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Kimberly payed for the things she got and was heading out of the store when she bumped into someone.

Her bag fell and she bent down to pick the fallen things.

“I’m sorry…so sorry” the male voice said, picking the things with her.

When they were done picking, they stood at a time and when Kimberly beheld him, she blinked severally.

He’s handsome!

“I’m really sorry, I wasn’t really concentrating” he said with a dashing smile.

” Oh it’s fine” she smiled.

“It’s obvious you’re not a Korean” he said.

“Yeah, I’m an Australian” she replied.

” Oh…I see, by the way I’m Asbel” he extended an hand.

“Oh….Kim…berly” she replied awkwardly, taking the hand.

It’s damn soft.

“I gat to go now” she smiled.

He only smiled as she started walking to her car.

She was about to open the car door when he came to her.

“Hey Kim”

She faced him.

“I’d love to hear your voice again, you don’t mind letting me have your contact number right?” He asked and she looked at him.

She shyly slipped a piece of her brown hair behind her hair before taking his phone.

She typed her number and gave it back.

“Thanks” he smiled as she got in her car.



They both just finished arranging Neva’s things and Genova fell exhausted on the couch.

Neva fell on top of him.

“You’ve done enough pest, f*ck off” Genova breathed.

“How do I say f*ck off in Korean?”

” kkeojyeo” Genova replied.

” How do I say idiot?”

” baegchi”

” baegchi, I’ll start calling you that” Neva winked.

“Sure, if you’re ready to lose two front tooth” Genova replied, trying to push him off but he held tight.

“Let’s cuddle” Neva said.

“Do I look like Jules?, Get off me pest” Genova replied.

“Just Imagine me as Quincy and I’ll Imagine you as Jules,case closed” Neva winked.

” I’m not in, and we’re not gays” Genova replied.

“baegchi, does it matter?, But Nova” Neva said.

” What? ” Nova replied.

” When are you gonna talk to mum?, You should make it snappy, she’s so sad that you haven’t, I wish you knew how she always talked about you in England, I got jealous of you when it became too much, thinking she loves you more, but here she is now and you’re not even talking to her, I’m sad when she’s sad so please…do talk to her you know I love you” Neva said and Nova giggled.

” Get off me first” he said.

” Promise me you’ll talk to mum” Neva said.

” I will, now get off me”Nova replied.

Neva gave him a peck on the cheek before standing.

“We should eat dinner early so we’ll read overnight, I don’t want to fail the test” Neva said.

The doorbell rang and Neva rushed to open the door, meeting Craig.

“Which are you?” Craig asked.

“Who are you?” Neva replied.

“Who am I in my bestie’s house?” Craig laughed.

” What’s funny?” Geneva arched a brow.

“It’s obvious you’re the newbie” Craig said.

“New… newbie?” Neva said.

” New England wine” Craig winked.

“Craig?” Geneva appeared.

” I’m not important to you anymore right?, I’m angry with you and you couldn’t even come to pet me” Craig pouted.

” I’m sorry bestie, this pest here took all my time and I didn’t even have time for myself” Nova replied and made to pull Craig in but Neva stood between them.

” Let him come in by himself, you’re not allowed to make contact with any guy except me” he said.

” Wait…why is he behaving like a kid” Craig said.

” First was newbie and now I’m a kid, nice shot” Neva smiled.

Craig came in and Genova hugged him.

“I’m sorry I was occupied..I’m sorry about everything ok?” He said.

” It’s ok” Craig smiled and they broke the hug to meet Neva’s glare.

“First was newbie, second was kid, and now you hugged my moonshine, ion like you” he said.

” He’s my sweetheart before you came, he’s mine” Craig replied.

” Yours?, So because he’s your bitterheart, he’s yours?”

” I said sweet, your ear must have been addled by much greasy food in England” Craig said.

” What the freaking f*ck, now I’m at the edge, get out of this house” Neva said.

” Make me do that” Craig replied.

” Get out”

” Make me”

” Get out!”

” F*ck off!”

Genova held his head, staring at them frustratedly.

“baegchi” Neva said.

“baboo” Craig replied.

” Nova what did he just say?” Neva asked.

“He just called you a fool” Genova replied, climbing upstairs

“Fool what….d*ckhead I’ll kill you! Neva said, going after Craig who ran upstairs.

Genova entered his room and closed the door before he got there.

“Genny open this door!” He banged on it.

Neva got to him and carried him, lifting him off the ground.

“Genny!!!” Craig screamed as Neva took him downstairs.



Genova woke up to see Geneva sleeping in front of him.

They both didn’t sleep on the bed.

They slept off on the reading table.

He smiled and studied his facial features very well, trying to detect a different but not even a single one.

He got his phone and played a loud alarm.

Neva spranged up.

“Is it time already?, Why are there mornings, it’s so much work” he stretched like a starfish.

” Lazy ass, go to your room and bath” Nova said.

” Let’s bath together” Neva winked.

“michyeosseo?” Nova glared.

” What’s the meaning of that?”

“I’m not in the mood to translate this morning” Nova replied, pushing him out of the room.

He entered the bathroom immediately and came out clean after a while.

He dressed up, wearing jean trousers on a white shirt then a black leather jacket.. he used stud and and checked himself out in the mirror.

He smiled handsomely.

He wasn’t chanced to call Quincy last night all because of his crazy pest.

Geneva came in, wearing same thing.

“No you can’t do this, go change” Nova said, pushing him out.

“No dude, I never knew you were gonna be wearing same I swear”. Neva said sincerely.

” So what are we gonna do” Genova replied.

“We’re brothers, wearing matching outfits is not an abomination, grow up man” Neva winked.

” I know, but not when we have same face” he said.

“Our shoes are different” Neva retorted.

” Still….

“Ok let’s do it this way” Neva said and took off his jacket.

He brought out a black beret and wore it.

“Now?” He asked.

“Not bad” Nova replied.



Geneva’s black Bentley pulled up at the parking lot and they both came out at a time.

It’s as if girls has been waiting for them.

They screamed out at once, almost bringing down the whole school with screams.

? Gennie and Genny!

? Who’s who?

? I just wanna date Neva if he’s still available

? Two angels!

? I love them!

? Those faces aren’t real!, I can’t believe this.

? I wanna faint.

? I’m dying!

“The girls here aren’t hot” Neva said.

“Set them on fire then” Nova rolled eyes.

The next car that came to an halt proved Neva wrong.

Out of it, came Polly.

She’s wearing a short leather skirt but she used net body socks.

Then a tank top that slightly revealed her toned stomach.

Her hair is down, falling freely on her shoulders.

She flaunted her hair and stylishly bent back into the car to carry her backpack.

That revealed the golden coloured beads on her waist.

“Oh murder me” Neva gasped.


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