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Geneva’s eyes were tightly shut and his arms kept caging Izzy on his chest.

The kiss seems to be making his head blank, he’s not thinking of anything and that’s just what he wants.

He wants to free his head and offload everything and this is working perfectly towards that.

Izzy is still struggling with all her might, just to get the jerk off her lips but all her trials is a joke.

Geneva suddenly broke the kiss and their lips made a cute sound as he did.

They’re both breathing heavily but his arms are still around her, still not letting her go.

He smiled sadly, looking at her eyeballs.

“Please let me go” she whispered silently, her fist on his chest, she can’t even move an inch away.

” I love you” he whispered back and her eyes widened again.

Before her head could process what her ears just heard, he captured her lips again.

It was harder than the first one, he kissed her like he was sent to eat up her lips.

He didn’t give her the chance to struggle this time, her body is rubbing on his own closely so her hands are trapped.

She just stayed stagnant, not moving and gently responding to the kiss till tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Maybe her sobbing sounds made Neva stop.

He looked at her and held her face again, he started wiping her tears gently.

“uljima (Don’t cry)” he said.

He pulled her into a tight hug afterwards, resting on her shoulder.

It worked, his head got cleared that moment, he felt at ease, he felt momentary peace within himself, so much that he slept off on her shoulder.

Izzy felt his limpness and pushed him away from herself, his head landed on the chair and she ran out of the place.

She entered the nearest restroom and closed the door behind herself.

She stayed behind the door for a while, thinking about what just happened.

She ran to the front of the mirror and realized her face is red, even her eyeballs, there’s still traces of tears on her face.

Her hair is slightly scattered and her lips is swollen pink.

She took both into her mouth and rearranged her hair.

She rinsed her face with water before going out of the room.



The couples interested in the competition are seated already, in the front seats.

Maybelline is not in attendance but three chaperones are with them and the judges.

The fifth couple are on stage already, about to pick the activity paper.

The couple will have to do whatever they choose.

They unwrapped it and it turned out to be EATING.

Two full bowls of very spicy rice cake were shifted to the stage.

“You both have to finish that within five minutes” the director said.

They both sat in front of each bowl and the timer was set.

“Now!” The director said and they both started eating fast.

Everyone started laughing at the fastness of the two but the girl is obviously faster than the guy.

The guy choked and started coughing but he recovered shortly.

The girl finished her bowl within four minutes, seems she’s good at eating spicy foods.

The guy is still struggling with half of the rice in his bowl.

“Can I help him?” The girl asked.

“Not allowed” the director replied.

“Shoot!, Danny fast!, Please!” She said impatiently.

“It’s too spicy” he said, fanning his mouth.

” We can’t lose please!”

“Five minutes gone” the director said.

“Shit!” The girl said disappointedly and left the stage while the loverboy rushed after him.

Five more couples came out afterwards, they kept losing.

“Next couple” the director said.

Craig and Bae climbed up and everyone started laughing again.

Craig’s catwalks is damn funny and his girlish expressions.

Bae picked the paper and gasped when he saw “DANCING”

“Your favorite K-pop band?” The director asked.

“SUGAR BOYS” they both chorused.

” No, besides SUGAR BOYS”

” BLACKPINK” Bae said.

” BTS” Craig said

Everyone laughed again.

” Hard one, which band will you both go for?”

They looked at each other and Craig smiled before they faced the audience again.

“BLACKPINK” they chorused.

Almost immediately, KILL THIS LOVE started playing on the speakers.

“You dance exactly the way it was danced in the video” the director said.

They both took spots and started dancing but…

Craig is perfectly dancing beautiful nonsense.

His dance and the song are in disagreement with each other and the way he staggers on his heels made the hall turn to a laughter house.

His flat @ss and his fake boobs that’s bigger than each other.

Bae had no choice but to stop and join the crowd of laughter too.

It’s just so funny and he suddenly slipped on his heels.

Everyone gasped and he fell flat on the ground, the pads he inserted on his chest fell out and everyone laughed again.

“He’s so funny” Echo said amidst her laughter.

“Advise Craig to go for comedy after this show” Quincy whispered to Genny who smiled.

Bae helped Craig up and his now flat chest made the laughter increase.

“You both tried hard but….you didn’t meet up with the needful” the director said and they both walked out of the stage.

? Miss Craig!

? Craig eonni!

? Craig noona!

? Aunty Craig!

The students started teasing as they walked out together.

“Saranghae!” Craig said loudly and the director laughed too, watching them till they went out of sight.

Trinidad and Red went up next.

They picked “SINGING”

“Would you guys choose or should I do it?” The director asked.

” Do it for us” Red said.


” By standing egg? ” Trinidad asked and the director nodded.

” Did you watch High School love on?” Trinidad whispered to Red.

” Of course, since I was fifteen” Red replied.

Trinidad smiled and only the tunes of the song was played before they entered.

RED: Nun-eul gam-go
Nae-ga ha- neun
I-ya gil-jal deul-eo-bwa

TRINIDAD: Na-eui yae-gi-ga
Neo-neun ggum-eul ggul-geo-ya

RED& TRINIDAD: Little Star, tonight, bam-sae nae-ga ji-kyeo-jul geo-ya..

The hall was silent as they continued singing the lyrics perfectly and Echo smiled.

“Wait…. Did I watch the movie?, Oh I forgot I’m not a fan of movies” she said to herself.

” Advise Trinidad to go into K-pop too” Genny whispered to Quincy.

They finished singing and everyone clapped thunderously as they left the stage.

Three couples came up before Quincy and Genny came up.

“musowo (i’m scared)” the director said and they both laughed.

“Here we have the most dangerous couple today…. What will you guys pick? ” He say as Quincy picked a paper.

” DRAMA” was what she picked.

” Just what I wanted, ok now Genny is a mafia Lord of a crime syndicate, Quincy you’re his girl but you betrayed him by snitching on your clan for another clan, now he found out and you have to run for your life before he kills you” director said.

” Ok” Genny said.

” I can bet my life that Genny will f*ck up” Craig smiled.

” Let’s wait and see” Bae replied.

Quincy suddenly started running but Genny took the stairs down the stage, he climbed up again and jumped in front of her, making her stop.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going after snitching on me?” Genny smirked, bringing his gun down from his shoulder.

“You’re starting to look powerless to me, I can’t just sit and watch, I want a useful Lord!, Not a weakling like you! ” She said confidently.

” Weakling?, You just called me a f*cking weakling? ” Genny said.

” Interesting” Echo smiled.

” Yes you’re a weakling!, A f*cking dumb one! ” She said to his face and he shot the toy gun.

It made a silent shooting sound and Quincy held her arm, pretending like the bullet hit her arm.

“Aarr!” She groaned, getting her gun from her strap with her second hand but Genny hit the gun away from her hand.

“I’ve always known you’ll die by my bullet, b*tch!” He said.

Quincy laughed loudly, still holding her arm.

” Kill me already!, Just kill me!, Kill me!!” She shouted.

Genny’s ears started malfunctioning, kill me started sounding like kiss me.

“He has been caught” Craig smiled.

“Climax, will he really kill his girl? ” Echo whispered.

It’s like they’re watching a real movie, everyone is silent, watching them attentively.

Genny raised the gun and aimed for her forehead.

“Kill me!” Quincy shouted again.

“Can you just stop saying that?” Genny thought, staring at her lips.

“Kill me coward!!!” She said loudly.

“Ok fine” he said and dropped the gun.

He took fast strides to her and held her waist, stealing a gasp from her lips as he pulled her closer.

“Can’t keep up with it anymore” he whispered and went for her lips straight, shocking Quincy herself.

Everyone screamed and some laughed out so loud..

“I knew it!, Genny is a wizard!” Craig laughed.

“How could he ruin such perfect drama with his lips” the director laughed.

The judges aren’t left out in the laughter.

“Red and Trinidad, come up for your crowns please” the director said, still laughing.

Genny broke the long kiss and Quincy smirked.

“Are you crazy?” She glared.

“You kissed me back, we’re both crazy” he winked and she smiled before knowing.

” We almost won! ” She protested.

” Blame your lips for always looking kissable even with the black lipstick” he replied and she finally laughed.

” Kill me sounded like kiss me swears” he said.

“Bad boy” she smiled.

” Well…. Thanks, we don’t need to be Mr and Mrs Showbiz, I can be your Mr and you’ll be my Mrs.. say two years to now” he said and she blushed as they left the stage together.

Trinidad and Red wore the crown and they snapped pictures a lot with everyone.

“Genny!, Geneva is completely wasted, he’s sleeping in a class with bottles of beer around him” a student reported.

” What!, Where’s he!” He asked quickly, following the guy.

They got to the class and truly met him on a chair, dozing off.

Genny quickly heaped him on his back and ran out of the class.

He took him to the car and Quincy got in with him, they drove home.



Polly knocked on Izzy’s door but she won’t open up, she has been in her room since she came back from the showbiz and she hasn’t talked to her which seems weird.

“Izzy!” She called

“I’m napping!” She replied from inside.

“Napping by 4, are you sure you’re fine?” Polly asked.

” Yes, I’m just exhausted from the serving stress” she replied from inside.

“Ok I’m going to the studio already, take care” Polly said.

” Sure” Izzy replied and Polly sighed before leaving the house.

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