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“Quincy don’t tell me you’re still awake” Kimberly said from the door.

” Genny promised to call but he hasn’t, and I’ve been calling him but he’s not picking his calls, I’m worried” she replied.

Kimberly came in and met her walking around the room, dialling Genova’s line.

“Calm down he’s fine” she said.

“I can’t calm down Kim, I know he’s not busy, if he was gonna practice with Reece, he’d have told me, my heart is beating so fast right now I’m scared, so scared, I have a feeling he’s not ok” Quincy replied.

” He’s still not picking?” Kimberly asked as she dialled his line again.

” Kimberly he’s not picking what do I do” she replied, wearing her slip-on shoes.

She made to rush out but Kimberly held her.

“Where do you think you’re going” she said.

“To the Alejandro’s mansion” she replied.

“Are you crazy?, After you’ve told Reece that you’re currently in Australia?, Come on” Kimberly said.

” Then I’ll go as Riri, where’s my wig and…my glasses, my skirt…

“Quincy just stop!” Kimberly yelled.

“I can’t stop Kim!, I’m telling you I have a feeling that he’s not ok please don’t stop me” Quincy sniffed.

” Hey don’t tell me you wanna cry” Kimberly said, looking at her already glassy eyes.

Quincy wiped the tears before they’ll fall.

“This is serious” Kimberly said.

“I’ll call Craig then” Quincy said and dialled his line.

Craig picked shortly.

” Riri are you able to contact my sweetheart?” He asked straight.

” No, that’s why I called you, he’s not picking my calls” she replied fearfully.

” Same here” Craig replied and Quincy finally let out her tears.

“Kimberly he said he’s not picking his calls either, something is wrong somewhere what’s happening!!” She cried, wiping her tears.

” I’ll call Reece and ask him, I’ll let you know what’s up” Craig said and hung up.

Quincy stopped crying and Kimberly held her already shaking hand as they stared at her phone screen together, waiting for Craig’s call.

Three minutes later, he called again .

“What did Reece say?” Quincy asked immediately.

“He said he rushed out of the house about two hours ago, he drove out of the house roughly and is not back yet” Craig replied.

” This is some minutes after 10″ Quincy said.

” I think something must be wrong” Craig said and Quincy threw her phone down.

” I said it, something is wrong with my sunshine” Quincy said and ran out of the room.

Kimberly picked her phone and rushed after her.

They both got in the car and Quincy drove for the first time, it was rough and Kimberly had to hold something as they drove to the road that led to cosmos estate.

Quincy literally jumped out of the car and took his phone from Kimberly, she started trying his line again but he still won’t pick.

“Why is he not picking and where is he right now?, Why did he leave the house I can’t even guess anything I just want to see him badly, Genny!!!” She cried.

” It’s late stop crying here Quincy, he’s not a toddler I’m sure he’s fine” Kimberly pacified but it’s useless.

She continued crying.

“Do you have the tracking device on your phone?” Kimberly asked.

” I dunno!!” Quincy cried.

Kimberly took the phone and luckily it has the device.

“What did you save his line with?” She asked.

“My sunshine” Quincy replied in tears.

” Let’s hope his location is on” Kimberly said and inserted his number.

” Hey I got it” she smiled.

Quincy wiped her tears and came closer.

“He’s not far from Maybelline college” Kimberly said as the red icon beeped on a particular spot.

Quincy made to go to the driver’s seat but Kimberly pulled her back.

“Go to the other side, dying at 38 is what i didn’t sign for” she said and Quincy obeyed.

Kimberly drove to the road and they got down from the car, looking around.

“He’s around here” Kimberly said.

“But there’s no one like him here” Quincy said.

” Be calm Quin” Kimberly replied.

” His car” Quincy said, seeing Genova’s blue Maserati at the base of the overpass.

She rushed there but he’s not in.

She looked at the overpass again and without thinking twice, she climbed it.

Kimberly followed closely.

Quincy felt so relieved when she saw Genova on top, he’s sitting on the ground, backing the rails.

His legs were folded so his knees propped up and he buried his face on it.

“Genny!” She gasped, running to him.

Hearing her voice, Genny found it hard to look up, his face is an handful of tears already.

Quincy got to him and squatted in front of him.

“Baby what’s wrong?, Why are you here?, Genny” she said.

He refused to move.

” Genova … Baby love… Please look at me she begged.

Genova moved slightly.

“I’ve been searching for you like crazy, I knew you weren’t ok and I thought something bad happened to you, I called more than fifty times but you refused to pick up, and now I found you but you’re refusing to look at me, stop making me feel like crying again” she said pathetically.

He looked up slowly and her eyes widened when she saw his teary face.

“Genny” she gasped shockingly.

“Did you cry?, Why?” He asked.

Quincy held his face immediately.

” What the heck happened, why are you in tears?, Why is your face teary?” She asked.

“Quincy” he whispered.

” Huh?” She replied.

“I was abandoned” he smiled sadly.

“I don’t understand”

“I’m not Reece’s twin” he said.

” What’s that supposed to mean” she said slowly

” Hanna is not my mum, Reece is her only son, my mum abandoned me since I was born Quincy, that explains why I’ve always been treated like an outcast” he said.

” Where did you ear this from?” She asked gently.

” I eavesdropped on dad and Hanna in his room some hours ago” he replied.

Quincy looked up at Kimberly who has been staring at them.

Kimberly sighed.

Quincy looked back at Genova and ran out of ideas on what to do first.

She gently started wiping his tears with her thumbs till she wiped it all.

“You have me” she said, looking directly into his eyes.

“I don’t like the hopeless look in your eyes, don’t be like this” she said..

“Quincy I..

“Shhhh, don’t talk please, just lean on me” she intruded and hugged him gently .

” Don’t think of anything else, close your eyes and blank your head” she said.

He hugged her back, closing his eyes like she said.

He tried not to think of anything and he stayed that way for long.

Quincy kept patting his back slowly and that helped a great deal.

When she broke it after close to ten minutes, he looked better.

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“I love you, keep remembering that” she said.

He smiled lightly and she stood.

She gave him an hand and he took it slowly.

She pulled him up and stroked his hair.

“Good boy” she smiled.

“You look like one cute fine fresh apple” she said and he smiled.

“Should I start calling you my Apple?” She said.

He continued smiling.

” Don’t you dare cry anymore, promise me” she said.

“I won’t” he replied.

” You better” she said sternly and he finally laughed at her sternness.

“Yeah that’s what I wanted to see” she smiled.

She held his hand and pulled him down the place while Kimberly followed behind.

“I’ll come in your car Quincy, you should come with him” she said when they got to the base.

” Sure” Quincy smiled and Kimberly left for Quincy’s car.

Genova got into his car with Quincy.

“Hey you’re sitting on the driver’s seat” he said.

“I’m not a learner, I can drive too” she winked and drove off..

“How did you find me?” He asked.

“I should really thank the one who invented the tracking device on phones, Kimberly tracked your phone” she replied.

He brought out his phone from his jacket pocket.

” 41 missed calls from you” he said.

“I nearly went crazy, only Kimberly can tell” she replied.

” Craig called … 42 times” he said.

” What!, How dare he do that” she replied, stopping the car abruptly.

” What did he do?” He questioned.

” What right does he has to call you 42 times when I called 41 times” she said.

” He’s my bestie, my only friend” he replied.

“And I’m your girlfriend!, Your only girl!” She said.

“He’s just worried” he said.

” And I was more worried!, I cried and Kimberly was unable to stop me, if people go crazy immediately their heads gets messed with, I’d be a psycho by now” she said.

” Really?” He said.

She faced him.

” Yes!, I nearly went to your house as Quincy despite the fact that I told Reece I’m currently in Australia, I drove for the first time in my life because I wanted to just make sure I see you and make sure you’re fine, I was so….

Genova cut her off with a kiss on the lips immediately.

He smiled after breaking it.

“The fact still remains that you’re a part of my life, and he’s a part of my life too” he said and she scoffed.

” But the truth is, you’re the absolute best part of my life pink” he said and she blushed hotly.

” Whatever” she said, hiding her cheeks.

“I was crying and sulking like a baby a while ago, but you came and did the magic of wiping and stopping my tears, you made me smile again and I even laughed, you’re my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to colour my sky” he said and she smiled.

” A sea of whiskey would never be as intoxicating as a drop of you Quin” he said, making her blush more and this time she didn’t try to cover up.

“I love you… from my head tomatoes” he said.


“I love you from my head to my toes, tomatoes” he said and she laughed.

” You’re something else Genny, how could you make me blush heavily in just a few minutes.. gosh!” She smiled.

” You were getting jealous of Craig, I had to make you smile for me” he said and she smiled again.

She resumed driving and in few more minutes, they got to her place.

“Did he tell you…who your real mother is?” She asked.

” No, I was too hurt to listen, but I’ll go back tomorrow, to get my important things” he said

” You’re leaving the house?” She asked.

“Yeah, I told you recently that i have a feeling I’ll be leaving the house soon, I have my own residence” he said.

” Where?” She asked.

” Not far from Craig’s place” he replied.

” So…will you listen to your dad tommorow?” She asked.

“I will, he needs to tell me where the wicked mother of mine is” he replied and they got out of the car .

” Kim we’re back” Quincy announced.

“After several centuries” Kimberly replied and Genova giggled.

” It’s good to see the crybaby smiling” Kimberly said.

” “I’m not a crybaby” he replied.

” Goodnight Kim!” Quincy said, pulling him upstairs.

” Are you gonna shower?” She asked.

“Yeah, I love cold night showers” he replied.

” I’ll mix a cold bath for you” she said and entered the bathroom.

He sat on the bed and sighted Romeo and Juliet on the bedstand.

He took it and she came out

“You’re not done yet?” He asked.

“Sadly yes” she replied.

He stood, dropping it on the bed.

” Here” she said, giving him a new towel.

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