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” You look like you’re hiding something from Craig” Quincy said immediately they both settled for lunch.

They’re both sipping milkshakes.

“It’s nothing to talk about” she replied, slopping on her milkshake.

” And you aren’t gonna even tell me?” Quincy said.

“I’m sorry Riri, I just don’t want to talk about it, he did something horrible to me” she replied.

” He puked on you?” Quincy asked.

” No ”

” He slapped you?”

” No”

” He hit you?”

” Not that” Izzy replied again.

“Ok what exactly?”

“I sincerely carried him to his car but when we got to his car…..” Izzy stopped and covered her face with her palms.

“I don’t want to talk about it” she said childishly and hit her forehead gently on the table.

“Ok… it’s ok if you don’t want to talk about it anymore, I won’t pester you again I promise” Quincy replied.

“Hey” Reece suddenly said and Quincy looked up quickly.

“Reece” she smiled.

“Can I take you somewhere?” He said and she smiled wider.

“Somewhere?, Where?”

“Come with me” he took her hand and pulled her up.

He started taking her out of the cafeteria.

Genova is sitting on one of the chairs, he’s covering his head with an hoodie but he definitely knows what’s happening.

Immediately they passed by his table, he placed his leg on the way, Reece bumped into it and fell.

All the girls gasped and rushed to him.

? Reece just fell..

? Is he ok?

? Reece please be fine

? Help him up.

Genova took advantage of the fall and pulled Quincy out of the cafeteria.

He took her to the back of it and she roughly took her hand from him.

She pulled the hoodie away from his head and smirked.

“So it’s you” she said angrily.

“Yes, are you gonna punch me?” He replied.

” I clearly saw how you placed your leg on the way for him, it was just too late to stop him” she said.

” I was just trying to save you” he replied.

” Save me?, By hurting your brother?, People do say he’s the bad one but maybe that not true cos right now you’re clearly the bad one” she glared.

” He’s trying to play you, can’t you see it?, He’s a flirt!, Look I don’t like poking my nose around but I just kind of pity you, he’s not nice, he’s trying to make you fall hard for him and then…

“I don’t want to listen to you!, Go away, don’t show up in front of me anymore” she interrupted and left him standing.

Genova sighed and looked at his hand.

“Why am I even doing this?” He wondered.

Quincy got to the cafeteria and got the news that he was taken to the school clinic.

She rushed there and saw him in the first room, more than ten girls are with him.

She stood at the entrance, looking at him.

“She’s here” one of the girls said and they all came for her.

? Ugly frump, you obviously made him fall like that

? Your being in Maybelline is a great bother, why don’t you just leave and die?

? Our Reece got hurt cos of you

? You’re shameless to come here

She kept shifting back as they showered her with questions and abuses.

“Girls it’s ok” Reece said, appearing behind her.

She looked back at him and he smiled seductively.

“Are you… ok?” She asked slowly.

“Of course, come” he said and took her hand, he pulled her to an empty ward.

“Do you have an idea of who placed a leg on the way for me?” He asked.

Quincy swallowed nothing, remembering Genova.

Reece stepped closer and held her face.

Merely feeling his soft palms on her face sent butterflies down her stomach, they threw a big party there.

“Tell me what you know” he whispered.

“It’s… it’s… Genova” she muttered.

“Shit!, I just had the hunch” he said and let go of her face.

” I need to go somewhere” he said and made to leave but she held his hand.

” You’re perfectly fine right?” She asked.

“Of course Pretty, I’ll see you around” he replied and left.

Quincy turned into a tomato, she rubbed her red cheeks.

“He called me pretty” she smiled.

She walked back to class some minutes before the last class and surprisingly, her bag and Izzy’s were nowhere to be found.

“What’s happening” she said.

“I met this on our table, I was waiting for you to come so we’d go together” Izzy said, handing her a note.

*COME TO THE GIRLS WASHROOM FOR YOUR BAGS* was written there in bold letters.

“What’s it about?” Linabae asked curiously.

” We’ll be right back” Quincy replied and she nodded .

Quincy left the class with Izzy and they went to the restroom.

The pieces of their notes was what they met, it has been torn to tiny pieces together with their bags.

It was littered on the ground of the washroom.

“My notes” Quincy said, feeling like crying.

They’re all what she has ever jotted this semester and the notes she formed by herself.

“Who did this!, Who the hell did it!!” Izzy screamed.

“It’s obvious” Quincy replied and walked furiously to the door but it won’t open.

“And why is this not opening” she said , forcefully pulling it .

Izzy joined her but it’s still the same.

“Polly!” Quincy screamed.

Polly smiled from outside, Red and Trinidad are with her.

“This is so much fun” Trinidad laughed.

“The flamy poison” Polly said and Red handed it to her.

She threw it into the restroom through the space under the door.

Izzy and Quincy started coughing immediately.

The flames emanating from it it choky, it’s obstructing their breaths and they both fell, coughing so much.

“I think I’m about to die” Quincy said, teas escaping her eyes

” Me … too” Izzy choked on her words.

“If you survive….tell my guardian I love her so much, tell BTS J-hope that I used to be a great fan of him, tell SUGAR BOYS Reece that I’m his greatest fan too, and please tell my future husband to look for another lover….” Quincy coughed.

” You must be insane” Izzy replied, blood is coming out of her nose already but no answer is coming from Quincy.

She managed to look her way and Quincy is already unconscious, backing the wall.

“The moment they inhale a little, they’ll both know the difference between life and death” Polly smiled and left with Trinidad and Red.

” Riri!!!” Izzy screamed and spit out blood, she started losing consciousness too.


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