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. IN
( S£xy Riri… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.






Maybelline rushed in and stopped on her tracks when she saw the scene.

People already converged around, watching the spectacle.

She knew immediately that it’s game over, nothing to cover anymore.

?Are they brothers?

? They must be twins

? Genny is a twin?

? There’s no difference besides their clothes and the beret one of them is wearing.

? Which is the real Genny?

? I dunno.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me? ….” Geneva said confusedly.

Genova’s eyes are still bulgy.

Maybelline stepped in, standing between them

“Mum?, Why am I seeing my f*cking self right now?” Geneva said.

” Your brother” she replied calmly.

“The one you told me you left in Korea with Dad?, He is?” He asked.

“Yes” Maybelline replied carefully.

” But how come he’s another version of me?, We’re same” he said.

” He’s actually…..your…twin” Maybelline said and Geneva gasped.

“Twin?, I’m a twin?”

“Yes honey, I….

” What’s… happening?, Did I just hear you right Mrs Maybelline?” Genova said and Maybelline faced him.

“Genova I….I’m…I dunno how to explain this but….can you follow me to Max’s place?” She said.

” My dad?” He asked.

” Yes, that’s the only way to understand this” she said, holding his arm.

She held Geneva by the other hand and took them both out of the mall.

People are still busy snapping their pictures till they got to the park.

“I’ll drive with him” Geneva said, entering Genova’s car with him.

Maybelline got in her car too and drove off first.

Genova held the steering without moving.

Geneva looked at him and smiled.

Since he grew up, his mum has already told him he has a brother in Korea and he has always wanted to meet him, little did he know that they’re actually twin brothers and they darn look the same.

“So…your name is Genova, mine is Geneva… Nova and Neva, f*ck! this is thrilling and shocking and surprising and…..call it anything but I love how this turned out, you must be a celebrity, girls mistook me for you and started chanting Genny after me… Genny and Gennie sounds same so I mistook it for me but now I know better” he said to Genny who’s still staring into space.

When he saw he didn’t answer, he poked his cheek and Genny woke from his thoughts.

“Hi Nova, I’m Neva, your twin” Neva waved.

” When did you get in my car” Genova said.

“Since ages?” Geneva smiled.

Genova started staring at him again, wondering if he’s really not hallucinating.

“You need to drive, mum left since long ago” he said.

Genova sighed and pressed the ignition, driving away.

” But seriously I like you” Neva said.

Genova sighed again and just concentrated on driving.

“Are you snubbing me?, I just said I like you” Neva said again.

Genova refused to reply, he has a lot of things going on in his mind right now.

Neva grabbed the steering wheel from him and brought the car to an halt.

“What?” Genova asked.

“I like you” Neva winked.

“Congratulations” Genova replied.

” If you know the kind of twin brother you have, you won’t be talking this way” Neva smiled.

Genova tried to start driving again but Neva held his hands.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Genova said.

“Tell me you like me too or we’re not leaving this place today” Neva replied.

” Are you crazy?” Genova said.

” Maybe” Neva winked.

” Let go of me”

” Tell me you like me”

” Let go of me!” Genova snapped.

” Make me” Neva smiled.

Genova started struggling to break free and when he finally did it, Neva slipped his arm on his neck, trapping him.

“Stop this shit!” Genova struggled.

“I love shit!” Neva winked, locking his neck tighter.

” I’ll kill you” Genova said, sweating already.

Neva sniffed his scent.

” Lavender chamomile?, Damn!, I use same lotion how is this even possible” he said.

” Let me go” Genova said.

Neva only tightened the lock.

” Aaarrrrgg!!!!!!” Genova screamed.

“Just tell me you like me too and we’re good” Neva said.

” Ahhhhhh!!!” Genova continued screaming.

Neva tightened it even more.

“I like you ok?” Genova said when he felt himself choking.

Neva let him go and smiled.

He brought out his phone and played it.

“I like you ok?” Genova’s voice said.

He actually recorded it.

“Our voices sound same too, jeez! But your voice is slightly cooler and I love it, I’ll always play this” he said, replaying it.

Genova resumed the drive and Neva sighted multicoloured headphones.

He took it. “Whoa!, You love headphones like me too?”

“Drop that it’s special” Genova replied and tried taking it but Neva hid it.

” From your girlfriend?” He asked.

” Just drop it” Genova replied.

” Tell me who it’s from and I’ll give it back” Neva replied.

” Drop it I mean it”

” I’m not dropping it I mean it”

“Geneva it’s not funny”

“Genova I find this funny like hell” Neva winked again.

“Gimme the headphones”

“No, who’s it from?”

Genova continued driving without answering.

They got to the Alejandro’s mansion and Genova got down from the car Immediately.

Reporters are everywhere already.

Neva came out too and held Nova.

“Let me go” Nova rolled eyes slightly.

“No oppa” Neva bit his lip as the reporters surrounded them.

?️Are you both really twins?

?️ What of Reece?

?️ Who’s the real Genny?

?️ Who’s the new one?

“Ok I’m Geneva, the new one…call me Neva or Gennie for short, and he’s my twin brother, Genova, Nova or Genny for short” Neva said, holding Genny tighter.

He pulled Genova in after that, ignoring the questions of the reporters till they got in.

Max is in the living room with Maybelline.

“Geneva” Max said guiltily, walking to him.

“Stop” Neva said.

Max stopped, looking at him.

“You’re the useless bastard who made mum leave Korea” he said.

” Geneva I’m…

“If you say sorry I swear I’mma punch the hell outta your crappy face” Neva interrupted.

” Geneva it wasn’t entirely my fault I…

” You need the punch I think” Neva said and charged towards him but Maybelline held him.

“Let me go mum!, You told me this drunkard would always beat you cos of one crazy Hanna and that’s why you were forced to leave Korea with only me, you left Nova behind cos of him!” He yelled.

” But still, you can’t hit your dad” she replied calmly.

“Dad?, Who told you I’m ready to accept a bastard as my dad?, Never” he replied.

Maybelline faced Genova who’s busy putting everything he’s hearing together and luckily, he was able to understand.

She walked to him and held his face gently.

“My baby” she smiled.

“You left me cos he …. He always bullied you, you left me for England” he said hurtfully.

” I’m so sorry honey, trust me a day hadn’t passed by without thinking of you, I just waited for the perfect time to come back” she said, her eyes glossy with tears.

” Do you know how much I suffered?, Watching Hanna showering affection on Reece while I got none, watching Reece taunting me always, do you know the amount of pains I do pass through everyday?, Do you know how much I craved for motherly love?, I f*cking suffered” he said, hiccuping as his tears threatened to fall.

“I know, and I’m sorry, I know I’m worthless and don’t deserve your forgiveness but please….

Genova closed his eyes and Maybelline waited patiently.

Max is still standing on his spot, looking at the scene in front of him.

When Genova opened his eyes, he walked out of the house.

“Don’t come near us, I wasn’t joking about punching you and anytime I come across that f*cking Reece or mad Hanna, jeez!, Just wait” Geneva said and rushed after Genny.

Maybelline faced Max with a sad smile, she has tears in her eyes already.

“You irritate me” she said.

“May I’m sorry, I was just a young man, blind and oblivious of what he wanted” he replied.

” To hell with you!, It was an arranged marriage and you acted like you really wanted it, you were acting all lovey dovey and I even asked if you had a girlfriend so I could step out cos I hate overtaking but you said no, but after we got married, you changed drastically….you turned to a drunkard and you thrashed the hell out of me everyday even when I was pregnant with my twins Maxwell!, You f*cking monster!” She yelled at his face.

” May … I know I deserve everything you…

“Of course you do!, You almost ended my life cos of Hanna, your secret lover whom you got married to immediately after I left, you forged my signature into the divorce papers and made it look like I’m out of the marriage even when I’m not, you’re wicked!”

” I know” Max replied at the verge of tears too.

” I came back for my son and I’ll do everything to get his forgiveness, and for my share of the company, we started together so I’m getting my share definitely” she said and turned to go.

Max held her but she hit her bag on his face and he let her go.

“Touch me again and you’ll spend the next three days with your back on the bed” she glared and stormed out.

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