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Bae almost screamed out her lungs when her phone rang and Craig flashed on the screen.

“He called me!”

She jumped happily as she watched the phone ring, forgetting to pick till it stopped ringing.

She stopped jumping and looked at the phone.

“Huh?, Oh no please call again…ring ring ring….ring jebbaaaal!!” She started begging the phone.

Her heart almost flew to Serengeti when she thought he won’t call again but he suddenly called and this time, she picked quickly.

“Hey” she smiled shyly as if he’s in front of her.

“Hey, where are you?’

” Home”

” Really?, Then can I make a detour at your place?” He asked and she smiled widely.

” Why?”

” Pick you up for….lunch if you don’t mind” he replied and she can feel her heart leaping.

” I’ll get ready” she said.

“Is that a yes?”

“I guess so, I’ll be expecting you” she replied.

” Ok” he said and went off.

” Yes!, Lunch date!, Lunch date!” She exclaimed happily.



” Are you sure I’ll be ok?” Red asked, losing confidence as he entered with Trinidad.

He’s actually here to meet her mum.

“She doesn’t bite so get in” she replied, pushing him in.

He met Mrs Shim in the small living room.

“Good day mum” he bowed.

“Red?” She asked and he quickly looked up.

” She told me so much about you” she smiled.

His lost confidence started coming back.

Trinidad came in and stood beside him.

“Heard you’re the only son of minister Dam” Mrs Shim said.

” Yes” he replied.

” The fact that minister Dam doesn’t discriminate against the poor is cool, at least I won’t have to worry” she said.

” You have absolutely nothing to worry about, I’ll take care of her, and you too mum, my mum passed away last year, can I continue calling you mum?” He asked.

” It’s cool, you’re like a son to me too” she replied and Trinidad smiled.

” But ….


” I want you to stop cleaning at K group of companies” he said.

” K group has been shut down since Mr Kang got arrested, don’t you remember?” Trinidad said.

” Oh I forgot but it’s even better, you should just stay at home and I’ll make sure you’re fine” Red said.

” Trinidad…

“Mum don’t worry, he’s trustworthy” Trinidad said.

Mrs Shim sighed.

” I want to believe you’re for real” she said.

Red smiled.

” I’ll make you something to eat” Mrs Shim stood and entered the kitchen.

“I’ll go join her” Trinidad said and made to stand but he pulled her back.

“What?” She asked.

He pointed at his lips and she smiled before giving him a light kiss but be held her and deepened it instantly.

She pulled out of it shortly.

“We’re in my house you rookie!” She glared and ran into the kitchen.



“No one’s free today… Bae is out on a date with Craig” Polly said, falling heavily on the couch

” Quincy has numerous shoots, getting more popular” Izzy added.

” Trinidad and Red made it official with her mum” Polly said.

They both sat up and looked at each other.

” I’m not a tree for noodles sake” Izzy said.

“I’m not a spoon either” Polly replied.

” It’s not funny how three of our friends are now in a relationship but we’re the remaining two” Izzy said.

” Craig and Bae aren’t official yet, they’re still falling and just going on dates” Polly said.

” What comes next after that?, It’s a steamy relationship, I wanna cry, I knowingly took today off at Subway, I had to lie to my boss that I’m sick, I’m actually sick of myself” Izzy replied.

Polly rolled eyes. ” I’m more pathetic, I lost Genny to Quincy, I lost Red to Trinidad, Gennie is not even looking at me anymore aren’t I pathetic?” She laughed.

” Listen to mine….he took my first and second kiss, that antelope Craig took it all but I was left stranded in the island of one sided love, isn’t love a b*tch?, I feel like arresting everyone who’s in a relationship” Izzy replied.

” I feel same but we aren’t even cops” Polly said.

She stood but fell on the couch again.

On the ground is four bottles of beer, they’re utterly drunk.

“Yeah, that’s the main problem, you get the solution to something but at last, the solution becomes a problem, aish!” Izzy yawned, falling off the couch.

Polly fell on top of her and they both slept off on the ground.



“Echo!!!!!” One of the female directors screamed, almost going insane with her dance moves.

Echo is currently on stage, wearing a tight singlet and shorts.

She let down her short hair this time around and her beauty radiated.

She’s cute and hot at the same time but the cold look on her face is intimidating.

She’s currently dancing to STRAY KIDS MANIAC and the other students are staring in admiration.

She’s the best in the academy obviously, she creates her own dance steps herself and it always leaves the tutors speechless.

She finished dancing and everyone clapped.

She got an handkerchief and wiped the sweat on her face with it.

“KOREA’S GOT TALENT will behold fire this year, just make sure to keep this up till then ok?” The head tutor said.

Echo nodded and left the room, bumping into Delilah, another dancer in the academy.

“I see you got commended as usual” Delilah said resentfully.

” So….you feel like jumping off a cliff?” Echo replied.

” Heard you’re now schooling in Maybelline” Delilah said.

” Are you planning to leave Hankuk for Maybelline?, Please come, I’d love to wound you so I’ll get rusticated” Echo replied and Delilah gasped.

” What!’, you little trash…

Echo pretended like she wants to punch her and Delilah froze as her fist stopped in front of her.

Echo smiled, withdrawing her fist.

“You can’t even block my punch but you’re trying to intimidate me?, Eat good food when next you wanna do this cos I’ll make you vomit your intestines if you don’t…. uglyface” Echo said and bumped her arm on Delilah’s as she walked away.

“Did she just…talk back at me?”.



” Mum is coming to visit us” Genny said happily, dropping his phone after talking with May.

Gennie has been staring at his phone since daybreak and he wonders why.

“Gennie are you ok?” Genny asked, sitting beside him.

” Jules is not picking my calls, since two days ago I dunno why” he replied.

” Two days ago?”

” I swear it, i haven’t even talked to her or heard her voice and it’s killing me seriously, I called my friend over there and he told me she’s busy but I know Jules, even if she’s busy, she still finds time for me” Gennie replied worriedly.

” Maybe she’s extra busy this time around” Genny said.

Gennie’s phone rang immediately and his face lit up when he saw it’s Jules.

“See?, She’s finally calling” Genny said as Gennie picked but…

Jules came on screen with Quan, the friend Gennie was talking about.

“Quan?, What are you both…

” Sorry Gennie but I don’t think I can handle long distance relationship, LDR is not my thing” Jules said and Quan kissed her right there.

Gennie felt his heart flying away from his chest.

“Jules” he muttered hurtfully.

Quan kissed her again and started caressing her right in front of her.

He fondled with her b**bs and Gennie gasped.

“Quan how could you!, What the f*ck do you think you’re doing!” He yelled.

“Jules came for me and I can’t just let her pass by when I’m not insane, I got her dude, heard Korean babes arent bad, find one” Quan replied and kissed Jules again.

They hung up and Gennie held his head .

“It’s not true, she loves me, she loves me!!!!, She can’t leave me Genny she can’t … I love her so much I….I love her!!!” Gennie screamed, hot tears rolling down his cheeks already.

Genny held him but he shoved off his arm.

“This isn’t happening to me!!!!!, Not me!!!!” He yelled again, behaving like a mad person already.

His whole body is shaking and his eyes are red entirely.

Genny tried to touch him again but he rushed out of the room in tears.

“Gennie don’t go anywhere!, Gennie!!” Genny shouted after him.

Gennie’s foot missed one of the stairs as he climbed down, he fell immediately.

“Gennie!!” Genny shouted, running to the base.

He jumped there and fell down knowingly.

Gennie fell on him, his tears dampening his shirt.

Genny held him tightly to himself.

“Chill….I love you….calm down Geneva” Genny said, fighting back his tears too.


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