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( S£xy Riri… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.







“Oh murder me” Neva said, holding Nova.

Polly’s waist beads shone more as he stared more, they look attractive on her waist and it made her waist look more s*xy.

Polly carried her backpack and closed the car door.

She faced them and flashed a killer smile.

“My legs are leaving the ground, she just swept me off my feet please tell her to stop smiling it’s too dangerous” Neva said, holding Nova tighter.

” Hey guys, who’s Genny?” Polly asked, finally getting to them.

Genova waved.

” Congratulations on finding your mum and real twin” she said.

” Thanks” Nova smiled and Polly faced Neva.

” Hi newbie” she waved.

” Newbie?, I wanted to tell you how s*xy you are but now I won’t, I hate the sound of that word, newbie” Neva said.

” You’re a newbie, what’s wrong with calling you that?, You’re new in Korea and you’re new in Maybelline” Polly raised a brow.

” Don’t call me newbie, ion like it” he replied.

Polly smirked

” By the way, I love your waist beads, they look s*xy” he said and Polly gasped.

She pulled up her skirt to cover her revealing tummy.

“Pervert!” She shot him an icy glare.

“I was just complementing, in England if I complement a girl, she dare not go without offering me her heart but I’m an holy guy, ion f*ck around, I was expecting you to say… thanks, I love you but you called me a pervert, well… everyone says that so I’m not surprised” he winked.

” As expected you’re an asshole, Genny is cool so I wasn’t expecting his twin to be cool too, it all stops at the face you share with him, you’re a jerk!” Polly said and flaunted her hair at his face.

It hit his face and she walked away.

Geneva giggled silently but suddenly stopped.

“I didn’t ask for her name, she must be something like Stonia or Frankie cos she looks feisty and sassy, Nova is she in our department?” He asked but Genova already left.

” When did he leave?” He said, looking around till he saw him ahead.

He rushed to him and held his hand.

“You can’t run away from me dude” he winked

? The wink!

? They’re cute together!

? Which one is Neva?

Geneva looked at the group of girls and winked.

? That’s him, the one with the beret!

? I love his wink!

? Jeez!, I wanna date you!

? I won’t mind a night!

? I love you!

“Nova at this rate I’ll f*ck everyday here, look how they’re offering free dates, f*ck!, I’m crazy about s*xy girls, I go crazy completely over ass” Neva whispered into Nova’s ear.

” You’re embarrassing me” Nova whispered back.

“I love you” Neva winked.

“Are you forgetting Jules already?” Nova said.

“Jules is my life but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t complement other girls” he winked.

” Flirt with them you mean” Nova raised a brow and Neva giggled.

It got worse when they got to the long hallway.

Girls almost kissed their feet, they screamed loudly, paving way for them while blowing kisses, making seductive gestures just to get noticed, snapping their pictures and screaming their names.

The guys aren’t left out, they’re admiring their outfit, wishing to be close to them.


..Was what a girl posted on the school blog.

The blog is so full of gists about them even before they got to class.

They stepped into the class and everyone screamed.

Genova smiled simply while his flirty twin gave hearts and blew kisses around.

The noise didn’t die down till they got to their seats.

Genova sat and Neva made to sit beside him but Craig appeared and sat quickly.

Geneva smiled funnily.

“Get your ass off that place” he said.

“I’m always the right owner, I always get to sit at Genova’s right side, go to the left” Craig smiled.

” Get up when I’m still nice, I’m entitled to sit by my twin’s right side, my soul owns his left side so you aren’t even needed anywhere around him so fly away” Geneva said.

The whole class started laughing.

Craig faced Genny.

” Tell him to go sit by your left side” he said.

“You guys shouldn’t start again please,” Nova replied.

” Moonshine tell him to stand or I’mma burst his freaking balls” Neva said.

” Sweetheart you can’t let him do that to me right?” Craig said and Genova covered his ears.

” Ok Genny, you’re officially a dead person” muttered to himself.

Another loud uproar made everyone look at the door.

? Quincy!

? The backside!

? I wish I had half of it!

? It’s still shocking that she’s Riri.

? Marry me s*xy!

? Genova will skin you alive

? She’s so s*xy

? She’s hot!

Quincy came in, wearing a short white gown with thin straps, it’s not entirely backless cos it has golden strings at the back.

Her heels sounded richly as she walked into the class like a model she is.

Bae followed, looking as ravishing as f*ck.

Izzy came in after Bae, looking extra cute.

Trinidad’s dimple revealed on her cheek, making her look prettier as she came in after Izzy.

It’s like everyone added extra cuteness during the weekend.

“Korea is my home I swear, home sweet home” Geneva said, his mouth almost watering as he stared.

Quincy was breathtaking as she walked to Genova.

“I own it, ass up” she said and Craig smirked like a kid before standing.

Quincy sat beside Genova and gave him a peck on the cheek.

?Aww .. gosh how cute!

He smiled handsomely and caressed her tender hands under the table.

Craig and Geneva looked at the seat left on Genova’s left side at a time.

They looked at each other and like flash, they both rushed there at the same time.

Geneva got there first and sat his ass down.

Craig rolled eyes at him before getting another seat in front of them.

Mr Bong came in, greeting them all welcome back to the school.

“Rihanna Norbert…I mean…. Quincy Norbert…” He said and everyone laughed.

“Pretty Mrs requests to see you after your classes” he said.

“Pretty Mrs” She said and gasped.

” Mrs Maybelline?” She said.

“Your mother inlaw” Mr Bong smiled and everyone laughed.

“Oh..ok sir” she replied.

“To the Cyber room” he ordered and everyone stood.

” What’s cyber room? ” Geneva asked Nova silently.

“Ask Craig” Nova replied, leaving with Quincy.

Quincy opened the door at the back of the class and everyone entered.

It’s an entirely white room with white laptops on the white tables.

The names of each student was slated on each table.

The white bright lights is blinding.

“Paradise” Geneva gasped.

“It’s called cyber room cos we write our tests here, online on the laptops” Craig whispered beside him.

” Shut up I never asked you” Neva rolled eyes.

” I wasn’t talking to you either” Craig rolled eyes too.

” So. … I should assume you’re talking to yourself, should we get ready for an heartbreaking news soon? ” Neva said and Craig curved his lips like a kid.

Neva giggled and sighted Polly.

“She’s in our department I knew it!” He smiled.

“Who?” Craig asked.

” Stonia” he replied, still looking at Polly.

” Polly?” Craig said.

” Her name is Polly?, Stonia fits her more so I’mma call her that” Neva said.

” She’s crazy in case you dunno” Craig said.

” Bad boys always loves crazy girls, I’m in” Neva winked and Craig smiled at his naughtiness.

“Settle down everyone, on your seats” Quincy ordered.

“She’s the class rep? ” Geneva asked.

” It’s obvious” Craig replied, sitting on his seat.

Everyone started settling down and when Geneva found his seat, it’s accidentally beside Polly at the back.

“We met again” he said, sitting down.

“Write your exams and get out, I don’t talk to assholes” she replied sternly, concentrating on her laptop.

” It’s a two hours test since it contains all subjects, ten questions per subject” Mr Bong said.

” Log in with your details as shown on the screen… your password” he continued and checked the time.

” You guys can start” he said.

Genova smiled after seeing the first question, likewise Quincy.

Geneva couldn’t remember his password.

He tried JJlove but no.

He used PsychoGennie…no

He tried GennieJules …no

“F*ck, what’s the darn password I can’t remember” he muttered and Genova looked at him, seeing his uneasiness.

Geneva stood abruptly.

“I can’t remember my f*cking password!” He said loudly.

Everyone looked at him and laughed loudly.

“Is he a human at all?, He’s totally different from Genny” Polly said, looking at him with a light giggle.

Nova sighed, looking at him unbelievably, wondering why he’s crazy like hell.

“Anyone to help?” Mr Bong said, laughing lightly.

“MayForMe” Genova said and Neva smiled.

“Thanks dude, I love you!’ he said before logging in.

Despite the fact that he’s the last, he was the first to get done.

He left the room first.

The test ended generally after two hours and he hugged Nova immediately he came out.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“You wrote it at the back of your jotter, I saw it last night” Nova replied.

” I love you more, but the questions were so simple, I’m getting it all I swear, if I don’t get full marks I’ll f*ck all the girls in this school” he winked and Nova pushed him off.

” Pervert”

” Aren’t you going to the cafeteria!, baegopayo” Neva said and Genova smiled.

” I’ve never eaten in the cafeteria” he said.

“Boring twin” he said and sighted Craig.

” Hey Craze!” he rushed to him.

“Craig, not Craze” Craig said.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria together” he said pulling him away.

Genova breathed in relief.

“Thank goodness” he said and went to the rooftop.

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