Genova hugged her again and his lips found it’s way to her neck, he kissed it gently.


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